Baitcasting Reels Under $100

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If you are an angler who wants to cast lures correctly, baitcasting reels are the ideal pick for you. These reels not only cast accurately, but also decrease backlash and spool overrun. If you need a durable reel to cast a heavier fish, a baitcasting reel is great because it sits on top of your rod and can offer you longer casts.

Baitcasting reels offer reasonable precision control and other benefits; therefore, they are often costly. But thanks to innovation, now there are cheap baitcasting reels with high quality that you can easily afford. After research and usage, we have gathered a list of the best baitcaster reels under $100.

6 Budget Baitcasters – Quick Compare

Piscifun Torrent

Piscifun Torrent

  • Affordable
  • 18LB Carbon Fiber Drag
  • 7.1:1 Gear Ratio
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Plusinno Elite Hunter

Plusinno Elite Hunter

  • Ultra Smooth
  • 5+ 1 Shielded Ball Bearings
  • Fast & Lightweight

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Cadence CB568

Cadence CB568

  • Ultra Lightweight Casting
  • 9+1 Ball Bearings
  • 90 Days Free Trial
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KastKing MegaJaws

KastKing MegaJaws

  • 5.4:1 to 9.1:1 Gear Ratios
  • 11+1 Ball Bearings
  • Slick Design
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Piscifun Spark Pro

Piscifun Spark Pro

  • Smooth Drag
  • 11 + 1 Shielded Ball Bearings
  • Compact
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KastKing Royale Legend GT

KastKing Royale Legend GT

  • Magnet Braking System
  • Synthetic Soft Grip Handles
  • 7.2 Ounces Weight
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6 Best Baitcasting Reels Under $100 Reviewed

1. Piscifun Torrent – Best Baitcaster Under 100 Overall

Piscifun Torrent is one of the Best Baitcasting reels Under $100 that incorporates an impressive18LB Carbon Fiber that strengthens the capacity of this reel. It can neutralize the weight of the reel and make it easy to carry. The braided fishing line capacity ranges up to 12LB 150YARD ensures you hold firmly.

The top-quality gears in this reel connect the handle with the spool of the fishing line accurately. In this way, you can turn and spin the spool accurately. In addition, this reel contains 4 advanced drag washers that enable the carbon drag fiber to handle heavy fish. 

Piscifun Torrent baitcaster under 100

If you want a reel with high performance, this reel is an ideal choice for you.

Moreover, it consists of a unique side-plate oil port that allows you to use it for long-term maintenance and keep your reel upgraded and well-maintained. 

Another reason to opt for this reel is; it features 7.1:1 gear ratios that means it can allow you to slow down and retrieve with faster speed so, it is a versatile choice. Moreover, this low-profile reel ensures you palm the reel during retrieving and casting. So, you can catch the fish with faster techniques.

Piscifun Torrent Baitcasting Reel

Moving to this reel’s other coating technology, Piscifun Torrent Baitcasting reel coats with abrasive resistant quality that ensures the braided line is durable. This way, you can enjoy a substantial diameter and allow your reel to sink faster and cast farther.

What’s more, this reel is also highly sensitive with minimal stretch. It allows anglers to create an unparalleled branded line in the water.


  • Good retrieve performance
  • Smooth drag pulling
  • Incredible line capacity
  • Cast farther
  • Side plate oil port


  • Bit tight handling knob
  • May not lock line while reeling

Shortly, Piscifun Torrent Baitcasting Reel is the premium choice of fishermen with minimal stretch. It also has high sensitivity, allowing unbeatable line capacity and getting invisible in water.

2. PLUSINNO Elite Hunter – Best Cheap Baitcaster

If you search for a cheap baitcaster reel that deals with higher speeds, long life, and low noise, the PLUSINNO Elite Hunter Baitcasting reel is the perfect option for heavy-duty brass and excellent pinion gears. You can handle the hard fish fight as well with its slip-resistant super polymer grips and enjoy fishing for a longer time. 

Like other baitcasting reels, this reel offers a 6.5:1 gear ratio that allows the reel to work efficiently with fast and slow-moving presentations. It also depends on the fishing technique you want to use with this reel.

PLUSINNO Elite Hunter

The CNC machined brass gear can feature simple work quickly with high efficiency without compromising quality. 

Moving forward with the drag system, it encompasses a carbon drag system that can hold the higher drag pressure with ease. You can adjust higher or lower drag settings with good adjustability. As a result, you can use a lighter fishing line with the help of lightweight aluminum constructed star-shaped drag knob.

This model of PLUSINNO Elite Hunter features with faster gear ratio compared to previous models. The gear ratio with this cheap baitcaster reel can be an ideal solution for crankbaits and has the quality to pick up the fishing line quickly. So, you can use it for pitching jigs and burning baits with fast speed. 

This compact design reel also saves you from the trouble of high weight and is lighter in weight than the graphite design.

Not limited to this, magnetic brake incorporating 5 standard magnetic disks and 5 additional magnetic disks in this reel will increase the spinning ability of the spool.


  • Easy adjustment
  • Magnetic brake is excellent
  • Figures out line correctly
  • Effortless casting
  • Super-fast


  • Cannot cast far
  • May have heavy drag

In summary, the PLUSINNO Elite Hunter baitcasting reel is an excellent choice if you want to enjoy its tournament-proven components with less noise, high speed, and durability.

3. Cadence CB8 – Best Baitcaster For The Money

As a professional angler, what do you want? Cadence CB8 is a highly durable reel with smooth performance that offers consistently high performance with a 9 + 1 high-quality bearing system. The braking system enables you to retrieve smoothly and facilitate more rotation of gears, spools, and knobs.

Whether you are an advanced or beginner angler, you can use this reel with great peace of mind with its risk-free trial.

This lightweight and comfortable reel is always attractive because it is easy to fit the palm.

Cadence CB8

This reel incorporates durable carbon fiber with the composition of aviation class aluminum. It makes this reel lighter and less complex and helps in avoiding tangling the fishing line.

Also, the main gear and crankshaft are lighter that offer anglers superior feel, and maximum depth. And it also helps you know how your lure is performing.

In addition, this versatile baitcasting reel offers an oversized EVA handle knob that is easy to handle in different fishing conditions.

One of the essential things that makes reel more durable is bearings. Cadence CB8 Bait Reels offer 9 double-shielded stainless-steel ball bearings along with one instant anti-reverse bearing. This feature minimizes friction and enhances the reel speed. 

On top-notch features is this reel encompasses SLT (Super Low Torque) BB system. It can minimize your casting efforts and allow you the handle to work smoothly and quietly.

Cadence CB8

The CB8 baitcasting fishing reel has a powerful drag system and a precise braking system. The robust drag system can hold drag up to 20 pounds and prevent big fish getaways. 

Moving ahead, this reel incorporates a 7.3:1 gear ratio that allows fits to retrieve and catch fish efficiently and ensures a firm grip on fish while reeling.

In addition, the precise braking system allows easy control and reasonable adjustment also assist in avoiding backlashes. It is helpful when you use a variety of baits to handle different fishing conditions. 

Surprisingly, Cadence CB8 Bait Reel comes in three different gear ratios, including 5.6:1, 6.6:1 & 7.3:1 to handle other fishing conditions. Whether you need the baitcasting reel for cranking, flipping, and pitching, this reel can allow your intense focus on fish. 


  • Extremely light carbon body
  • Non-slip braid
  • Solid with metal construction material
  • Fast action rod


  • Bit noisy when reeling fast
  • Missing paint on the surface

In short, Cadence CB8 Bait Reel consists of a Super Low Torque BB system to reduce your casting efforts. The availability of different gear ratios makes it a more versatile choice. 

4. KastKing MegaJaws – Best Budget Baitcaster

Most anglers love to prefer KastKing MegaJaws Baitcasting Reel because it meets high standards for different fishing conditions. As the name suggests, the MegaJaws consist of complex metal components with shark fin side covers and a tooth front hood that offers you ascendency in the reel.

This best budget baitcast reel provides a super long casting system with a sleek design, and a funnel shape line can minimize line friction and offer you long casts. 

KastKing MegaJaws

Similar to other top-notch baitcasting reels, this reel features ergonomic handling that fits in your palm comfortably.

In addition to that, Kasking solves the issue of identifying a specific gear ratio reel and other fishing applications. Therefore, it introduces a color-coded system to help identify the right reel for the job you want. You can opt for the reel having a gear ratio of 5.4:1. 6.5:1, 7.2:1, and another fastest percentage of 9.1:1.

This full-featured affordable bait caster reel comes with 11+1 double-shielded stainless steel bearings. It is a big offer since they can rotate easily and offer smooth spinning.

Moreover, manganese brass pinion consisting of copper and zinc alloy makes this reel highly resistant to corrosion and ensures cold formability.

Whether you want to use it in saltwater or freshwater, nickel-coated brass worm drive gear facilitates high durability, strength, and excellent performance.

Another good thing this reel offers is its ultra-smooth carbon fiber drag incorporating multiple carbon discs with a higher friction coefficient. They also need less braking distance is a good choice for hard fish fighting. 

The CNC aluminum spools can do excellent casts, and you can control them with a robust aluminum handle. You can also enjoy a spool tensioning knob with click-stop adjustment.

Surprisingly, this distinctive reel encompasses a magnetic casting control system featuring 8 magnets offering 10 adjustment settings. The system allows you to handle overruns. Also, you can get access to its easy maintenance with drainage ports that ensure a simple process to maintain it. 


  • High-quality rod
  • Adaptive spool tension
  • Adjustable casting system


  • Less quality control
  • Lower performance of spool bare

In conclusion, KastKingMegaJawsBaitcasting Reel is the perfect solution with color-coded reels with several gear ratios so that you can opt for the one as per your need. 

5. Piscifun Spark Pro – Low Profile

Are you looking for a baitcasting reel that features exceptional stability and durability? You are at the right choice. Piscifun Spark Pro Baitcasting Reel is one of the best versions with a double-Shaft Supported line that enhances strength and durability. In this way, you can easily handle the overall operation of this reel, including line capacity management and all.

Moving ahead, shielded bearings can increase the worth of any reel. This baitcasting reel comes up with metal shielded bearings that are resistant to the harmful effects of saltwater and sand. It can increase protection and ensure impeccable performance.

Piscifun Spark Pro

What do you want more, smooth drag and powerful brake? So, this baitcasting reel features a magnetic braking system with 8 magnetic discs that minimize backslash and increase easy adjustment in the meantime. It can improve the forces of magnets and spinning spools.

You can also enjoy the comfortability of this reel with its compact design, and the handle knobs present at the rod’s centerline minimize the shaking of the rod and reel. As a result, it wastes less energy and facilitates you with a powerful retrieve. 


  • Less bulky profile reel
  • Lighter reel
  • Flat sided grips
  • Flawless casting
  • Spool bearings are durable


  • Plastic material covering
  • Spool tension knob is tight

Concluding with one of the highlighting features of this reel is its formation with 7075 Aircraft grade main gear diminishes the weight without compromising the durability and strength. So, you can enjoy this reel with excellent features with peace of mind without sacrificing the quality.

6. KastKing Royale Legend GT – Best Baitcasting Reel Under $50

The KastKing Royale Legend reel is one of the best series of tournament-ready bass fishing reels. This low-profile compact design reel facilitates with pro-level performance that you are looking for as an angler. 

This compact frame casting reel has ergonomic features and is best to fit in your palm. It attaches with a swing-wing side cover that you can open with a twist release, and it consistently attaches to the reel. You do not need to fix it repeatedly.

KastKing Royale Legend GT

In terms of reliability, the KastKing Royale Legend GT reel utilizes 10 double-shielded, stainless-steel bearings along with one instant anti-reverse for enjoying less friction and easy handling.

Being a pro-level fishing reel, it has color-coded gear ratios. Each ratio has a different color that is easily identifiable. Due to a wide variety of options, it is easy for you to select a specific gear ratio, including 5.3:1, 6.6:1, 7.3:1, or 8.1:1, depending on color. 

In addition to the above benefits, this cheap baitcaster also features hardened aluminum main gears that make the reel lightweight and easy to carry.

Also, the stainless-steel lick levers and main shafts are the main features of this inexpensive baitcasting reel. They enable reel usage in saltwater due to high corrosion-resistant quality. 

If you are still choosing the best baitcasting reel under $50, I recommend considering the KastKing Royale Legend reel. Its brass pinion gears will connect to the shaft and allow easy spin and move to the reel.

Kastking Royale Legend GT

Additionally, Carbon drag has 17.6 lbs of drag power and 5 element magnetic brakes that allow control on friction and enable the reel to rotate and save the line from breaking. It also features about 10 adjustments to control backlash. 


  • Good casting
  • Excellent for lure fishing
  • Ease of use
  • Well built-in quality
  • More stainless bearings


  • May get backlashes
  • Spool tension knob may be loose

Concluding KastKing Royale Legend reel, with 10 double-shielded, stainless-steel bearings and a variety of gear options, it is the top-notch reel to choose from. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of Cheaper Baitcasters

Baitcasting Advantages:

Baitcasting reels have several prominent advantages over other reels. Some of them are as follows:

  • Baitcasting reels work more efficiently in terms of precision and accuracy.
  • These reels provide better control due to the centrifugal brake system.
  • It can handle heavy lures or baits with less difficulty.
  • These reels are pro angler’s choice of interest.
  • Baitcasting reels give leverage to explore more fishing techniques than any other reel with a smaller size.

Baitcasting Disadvantages:

  • These reels demand a high level of consistency and patience to learn the fishing skill with these reels.
  • Its handling is difficult for entry-level anglers.
  • Chances of backlashes are increased with these reels.

FAQs : Best Baitcasting Reel Under $100

1. Are cheap baitcasting reels any good?

It does not matter if you buy a cheap reel because the company manufactured many products under $100 but offer good value and high quality. Cheap baitcasting reels are also worth buying and offer durability, smoothness, and other essential attributes of a good baitcasting reel. 

2. What is the best budget baitcasting reel?

KastKing MegaJaws Baitcasting Reel is the best budget baitcasting reel with color-coded gear ratios, high performance; 17.6 Lb Carbon Fiber Disc Drag applies more pressure on a fishing reel. It increases adjustability, and the magnetic braking system allows the spool to spin free.

Final Thoughts On Low Cost Baitcasters

All in all, the above products for baitcasting fishing reels under $100 have high quality and great features on a budget. Although baitcasting reels require a bit of practice compared to spinning reels they are more preferable.

One of the most notable benefits is, these reels allow you to use heavier fishing line that is important for different types of bait and techniques. Whatever type of baitcasting reel you want, entry-level or advanced reel, you can easily obtain get your choice.

Top 3 Recommended Products:

Piscifun Torrent Baitcasting Reel comes with unique features, including the side-plate that helps to lubricate the reel quickly and efficiently to strengthen and lengthen the life. Its brass gear ratios offer incredibly high speed and climate resistance and accessible maintenance features. 
PLUSINNO Elite Hunter Baitcasting reelSome of the features make PLUSINNO Elite Hunter Baitcasting reel the best-recommended product, like its tournament-proven components, heavy-duty brass, and pinion gears offer long life, less noise, and high speed. It is also functional in terms of solid drag system and durability. Hence, this reel incorporates all features that a good reel should have.
Cadence CB8 Bait Reels, is famous for its high speed and premium performance. The ten corrosion-resistant bearings make this reel slide over and offer better performance.

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