Best Closed Face Fishing Reels – (2022 Quality Picks)

I am highly fascinated by my grandpa, who has been an expert angler for the last 40 years. I also decided to try fishing in the freshwater and saltwater but finding the best reel hindered my way. However, thanks to the experience of my grandpa, who suggested I grab the best-closed face fishing reel to start this fantastic hobby.

These reels did a fantastic job for me, and I caught plenty of fish in my first entry-level fishing mission. Therefore, I always admire the convenience of closed-face fishing reels for beginners.

You can find these reels with the name ‘spincast reels’ as well in the market. However, finding the best and the top-tier product is not as easy as you think. That is why you need an expert’s view and the opinion of the regular users of such fishing reels. To facilitate you with my years’ long experience and reviews by other users, I have compiled this detailed review guide for you. Therefore, please keep reading as we share the details of the high-performance closed face reels. Enjoy reading!

Comparison Of Top 10 Best Closed Face Reels

IMAGE PRODUCT features Price
Zebco Omega closed face fishing reel
  • 7 Bearings (6 + Clutch)
  • Instant Anti-Reverse
  • Reliable
Pflueger PRES10SCX
  • 5 bearing System
  • Dual Titanium Pins
  • Aluminum Frame & Core
Zebco Omega Pro
  • Smooth Retrieval
  • Powerful
  • Versatile
Zebco 33 Platinum
  • Easy To Use
  • Superior Design
  • Reliable
Pflueger Trion
  • 2 bearing system
  • Aluminum handle
  • Superior Quality
Zebco Bullet
  • Effortless Fishing
  • Quality Design
  • Most Trusted
Zebco 33
  • Lightweight
  • Graphite Frame
  • Smooth Functionality
Daiwa Goldcast
  • Rugged Metal Body
  • Oscillating Spool Levelwind
  • Higher Gear Ratio
Daiwa Underspin-XD
  • Trigger-control
  • Smooth ball bearing
  • Lightweight
Zebco 808 Saltwater
  • ABS Insert
  • Pre-spooled
  • Ideal For Saltwater

What Are Closed Face Reels?

Closed faced-reels are the ones that have their spooling mechanism enclosed in them. This feature makes the casting hustle accessible as you have already set up the system and can do the fishing by single push-button only. So, it reduces the chances of line twisting and lessens the resistance.

The working mechanism is very simple; you have to press the button to cast the line with your finger. The line pickup loosens up while the lure is thrown in the forward direction by squeezing the button. The pick pin retrieves the line after you get your catch.

Best Closed Face Reels Review

1. Zebco Omega – Best Closed Face Fishing Reel

The majority of the anglers love Zebco Omega for its number of features like its robust construction, smoother casting and retrieval, and anti-reverse technology.

Therefore, we must call it one of the best-closed face fishing reels with the closed face design. Also, you will love it for the pre-spooling feature with the refined fishing line 10 pounds capacity.

Zebco Omega is also best in terms of refined ergonomics. That is why you will not feel any fatigue in using it for prolonged hours.

Also, the Zebco manufacturers have used a thumb button with a softer touch.

So enjoy smoother and easier casting with this soft-touch button. The smoother retrieval of the Zebco Omega will be excellent for you because it has seven ball bearings.

To be more specific, the retrieval rate of this reel is 16 inches. Also, there are right and left-hand retrieves for you to enjoy smoother and flawless functionality.

In addition to these, we are glad to mention that Zebco Omega is one of the toughest fishing reels that you can own. This durability and toughness are attributable to the all-metallic body, including gears.

Check it out if you want to read the complete review on best zebco reels.


  • Ergonomic design
  • Highly durable construction
  • Facile casting and retrieval


  • Occasionally noisy

If you are a beginner and want to perform your best on your fishing venture, you must opt for an exclusive choice like Zebco Omega. With the anti-reverse technology, you can catch the fish of your choice without facing any line damage. Therefore, purchasing this fishing reel will be the best decision you can make, and we encourage you to take this decision.

2. Pflueger PRES10SCX – Closed Face Reel

Economically viable price, instant anti-reverse system, premium-quality frame, and core material make Pflueger PRES10SCX President the best closed face fishing reel.

The aluminum construction makes it the best durable closed face reel and contributes to its lightweight feature. Therefore, you will be able to use it with higher comfort and ease for prolonged hours.

That is why I must say that the best feature of the Pflueger PRES10SCX is the rubberized knob coming with a soft-touch design. You will gain more grip with the higher traction resulting in, the bigger fish catch.

With only 4.49 inches x 4.17 inches x 3.31 inches dimensions and 13.12 ounces weight, you will get the best performance from this compact and lightweight reel.

It comes with the five ball bearing system, which ensures smoother functionality and a fine retrieval line without any damages.

The front cone is made with aluminum, while the pins of this reel are prepared from titanium. These pins are resistant to environmentally adverse situations and wearing off. Also, we must say that the gear alignment of this reel is exceptional.


  • Premium quality titanium pins
  • Spool adjusted drag system
  • Excellent aluminum-based durability


  • No warranty

If you are in search of a fishing reel with extraordinary features, then you must not look beyond an excellent product like Pflueger PRES10SCX. This reel is famous among regular fishing anglers for its smoother operation due to its efficient ball-bearing system. Additionally, you will be getting all the unique features with this reel at a very fair price.

3. Zebco Omega Pro Closed Face Fishing Reel

Zebco Omega Pro Instant Anti-Reverse Smooth Triple-Cam Spincast Fishing Reel offers you a package of excellent features of the smoother triple cam, metallic gears, and drag with adjustability feature.

I am a regular user of this reel, and I love it for the smoother functionality in making casting and retrieval as effortless as possible.

While you use Zebco Omega Pro, you will be convinced by its excellent capacity and versatility in terms of use. If you want to hunt for the larger and heavier fish species, then you must grab this closed face reel because it has a mono capacity of 85 yards and 10 pounds.

This capacity is enough for beginners and other anglers. It is a highly lightweight design that is 20% less in weight in comparison to other competitors.

In terms of the ball bearings, it comes with six ball bearings and one clutch. The rate of retrieval with these metallic and polished ball bearings is 19 inches. Thanks to the Zebco manufacturers for making it with the pre-spooled features having 10 pounds of the fishing line.

Zebco Omega Pro Closed Face Fishing Reel

In addition to this, I loved this reel for the ergonomic handle, which is dual paddle type.


  • Softer thumb touch button
  • Anti-corrosive aluminum construction
  • Perfect for larger fish


  • Slower recovery timings

If you are looking for a premium quality closed face reel for your weekend fishing venture, then you must go for a fantastic choice like Zebco Omega Pro, offering you maximum drag. Also, you can customize this drag feature with an adjustable dial. The frontal cover of this reel is made with the forged aluminum. Also, the doubly anodized material is used for making cover to impart higher durability.

4. Zebco 33 Platinum Closed Fishing Reel

Zebco 33 Platinum Anti-Reverse Smooth Drag Spincast Reel has excelled the market competitors because of the unbeatable features like user-friendliness, excellent durability, and superior gear ratio.

You will love this best closed face spincast reel for the smoother functionality, and maximum drag with adjustability features not available in any product.

If you aim at fish with a 10 lbs. weight, you should opt for this superior product. Zebco 33 is a highly durable product that comes with a tougher but sleek design.

Due to the ergonomic handle, you can use it for prolonged fishing missions. It comes with the premium quality polished ball bearing made with stainless steel, and they are four in number.

Also, you will be getting a GlideLine ball with the Zebco 33, a special kind of ball bearing aimed at reducing friction. As a result, you will be getting an efficient line for easier retrieval without any interruptions.

Another best feature of this product is that it has been designed with the patented no-tangle feature to impart maximum output in catching fish.


  • Efficient anti-reverse system
  • Excellent gear ratio
  • Anti-corrosion construction


  • Messy release button

Finding an efficient closed face reel for fishing with an excellent catch rate, retrieval, and remarkable gear ratio is no more a dream because Zebco 33 is here with all these features. Enjoy the excellent 4.7:1 gear ratio and have smoother retrievals with this fantastic reel. If you invest your money in this incredible product, we assure you that it will not be disappointing you.

5. Pflueger TrionClosed Face Spinning Reel

Pflueger Trion offers you a wide range of features like an engineered design for excellent retrieval, remarkable construction material, and smoothest drags. That is why you need to prefer this over other closed-face reels.

Also, the durability of the Pflueger Trion is admirable because when I purchased this fantastic reel, it has accompanied me for quite some time.

In terms of the ball bearing system, it has two polished ball bearings. These stainless steel bearings are made with the corrosion resistance that is why it has a longer lifespan.

The front cone of this reel is made with aluminum. At the same time, the handle of this reel is also made from high-end aluminum having aircraft grade.

So, you can understand the higher quality and functionality of this reel from the highly machined design.

In addition to these features, Pflueger Trion offers you dual pins made from titanium to ensure smoother casting and retrieval without any damaged line. You will love the top drag feature of the Pflueger Trion, which is attributable to the spool applied drag.

The pick-up lines of this reel are resistant to wear, and thus you won’t see it damaging if you use it in saltwater or freshwater.


  • Wear-resistant construction materials
  • Remarkable grip and control
  • Aircraft-grade aluminum components


  • Unsuitable for large fish

If versatility and high-performance are the features you don’t want to compromise on while purchasing a closed-face reel for fishing, then we have good news for you. You must opt for purchasing a superior quality fishing reel like Pflueger Trion, which will be helping you in the smoother retrieval. Also, you will be getting a higher catch rate with this reel.

6. Zebco Bullet – Best Value

Zebco Bullet 30 Reel is a perfect closed-faced reel for fishing because it offers high-speed functionality, excellent handling knobs, and a no-tangle design.

Either a beginner or expert angler, Zebco Bullet will amaze you with its smoother performance.

We are grateful to the manufacturers for making this premium quality reel with the forged aluminum. Also, the frontal cover of this reel is made with anodization of aluminum for maximum durability and flawless functioning.

You will love the handle knobs with GripEm all-weather specification, which keeps it intact whether you are fishing in freshwater or saltwater.

As its name indicates, Zebco Bullet is the fastest reel that you can grab. With the 29.6 inches per turn, you will experience the highest catch rate. Also, the gear ratio of this reel is exemplary, and that is 5.1:1.

We are excited to tell you that Zebco Bullet has been designed with nine ball bearings. Precisely, with eight bearings and one clutch.


  • Smoother casting and retrieval
  • Longer lifespan
  • Ideal for large fish


  • Slightly heavier

If you want to catch some medium to large fish for your weekend camping, having Zebco Bullet beside you will make things easier. That is why you must purchase this incredibly closed face reel. With the excellent design features, effortless fishing, and ZeroFriction pick-up lines, you will love the smoothly proceeding action of this reel.

7. Zebco 33 Spincast Reel Review

Released in 2021, Zebco 33 Bite Alert Graphite Spincast Fishing Reel has gathered genuine admiration from users because it has a unique mix of features, e.g., bite alert mechanism, drag dial with adjustability, and metallic construction design.

Indeed, these features make it the perfect reel that you should not miss purchasing in 2022. The lightweight and compact design express make it easy to use.

The lightweight design of this fishing reel can be attributed to the graphite-based frame material. It only has 0.35 pounds of weight. At the same time, the handle is made with premium quality metallic components for increased durability.

You will love Zebco 33 for the rubber knobs that are easier to use and are marked with more comfort.

We must be grateful to the manufacturers of the Zebco 33 for spooling it before selling with the 100 yards distance and 10 lb weight capacity with the Cajun line.

Zebco 33 Spincast Reel

Also, you will be amazed at the facile casting and retrieval because it comes with the alterable retrieve. The good news is that both right-handed and left-handed people will find it easier to use.


  • Wider casting design
  • Highly responsive spool
  • Doubly anodized aluminum components


  • Costlier

If you want to efficiently catch the fish within a shorter period, you must opt for an effectively closed face reel like Zebco 33. This reel has the quickest system of anti-reversal, which ensures smoother functionality. Also, you will love this reel for the minimal friction making fishing easier for you than ever. Therefore, we strongly recommend you invest your money in this incredible product.

8. Daiwa Goldcast  – Daiwa Closed Face Fishing Reel

Daiwa Goldcast Spincast Reel is a premium quality closed face reel that offers you a lightweight and compact design with a great line pickup.

The manufacturers of this Daiwa Goldcast reel have opted for the doubly anodized aluminum material to impart higher durability. When I purchased this reel, I loved it for the dual hand retrievals.

Being a left-handed angler, this reel helped me in making smoother retrievals. Daiwa Goldcast comes with only 0.65 pounds weight, is easier to handle and move at the fishing site.

The ball bearing system of this reel is based on the single but power ball bearing made from stainless steel. This ball bearing is polished, and also it is corrosion resistant, and it increases its lifespan.

The gear ratio of the Daiwa Goldcast is 4.1:1 and has a 4.1 faster retrieval rate.

Another distinctive feature of this fantastic reel is the pre-set spool-level wind. This spool is in the oscillating mode and will be giving high-end casting and retrieval performance every time you use it.

This reel will not show any signs of wear even if you have used it for many years.


  • Enhanced comfortability
  • Lightweight & compact
  • Durable construction


  • Not for larger fish

Daiwa Goldcast is the perfect example of the excellent fishing reel having pickup lines made with the tungsten carbide rotational mode. We strongly recommend you to go for this excellent product because it offers a higher gear ratio and durable construction. The aircraft-grade aluminum makes it the most lightweight and durable reel, which you must consider purchasing.

9. Daiwa Underspin-XD

Ambidextrous hand orientation, attractive color and design, and lightweight characteristics are the most vital features of the Daiwa Underspin-XD Series Trigger-Control Closed-Face Reel.

It is also famous for the smoother ball bearing system based on the single stainless steel ball-bearing. The good news is that this ball bearing will be lasting longer because it is corrosion-resistant.

Daiwa Underspin has an excellent gear ratio of 4.1:1, while the line per crank is 16.1 inches. If you are curious about the line capacity, you will be glad to learn that it comes with 4 lbs and 85 yards capacity.

Anglers who love the oversized line apertures must not miss purchasing this excellent reel because it will be improving your casting performance.

This excellent casting is associated with the provisioning of the larger surficial area for an efficient catch. One more feature that makes it distinctive among the market competitors is this reel’s remarkable construction design and material.

You will be glad to learn that the manufacturers of this reel have used the aluminum alloy referred to as the Hardbodyz Rigid aluminum, which makes this reel the toughest one.


  • User-friendly design
  • Smoother casting
  • Highly durable construction


  • Tangling issues

You must not miss Daiwa Underspin because it offers ultra-smoothness in casting and retrieval in addition to ultra-durability. In addition to this, its lightweight makes it the perfect reel to go for because it is easier to handle and use for prolonged hours. So enjoy excellent casting and retrieval with this top-notch reel offering trigger control features.

10. Zebco 808 Saltwater

Zebco 808 Saltwater ABS Insert is unbeatable because of its innovative ABS insert feature and pre-spooling. In addition to these features, Zebco 808 is favorite because of its bite alert and most rapid anti-reverse mechanism.

Anglers love it for the significant drag that is also adjustable because the manufacturers made it with the dial.

To be more specific, this drag is referred to as the ‘magnum drag’ and gives you the freedom of customization. With only 1.45 pounds weight, Zebco 808 qualifies to be your next closed face reel.

The design of this reel might look sleek in appearance, but it is the toughest and durable. The gears of this reel are all metallic. It offers 20-pound fishing Zebco line with the pre-spooling.

With a gear ratio of 2.6:1 and a monoline capacity of 145 yards and 20 lb. You will be experiencing smoother and flawless casting. Also, we are glad to mention that you won’t face any entanglement issues with the Zebco 808 because the manufacturers have used the patented design of no-tangle.

Lastly, the hand orientation of this reel is ambidextrous, making it easier for users of all kinds of individuals.


  • Abrasion-resistant
  • Tangle-free design
  • Excellent monoline capacity


  • The release button needs improvement

You must not miss a fantastic product like Zebco 808, the perfect example of the smoother functionality, increased catch rate, and lightweight design. Once you purchase this amazing product, you will love it for its long life, attributable to its remarkable construction design and material. This will be your next saltwater closed face reel.

How To Choose The Best Closed Face Fishing Reel

The experienced anglers often ignore closed face fishing reels, but the reels work best for a non-specialist. Closed face reels are simple to use, easy to grab, and formal to use. The difference between yours and mine reel is just about selection.

I will tell you what is essential during the selection of the best closed face fishing reel and what aspects you must consider.

The important factors are,

Line Capacity: In comparison with other reels, the closed face reel has less line capacity. The introduction of interchangeable models makes it easier for the anglers to switch one kind of line to another sort of line.

Number of Bearings: Closed face fishing reels usually have 2 to 6 ball bearings. Prefer a good number of bearings.

Gear Ratio: As you know, the gear ratio is directly proportional to line retrieve; a more gear ratio means a good choice. In the closed face reel, the ratio falls between is 2:6:1 and 4:5:1. So, the range 4:3:1 to 4:5:1 is an expert choice.

Must learn these tips while going to choose the closed face fishing reel,

  • I prefer the reel with a multidisc drag system.
  • Prioritize quality over quantity; choose the gear made of metal instead of plastic and synthetic.
  • It should have an oscillating spool with an economical design.
  • Anti-reverse bearings are also available in the spincast reel now.
  • If a reel has an aircraft-grade aluminum cover, don’t miss the chance to buy it.

How to Put a Fishing Line on a Closed Face Reel?

Closed face reels are fun to use if spooled over rightly. Casting a fishing line can make or break your fishing experience. To avoid any unpleasant incident, follow these steps to put the monofilament line correctly over a closed face reel.

  1. Firstly, mount the reel on the desired fishing pole and then unwind the old line.
  2. If it’s your first time, start it by choosing the suitable 8-12 size line.
  3. Now remove the spool and then spinner cap off from the reel to make it easier.
  4. Pass the chosen line’s one end from the first eye of the pole, then pass through it from the hole in the spinner cap to make its way to the reel.
  5. Now, place the spool back in its place.
  6. Tie the slip knot, tuck it in the spool, then tighten the line and close it with the spinner cap again.
  7. Start to roll over your line around the spool manually or use the spooling device.

What kind of anglers would benefit from a closed face reel?

It’s the most basic and formal approach. The closed-face reels are for novice anglers; you can also say that it’s for a layman who does not know how to cast.

Sometimes beginners use these reels to learn the fishing; they check their ability to cast a fish. Others use it for low prices.

Enlisting the fishers using this reel,

  • The Beginners
  • The layman
  • The poor fishers
  • The children
  • The ones who want to cast kid fish.

Is it true that you can’t cast larger fish with this reel? Yes, it seems fitting; this reel doesn’t have a spool and line capacity to cast at a significant distance. So, the anglers wanting to catch kid fish use closed face reel.

What are some disadvantages of a closed face reel?

As you know, casting through a closed-face reel is much easier than any other reel, but it lacks certain mandatory features.

The disadvantages of this reel are,

  • It can break down quickly.
  • As it’s available at low prices, hence not possess quality material.
  • It can’t cast a long distance.
  • The spincast/closed face reels don’t have versatility.
  • Only catches kid fish
  • The line can damage easily, you can’t see the spool in this reel.
  • You will not find accuracy in it.
  • If we talk about backlashes, spincast reels don’t go under backlash, but if it goes fixing the condition will be a nightmare for you.

How to make the most of your closed face fishing reel

To make most through a closed face fishing reel, you have to learn some tips and clear your misunderstandings.

  • Through closed-face fishing reels, you are only able to cast small fish. If you try to cast the giant fish, it may get damaged.
  • Cast the small fish to make the most through it, mainly stick floats and wigglers.
  • The line closed face reel can handle up to 12lb., so don’t try to put an unnecessarily long line.
  • Remember, if the reel has a line already, change it if you don’t know how long it is.
  • The monofilament line is commonly used and makes the most from the closed fishing reel.

Frequently Asked Questions About Closed Face Reels

1. Which are the best closed face fishing reel to consider for purchasing in the current year?

Closed-faced fishing reels offer you excellent functionality, and they are especially suitable for beginners. However, you must be careful in choosing the best and suitable products. For example, you can go for Zebco 808 Saltwater ABS Insert, Daiwa Underspin-XD Series Trigger-Control, Zebco 33 Bite Alert Graphite, and Zebco 33 Platinum Anti-Reverse Smooth Drag Reel.

2. Which frame material is best for closed face fishing reels?

The frame of the closed face fishing reels can be variable depending on durability and lightweight preference. Different manufacturers are using aluminum for making the frame considering its suitability in terms of lightweight. However, we must tell you that it is a premium quality aluminum, mostly aircraft grade, and it is also anodized in many cases to increase durability and functionality.

3. What factors are essential for deciding the quality of the closed face fishing reel?

You must take careful note of the pre-purchase considerations before placing your order. These factors include the bearing system, spool features, reel weight, cast line, anti-reverse technology, and hand orientation. In addition to these features, you can also check other important features like drag adjustability, corrosion resistance, and no-tangle design.

Final Thoughts On Best Closed Face Fishing Reel

Being a beginner must not discourage you from excellent fishing skills, but you must have the best-closed face fishing reel beside you. After reading the details of the top-notch products, you must be glad to learn that reels are coming with remarkable features to improve your fishing experience.

We have specified our choice to the top four products that proved excellent in our repeated testing. They are:
1. Zebco Omega Spincast Fishing Reel due to its ergonomic design, highly durable construction, and facile casting and retrieval.
2. Pflueger PRES10SCX President Spin Cast Reel due to its premium quality titanium pins, spool adjusted drag system, and excellent aluminum-based durability.
3. Zebco Omega Pro due to its softer thumb touch button, anti-corrosive aluminum construction, and suitability for larger fish.
4. Zebco 33 Platinum because it has an efficient anti-reverse system, excellent gear ratio, and anti-corrosion construction materials.

Thank you for reading our detailed review guide, and don’t forget to deliver your thoughts regarding closed face reels by commenting in our feedback section.

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