7 Best Drop Shot Rods – (Reviewed & Compared)

You would like to keep a lure off the bottom with minimum weight. Drop shooting is a technique suitable for fishing in specific areas like drop-offs, particular covers, and creek beds. You can opt for a drop shot rod and use different methods to get finesse and subtle presentation. Drop shooting is a great fishing technique that can bring in farfetched results. 

Finding the right drop shot rod may be difficult for you. Scroll down to read below to get a clear idea of the best drop shot rods. We have tested the top 7 products, and these are our top picks that will offer you a great experience.

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7 Best Drop Shot Fishing Rods Comparison

Cadence CR5-30 spinning drop shot rod
  • Carbon Casting
  • Fuji Reel Seat
  • Strongest & Ultralight
Favorite pick
Dobyns Rods Fury Series
  • Fast Action 
  • Graphite Blank
  • Kevlar Wrapping
premium quality
Fenwick Eagle
  • Premium cork
  • Ergonomic Minimal Reel Seat
  • Good Performance
KastKing Speed Demon Pro
  • Fuji Guides & Reel Seats
  • 15 Technique Specific Lengths
  • Elite Carbon Blanks
G. Loomis GLX 822S
  • Perfect Balance
  • Sensitive
  • Durable
St. Croix Rods Mojo
  • Premium SCIII Carbon Construction
  • Slim-Profile Ferrules
  • Fuji DPS Reel Seat
Abu Garcia Veracity & Villain 2.0
  • Lightweight
  • Well Balanced 
  • Titanium Alloy Guides

7 Best Rods For Drop Shot Reviewed

1. Cadence CR5-30 – Best Drop Shot Spinning Rod

Cadence Spinning Rod comes with excellent components and materials that make it unique in the competition. This rod incorporates ultra-High Quality 30-TON Carbon Fiber Blank. It offers non-slip performance and boosts the durability of a fishing rod. At the same time, 30-ton carbon matrix graphite blank makes this rod lightweight, durable, and more robust.

If you are looking for the perfect piece of rod for freshwater fish like bass, trout, walleye, and coastal species, including redfish, this drop shot spinning rod is a great choice.

Moreover, you can enjoy high-performance premium features at supreme value and excellent quality fishing. Plus, high-performance features allow you to fish consistently without breaking the bank.

However, if you find any quality issues and features problems, you can avail yourself of the customer service opportunity. Also, the company offers a risk-free guarantee. 

In terms of materials, Cadence dropshot Rod is constructed from durable material that lets you enjoy strength and sensitivity with less weight. In addition, the stainless steel frame, along with a comfortable Fuji reel seat and blank covered from carbon veil, increases the durability. 

On top of that, this rod encompasses 2 handle configurations, including a carbon split grip that boosts casting performance and hook setting. Plus, it makes this rod look sleek and beautiful. The entire grip handle in this rod utilizing a premium cork and EVA makes this rod’s performance more excellent.

This Cadence drop shot Spinning Rod is super smooth in terms of power and encompasses stainless steel with SiC inserts that make it more durable and soft. In this way, your rod is safe from line sticking into the guides. It reduces friction while increasing sensitivity through conveying vibrations from line to guide that transfers from rod to your hand. 

Excitingly, you can use this rod when you are on travel. It quickly and comfortably fits in a car trunk and boat hatch and seems like a one-piece fishing rod. 


  • Finesse rod for bass fishing
  • It offers good casting accuracy
  • Lightweight
  • Graphite construction material
  • Good strength


  • The nut may be less durable
  • Loose cork

In short, Cadence Spinning Rod is reliable due to its construction material. This lightweight rod enables you to do different types of fishing with ease. Plus, carbon split grip and full handle enhance casting performance and carry around during travel.

2. Dobyns Rods Fury Series FR 703SF – Best Drop Shot Rod

Dobyns Rods Fury Series is built with solid material, lightweight, and offers exceptional value. The high-quality graphite material makes this rod adjusts extreme heat temperature and pressure. This drop shot rod has a black, shiny, and submetallic appearance and is less complicated.

Adding more features to this rod, you can enjoy this rod with beautifully molded Fuji seat reel and padded hoods and can bear the pressure to fish all day long. In addition, this impressive rod is also helpful to carry during travel. 

Moreover, this versatile drop shot rod has Portugal cork grip and Kevlar Wrapping, a natural and best type of grip. Most rods with cork grip fit best in the shape of your hands means you have a comfortable and firm grip and prevent blisters. 

Dobyns Rod Fury Series

What more? The pinpoint accuracy makes this rod a perfect choice and a well-balanced rod with maximum sensitivity from line to hand and ensures flawless accuracy. Hence, you can cast all day long smoothly and tirelessly.

This budget-friendly dropshot rod will add adventure to your fishing experience and facilitate outstanding performance. Plus, Dobyns Rods ensures customer satisfaction and offers a lifetime warranty, and you can return in case of any defects.


  • All-purpose spinning rod
  • Lightweight
  • High level of sensitivity
  • Good accuracy and control
  • Fast action rod


  • Gaps in cork handle
  • The butt cap may be loose

In last, Dobyns Rods with the soft tip offer you a comfortable grip and also has an exposed hook that ensures a solid hookset. You can even fish a ton with this rod’s high durability and sensitivity. Plus, you can feel the difference in a bite and set the hook with ease and will improve your finesse technique to land fish.

3. Fenwick Eagle – Best Spinning Rod For Drop Shot

Fenwick Eagle 505 is another recommended spinning rod for drop shot that comes with premium cork and TAC grips. The premium cork helps you have a firm grip when your rod is wet, especially when using soft baits and spinners. And, TAC grips are a popular option on fishing rods that allow you to hold your rod in rainy conditions. They are comfortable and offer extra stickiness and avoid slipping from hand. 

Adding a stainless steel guide to your fishing rod boosts the rod’s weight to the extent that it increases slide speed and allows you accurate shooting. This rod with stainless steel guide utilizes aluminum oxide that prevents saltwater corrosion and is suitable for use in different seasons.

In addition, it can improve casting performance with less friction, and black construction offers the lightest bites.

Fenwick Eagle Drop Shot Spinning Rod

Another exciting feature of this drop shot spinning rod is that it comes with an ergonomic minimal reel seat that can hold your reel perfectly to the rod and encompasses locking metal rings or sliding bands. In this way, the inside diameter is more significant than reel seats. Plus, you can enjoy a five-year warranty with this tested and proven rod with the original graphite company.


  • Reliable cork
  • Comfortable handle grip
  • Stealth Braid
  • Excellent for trout fishing
  • Good casting distance


  • Not be best for slow action fishing
  • Suitable for small fish catch

In short, this fast-action light rod is an excellent choice for bass fishing lovers. It brings a wide range of rod designs. With this rod, you can enjoy strength and durability and offer precision action to the water. This rod ensures smooth casting and snag-free recovery when you want to catch a trophy walleye with aconite inserts. 

4. KastKing Speed Demon Pro – Best Rod For Drop Shot

Another perfect choice is the KastKing Speed Demon Pro fishing rod that uses Elite Carbon Blanks & Nano Resin Technology. It can minimize weight and boost strength than other fishing rods, and this exclusive rod is lightweight, robust, and is sensitive to use. 

While fishing, one of the essential things to consider is the rod should place firmly and not move so that it is easy to grab the big fish.

So, this rod offers this quality with Fuji guides and reel seats that allow your rod to stick at one place firmly and does not let the lines slow down.

What more? You want to enjoy a firm grip so that this rod will be the right choice. KastKing Speed Demon Pro incorporates Fuji LV style guides with Alconite rings with customized handles and fighting butts that facilitate comfort and firm grip, whatever the fishing condition is.

Furthermore, this drop shot rod encompasses specific actions and lengths and elite angler to ensure that each rod comes with well-built material without compromising quality. This versatile rod offers suitable rod weight, and size of the handles. 

Moving forward, Demon Pro crankbait rods utilize a composite blend of S-Glass. Also, incorporating high modulus graphite makes it lightweight and well-balanced while fishing. You will love to have a good tournament performance rod that performs flawlessly. In addition, custom WINN handles and fighting butts let this rod perform well for long hours in water and not let you get more hand fatigue. 

I recommend this rod with a good combination of suitable length, action, guide combinations, and sensitivity that enable you to catch more fish with less effort constantly. 


  • High-quality components
  • Vigorous blank
  • Supreme guide lay
  • Heavy cover brass rod
  • Good hook setting


  • Loose knob of the handle
  • Costly

To conclude, this KastKing fishing rod is light to handle with a strong backbone for hooksets. The flexible tip will enable you to have a long cast. It will also offer you a distinctively constructed blank that facilitates more backbone without compromising feel and action. Additionally, it will enable you to rotate it with some pops of your wrist and let you know when it is time to set the hook.

5. G. Loomis GLX 822S – Perfect Balance & High Performance

G. Loomis GLX 822S DSR is another fishing rod that is sensitive ensures high performance, and also the construction material used in this rod is durable and lightweight. Encompassing high modulus and high tensile strength allows you to use a rod easily and minimize the weight while maintaining the same power.

In addition, features like the proprietary reel seat can hold your reel to the rod and utilize locking metal rings or sliding bands that ensure comfortable use of the fishing rod. 

The G. Loomis GLX 822S DSR fishing rod uses a split-grip handle configuration that boosts the performance of casting and hook settings. In addition, it can help minimize the weight of the rod to an extent.

Moving forward to another excellent feature of this drop shot rod which is Fuji K-frame SIC guides. The Fuji K-frame SIC guides can maximize the performance of this rod and utilize high-quality components. Plus, SiC Guides ensure light drag is suitable for heavy fish.

G. Loomis GLX 822S

Moreover, the G. Loomis GLX has boosted sensitivity. It can transmit elusive strikes and the vibrations from rod blank to your hand as an angler.

This rod incorporates a soft tip that prevents fish from feeling high resistance. The stiff-butt section in this rod enables you to lift the rod for a solid hook up. In this way, you can fish effectively, hook the fish with ease and fight with fish with the correct measurement. 


  • Perfect balance
  • Technique-specific rod
  • Strong grips
  • Smooth handles
  • Incredible sensitivity
  • Perfect for finesse fishing


  • Guides are not best
  • May not handle large fish

To summarise, the G. Loomis GLX 822S DSR fishing rod is the lightest and is primarily dedicated to finessing fishing. In addition, this rod goes well with a more lightweight lure compared to other rods. It also allows you to jiggle your bait above the moss with largemouth bass. It can be cast at a suitable distance and offer good sensitivity.

6. St. Croix Rods Mojo – Premium Quality & Material

We have gathered the best drop shot rods to make your selection easy, not limited to the above fishing rods. The construction based on premium SCII carbon is supreme combined with fortified super resin, making this rod highly durable and offering great strength. The integrated Poly Curve (IPC) mandrel technology in the ST Croix drop shot rod makes your fishing smoother and provides more sensitivity. 

Plus, this technique-specific bass fishing rod will allow you to use techniques utilizing versatile options. It also works well in different fishing techniques and using lighter lures. Conversely, it can handle the big fish as well.

What’s more? The St. Croix drop shot Rod integrates a premium-grade cork handle with a split grip allow you to have a firm grasp on your rod while fishing and catch the big fish with ease. Moreover, the slim-profile features offer 3D guides and aluminum-oxide rings that ensure exceptional durability compared to silicon carbide. 

In addition, Fuji aconite guides are lighter than SIC and offer a smooth surface that makes easy handling. Like other fishing rods, this St. Croix drop shot rod also incorporates a Fuji DPS reel seat with black hoods that holds your fishing rod firmly in its place. It is a fixed reel seat that sticks at one place permanently and has good quality glue.

ST Croix Mojo Bass Rod

On top of that, this rod integrates two coats of Flex-Coat slow cure finish to make the thread quality. In addition, an epoxy finish that offers superior leveling and excellent clarity with unequaled adhesion makes your rod work for a long time. 

St Croix Superstar Service offers a 5-year warranty that means you can use it for a long time with peace of mind and exchange in case of any issue.


  • Cost-effective
  • Durable
  • Light and sensitive
  • Fast action
  • High-quality material


  • Weak casting system
  • Tight handle

In conclusion, ST Croix Drop Shot Rod allows you to feel the composition of the bottom, and at every smash a bass makes. The blank is stiff, ensures the flexible tip, and creates good action with soft baits. The cork handle will fit bets on the reel seat and adjust your hand posture making it more comfortable to handle.

7. Abu Garcia Veracity & Villain 2.0 – Drop Shot Casting Rod

Abu Garcia Veracity & Villain 2.0 Casting Fishing Rod is also the best drop shot rod with 3M Powerlux that makes your rod 30% stronger while being well balanced and lightweight. The identical construction offers excellent performance and is well-tested.

Moving ahead, this rod incorporates a custom Fuji touch reel seat that makes your rod supremely comfortable. Interestingly, this rod contains more muscular Titanium alloy guides that offer excellent corrosion resistance, weldability, and formability.

In addition, the insertion of ultra-light zirconium is malleable, ductile with silver-gray metal. It can prevent your fishing rod from corrosion and extreme heat. 

The high-density EVA handles of this rod are anti-wrap and have a ceramic guide ring with a soft feel and stylish design to ensure a smooth fishing journey. If you are an experienced angler, this rod is the perfect choice for high strength and lightweight.

On top of all, 40 Ton carbon fibers are more than average. The average carbon fiber capacity ranges up to 24-ton carbon fibers. However, we strongly recommend average carbon fiber with excellent quality blanks and greater strength. But up to 36 or 40 tons of carbon fiber may be risky.


  • Comfortable reel seats
  • High-end performance
  • Well balanced
  • Soft tip
  • Exceptional


  • Guides can be better
  • Cannot handle heavy lines

In short, this drop shot casting rod comes with a custom Fuji design, offers a soft touch, ensures hypersensitivity in balk sections, and boosts comfort for fishing for a longer time. The soft tip helps cast light lures, plus it encompasses a solid backbone to set the hook in large baits.

How To Use The Drop Shot Rod?

It is the simple fishing rod whose work is indicated by its name. You can use this rod for freshwater fishing by simply attaching the lure and throwing it in the water body. You can use a fast-action rod for this shot because it has a sensitive tip, so it will attract the catch by simple twitching that will cause the lure to vibrate.

Also, using a leader with monofilament is an ideal setup for drop shots. The medium power rods are the perfect choice for this finesse technique. Moreover, go for the rod having maximum guides for better line control while big fights.

How To Choose The Best Drop Shot Rod

Here are the top considerations when choosing the best drop shot rod.

Rod Length

One of the most crucial factors is rod length that allows casting farther. But in some cases, it is not essential to throw a lure farther, but accuracy is vital. The most popular size is 7 feet that offers you enough length and good precision.

Construction Material

Most rods consist of graphite, spun carbon, and other materials in spun graphite fiberglass combinations that make the rod lightweight. You can consider buying a rod with graphite material that ensures high strength and wall thickness. Taper and spinning techniques can boost flexibility.

Fiberglass is reliable and heavy but is less expensive. Although it is stiff and sensitive, it can be strong as well. Also, it is costly but offers unparalleled performance. 


It may be your personal choice, whatever handle you want to select, and what gives you more comfort. The handle in the fishing rod comes with two basic materials, including cork and EVA foam. Cork is warmer and more attractive, but it may not handle rough material easily. Conversely, EVA foam is calmer and softer when touching and holding it.

When Would a Drop Shot Rod Come in Handy?

Drop shot rod is another valuable tool that enable anglers to keep the lure with weightless action. Drop shotting is mainly a bottom fishing technique, making deep water fishing easy.

These rods were not known earlier, but now it comes in handy, as these are valuable in catching large and smallmouth bass and spotted bass. Additionally, drop shot rods are good for jigging purposes too.

Other than this, it helps other fish species, tiny ones. The spinning rods are remarkably the best rod for drop shots.

Final Thoughts On Best Drop Shot Rods

Finally, drop shooting is a great way to use different fishing techniques. Many people adore fishing and adopt it as a hobby, but the important thing here is to select the right product. Choosing the best drop shot rod can catch a giant fish game. The above guide will be helpful for you to save your time and opt for the best product for you.

Here are our top 3 recommended products:

  • Cadence Spinning Rod CR5-30 is a highly recommended product because of the heat dissipation ring line guide SIC and durable stainless steel material with ergonomic and comfortable handle.
  • Dobyns Rods Fury Series Spinning Fishing Rod is lightweight, consisting of an excellent backbone to tip ratio. It also comprises multiple high-end components. You can enjoy Portugal cork grip and kevlar wrapping with high-quality graphite material. 
  • Fenwick Eagle Spinning Fishing Rod 505 is another best-recommended product with testing of seventy years. It incorporates premium cork and TAC grips, stainless steel guides, and aluminum oxide.

People Also Ask About Drop Shot Rods

1) What is the best drop shot rod?

Drop shot rods use finesse technique for fishing baits and comprise a small thin wire hook. In our recommendation, the best drop shot rod is Cadence Spinning Rod due to its substantial material and heat dissipation ring line guide.

2) What is the best action rod for a drop shot?

Dobyns Fury Series rod is the best action rod for drop shot. It is lightweight and has high-quality graphite materials which make it more robust and sensitive fast action rod.

3) What type of rod is best for drop shots?

The best rod for drop shots is spinning rods. After all, its performance is more reliable compared to casting rods and can be an ideal pick for lightweight handling of fish. So selecting spinning rod for drop shooting will not disappoint you.

4) What gear ratio is best for drop shots?

Mostly spinning reels have a gear ratio of 5.2:1 to 6.2:1, but you can find some reels with models of a 7.0:1 gear ratio for bass anglers. It will help quickly retrieve the drop shot rigs or tube baits, even in deep water.

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