7 Best Ice Fishing Reels of 2022 – (Reviews & Buying Guide)

Are you skipping your favorite hobby just because it’s getting colder and your reel is freezing? There’s no need to put your angling hobbies on hold throughout the winter time. You may keep attempting to get a fish to eat the bait as soon as you possess the right tools.

Every angler understands that catching a fish is dependent on their expertise, understanding, response time, and tolerance. Regardless, a large part of their accomplishment is dependent on the reel they choose. See, ice fishing is difficult since as the temperature decreases, so does the movement of the fish.

To catch a trout in ice circumstances, you’ll require highly durable and compact equipment to notice less aggressive movements. And it is at this point that the best ice fishing reels enter into action.

Novice and casual anglers may be unaware that ice fishing cannot be performed with the identical reel utilized for ordinary angling. Ice fishing reels have been mainly developed to function in harsh circumstances while maintaining efficiency and protection. To keep matters simpler for ice fishing lovers, I have compiled a listing of the 7 finest ice fishing reels.

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Comparison Table of 7 Best Reels For Ice Fishing

Eagle Claw In Line ice fishing reel
  • Nylon Body
  • Smooth Teflon Drag
  • Perfect Line Spooling
Frabill Straight Line 371
  • Lightweight Construction
  • Durable
  • High-Quality Components
Piscifun ICX 5 ice fishing reel
  • 5+1 Sealed Ball Bearings
  • Ultra Smooth
  • Affordable
13 Fishing Black Betty
  • CNC Machines Aluminum Construction
  • Precise Performance
  • Premium Components
KastKing Summer and Centron
  • Lightweight
  • Powerful
  • Ideal For Ice Fishing
  • Propulsion Spool Lip Design
  • High Performance
  • Long Lasting
top rated
Sougayilang DK1000 Fishing Reel
  • Collapsible Wood Handle
  • Powerful Body
  • Compact Construction

7 Best Ice Fishing Reels Review

1. Eagle Claw In Line – Best Inline Ice Fishing Reel

Fishers love Eagle Claw baits, and their Inline ice fishing reels are renowned as well. These low-cost reels are high-quality and durable nylon and feature perfect line spooling to avoid line twisting.

And, despite baitcasting and spinning reels with small spools that compel the thread to bend firmly, the Eagle Claw, like other inline ice reels, aids in the prevention of thread tangling.

I always use this product in colder temperatures and will recommend you too. Considering that this is a fishing tool, its spool has much greater thread storage than you’ll ever require.

However, for ice fishing, this is not an issue. Though with a gearing range of 2.6:1, more bottomless casting will be a breeze.

Furthermore, this reel has a spool releasing, which makes dumping your jigs as simple as touching a switch. That’s a fantastic addition, and I enjoy it immensely.

One more reason why I enjoy this reel in winters is because of its grip. The comfortable firm-grip no-slip aluminum handlebar offers a great inclination ice fishing reel.

In addition, this reel enables fast and easy arm changes, allowing you to utilize it with either the right or left-handed user. The whole spinning procedure on this device is seamless and quick.

The Eagle Claw’s handle is made of metal, whereas the remainder of the structure is nylon. Therefore, these elements are a tough system that will withstand extreme freezing circumstances, and consumers enjoy how it operates irrespective of how cold it is outdoors.

Altogether, I was drawn to this reel for a variety of factors. The Nylon housing and spool make it a dependable alternative for ice angling. It will also offer you sufficient strength to hang on to resistant and bigger fish kinds. The grip is made of high-quality metal as well. Furthermore, the non-slip grip improves your angling session even if you’re using gloves.

Eagle claw Inline ice fishing reel


  • Affordable
  • Excellent gear ratio for deeper jigging
  • The free spool mechanism makes it easier to release jigs


  • Drag is difficult to modify for the #2 testing

To sum up, there’s a lot to love regarding this best inline ice reel. The structure is strong adequate to be used in the cold. You may utilize it in other seasons as well. The metal handlebar and matching non-slip grip improve your stability when casting. It may be used whether you are a novice or have been ice-angling for some time.

2. Frabill Straight Line 371 – Straight Line Ice Fishing Reel

The Frabill Straight Line Ice Fishing Reel is perhaps the finest distinctive, appearing ice-catching fish reel on the marketplace.

The frame of this reel is aluminum, while the primary body is stainless metal. The aluminum offers the reel strength it needs to combat huge trout in the water. For beginners, the trendy and aesthetically pleasing appearance of this reel will draw a lot of attention.

One of the main features of this reel is its gearing range which allows you to pull species without difficulty, but recovering bait may be a little harder than with the alternative straight reels described before.

Because of its quality components, this is my most favorite reel for sure. The designer has not specified the kind of material utilized in the construction of this device. However, we realize that the item is built with strong and high-quality components to increase the unit’s robustness, effectiveness, and longevity.

In addition, the reel itself is composed of mixed components, making it resistant to erosion induced by marine environments. It also implies that it will stay to function normally even when the mercury begins to fall.

Moreover, the Frabill straight line ice reel is a practical device with a unique spool modification. This element makes a major contribution to a seamless dragging feel and exceptional anti-reverse functionality.

In a word, regardless of whether you’re an experienced or beginner fisherman, this enhances your ice-angling excursion more thrilling and satisfying. In particular, every rotation involves the recovery of 22 inches of the reel.

Frabil straight line 371 ice fishing reel

Another fantastic innovation in this reel is the anti-bait alert button, which allows the reel to be used discreetly. The trout will not be cautioned if you use this reel in this manner.

In short, it is an excellent straight line ice fishing reel that can function in subzero temperatures. Furthermore, because the spooling process is straightforward and efficient, it saves you both money and energy. Given all of this, if you decide to purchase this one, your cash will be secure.


  • At 0.5 lbs, it is extremely light
  • Anti-reverse architecture that is instantaneous
  • Improved hand grip and a controlled spool
  • In one rotation, a 22-inch line may be retrieved
  • Allow for an asymmetrical position


  • More work is needed on star dragging

In conclusion, there is no substitute for the Frabill Straight Line Ice Fishing Reel when it comes to performance and affordability. This not only appears beautiful, but it also has all of the functions that a customer seeks in an ice-angling reel. Several expert fishermen strongly suggest this.

3. Piscifun ICX 5 – Ice Fishing Spinning Reel

Piscifun ICX 5 Ice Fishing Spinning Reel has everything you require in an ice-angling reel at an affordable rate. The housing and rotor are constructed of graphite, which makes it robust and stiff.

Another feature of this ice reel is the handles, which roll cleanly away for simple storing and transit.

This ice-fishing spinning reel’s style sets it different from many rivals. Aside from that, the chassis and turbine are both constructed of graphite—this type of structure assists in the improvement of endurance. As a result, it’s a fantastic option for cold angling.

I am now a fan of this ice reel because of its multiple quality features. The reel has an immediate anti-reverse mechanism, five enclosed ball bearings, and a zinc metal driving mechanism. This renders it seamless under strain and ensures that it will not let you down while chasing a difficult fish.

In addition, the metal spool in this reel is water-resistant and provides a uniform thread laying.

The spool shape also keeps water out of the rotor, which aids keep the reel from icing up when snow angling. It’s also significant to eliminate tangling and twisting.

Furthermore, the reel is lightweight for convenience and has a more extended handle, which is excellent for spinning with gloves on since you won’t catch as much on objects.

The dragging is constructed of graphite fiber and stainless metal plates, making it robust and frictionless. Drag changes may be made from the side and are easily accessible.

In last, the design was well-received by recent purchasers of this reel. They loved the fact that they could select between two distinct color schemes. They also had nice things to say about the high-strength carbon structure and its related endurance.


  • Easy Retrieval
  • Extremely powerful
  • Handle folds up quickly


  • The handle is prone to breaking
  • It should not be used in seawater

To conclude, Piscifun ICX 5 is an excellent ice fishing spinning reel for anyone searching for a fashionable ice-angling reel. It is long-lasting and hence ideal for usage in tough winter conditions. Moreover, you won’t have to worry about it not working correctly since it won’t jam. It is also advised for people who do not want to exert too much energy in retrieving the bait.

4. 13 Fishing Black Betty – Inline Ice Fishing Reel

Fishing’s 13th Black Betty is the buzz of the ice-angling world, and the general conclusion is that this is the most amazing straight-line angling product on the market.

I picked the 6061 as my evaluation version, and I believe you’ll be as delighted as I was. You will love its construction and precise performance.

The 13 fishing black kitty  is made of aluminum and is highly durable. It can store more fishing thread than you’ll possibly require, supporting anything from 2-pound monofilament to 6-pound monofilament.

And, like the Eagle Claw, it has a simple spool mechanism to help your lures descend. The lubrication and precision of the spool surprise us—it’ll drop 1/32 ounce jigs with ease.

I will suggest this 13 ice fishing reel because it offers minimal tangles. In addition, the big spool and in-line construction, like all of its sort, eliminates thread stiffness and twisting.

Also, with lightweight thread, the dragging mechanism works nicely, albeit it isn’t as seamless as on similar spinning reels. That being said, if you’re a severe jig fisherman, you can’t go incorrect with this reel. However, be aware that it is on the more pricey side of comparable items.

Furthermore, this black betty ice fishing reel is equipped with an aluminum handlebar and EVA controls. The compact EVA knobs offer fishermen a comfortable hold, giving them overall more command.

13 Fishing Black Betty Ice Reel


  • Excellent gear ratio for deeper jigging
  • The free spool button makes it easier to drop jigs
  • Excellent drag
  • Reeling smoothly
  • Lightweight


  • Little expensive

To sum up, this 13 ice fishing reel is ideal for anybody who wants to go angling in the wintertime. The entire structure and craftsmanship will ensure that you will not have any functionality difficulties.

Also, this angling reel is fantastic for myriad purposes. Not only you will obtain a dependable item, but it will also be simple to use. The speed of the descent may be modified to provide you with the most exemplary angling session possible. You won’t have to worry about it icing up in the winter. Furthermore, the compact design makes it easy to carry.

5. KastKing Summer and Centron – Ice Fishing Reel Review

Kastking Summer and Centron reel received great feedback from former customers, making it the fifth item on our shortlist. This item’s general design was appealing to people. Its graphite structure allowed it to endure frigid conditions.

It is simple to utilize for novices. The low weight of this reel helped the purchaser’s ease when taking it around.

Who said spinning reels had to be dull? KastKing reels offer a sleek appearance and a one-of-a-kind structure. KastKing aesthetics are reflected in the high-grade construction and workmanship. Summer reels are white, whereas Centron reels are dark. Both have a lovely glossy appearance.

I love how it operates. That’s why I am recommending this product to you. The KastKing reels function admirably. Each reel is equipped with nine ball bearings, making it incredibly simple and pleasant to operate. For fishing, though, you might require to spin the reel for a bit more.

The reels arrive with handles that may be swapped out. In addition, you may change the handle by pressing a switch.  As a result, they are effortless to operate for both left-handed and right-handed individuals.

Furthermore, KastKing ice fishing spinning reels have incorporated Computer Numerical Control (CNC) innovation on their spools. This enables for accurate line-lay on the reels.

As a consequence, the reels are easy to handle and line smoothly when angling. The interior notches of the spools are likewise coated. This coating allows the reels to keep their lubricant and function optimally.

Finally, we’d want to point out that this reel is a dependable option to be aware of that won’t break the bank. The ball bearings improve angling efficiency. It is simple to modify. Taking it about in the cold won’t be a problem because it’s light.


  • Affordable
  • Smooth performance
  • Elegant style
  • Anti-corrosion graphite shell for added endurance
  • Excellent for usage in both saltwater and freshwater
  • Simple reeling and angling
  • Excellent drag mechanism


  • Water resistance could be improved
  • Customer care may be enhanced

To sum up, the KastKing ice fishing Spinning reels are ideal for both novice and experienced anglers. Based on the weights, the summer and central versions are available in several sub-models. You can select the one that best meets your needs. The reels are well-designed and operate admirably. KastKing Summer and Centron Spinning Reels are the greatest bang for your buck because of their incredibly low pricing.

6. SHIMANO Sienna Ice Fishing Reel

The Sienna’s core is a spool that can hold considerably extra thread than you’ll require for ice angling. This lightweight and durable reel, on the other hand, will firmly wrap that thread around its small spool, generating corkscrews that will set your jig spinning. In that regard, you’ll require to choose to remove thread by hand, unfold it carefully, or convert it to actual bait.

You will love its performance as I love it too. With such a 5.0:1 gearing speed, you’ll be able to return your lures or hook to the water in little minutes.

I recommend you take this in your next winter fishing session.

It should be noted that the grip convinces people on spinning reels for ice angling, and the Shimano does not miss.

This reel surpasses in-lines in this category by being extremely seamless and adaptable across a wide variety of weights.

It’s also reasonably priced, which is always a bonus. When you’re not a jig fisher or routinely use 2-pound thread, this reel seems to deserve a further look.

Don’t be fooled by the low cost; the Shimano Sienna FG performs and looks like a more costly reel.

However, Shimano designers created the Sienna, ensuring efficiency and endurance. This reel is Excellent for any novice fisherman just starting in the profession, as well as any experienced veteran seeking an additional reel in their toolbox.


  • Excellent gear range for deeper jigging
  • Amazing drag mechanism
  • Affordable


  • While jigging, thread twisting will be a problem

In conclusion, This Shimano ice fishing reel is suitable for usage in even the worst conditions. It shouldn’t be difficult to transport. The reality that it may be utilized with either hand renders which is useful for several individuals who like angling. Those who want to fish for bigger creatures will profit significantly from this gear. The non-slip handle makes this choice ideal for anglers who will be using gloves. Its small weight allows you to transport it without difficulty.

7. Sougayilang DK1000 – Best Freefall Ice Fishing Reel

If you want a handy angling reel at a reasonable cost this Sougayilang ice fishing reel is ideal for this. It accommodates well in your carrier baggage and is easy to transport due to its small size.

This ultra-thin angling reel is machine-made and computer-balanced. Its chassis is composed of an anti-corrosion metal that will survive for a lengthy period.

Furthermore, its grip is properly carved so that you may swap it out depending on your desired palm position. This device also claims to be capable to manage larger species and heavier ropes.

This device also claims to be capable to manage larger species and heavier ropes.

Apart from this, the Sougayilang fishing reel contains 12+1 shielded bearings with an overall gearing range of 5.1:1.

Sougayilang spinning reel also comes with a wide aluminum spool and a customizable casting controller with an oscillating mechanism for flawless rope wrapping. This will be ideal for ice fishing.

Apart from this, the anti-reverse mechanism of this reel comes to a complete halt and, due to its small length, does not interfere with your angling. It also includes a graphite fiber drag and all this will help you catch fish in a colder environment.

Lastly, the drawback of this reel is, wwith frequent usage, it is possible that the device will jam. You may face certain common angling difficulties, such as hooks and bindings, but their client care staff will check into the issue if you make them a short email.


  • Compact due to its ultra-thin body
  • Easy to transport
  • Powerful and long-lasting strength
  • Corrosion-resistant and durable
  • A fantastic line oscillation mechanism
  • Strong gearing ratio


  • Frequently out of supply
  • There is no angling rod supplied

To sum up, the Sougayilang DK1000 Fishing reel’s construction and style are compact, but it provides seamless and strong reel operation. The ball bearings are also composed of high-quality components, as seen by their durability. Ultimately, this ice fishing reel is an excellent investment because it can be used in many types of water.

Guide To Pick The Best Ice Fishing Reels

Ice fishing is very different from other traditional and modern fishing techniques. You cannot use simple open cast reels or closed ones for this technique. To get the fish from the ice water, you should use a shorter rod for a successful catch. That is why you need special reels for these particular ice rods.

Composition and Longevity

Because a fishing reel is frequently subjected to water, cold temperatures and wetness will major impact its longevity and effectiveness. As a result, you must constantly use ice-angling reels of great standard components such as aluminum, stainless steel, and carbon. These elements are used to make ice angling reels that are rust-resistant, robust, and long-lasting.

Furthermore, ice fishing reels manufactured of aluminum are lighter, which underlines why most experienced fishermen choose fishing reels constructed of aluminum.


Ice angling requires a spool that will not become entangled or knotted while getting spooled. As a result, ice angling reels are expected to be straight, which means the rope will stay steady in the spool with minimal bending as you load deeper.

Spooling is determined by the thickness and quantity of the rope. Furthermore, the mass assessment is dependent on the maximum amount of pounds that the spool can endure. This implies that a greater quantity is necessary if you have a larger spool.

Since you’ll be casting at greater depths with an ice angling reel, an ice angling spool will often carry longer rope than a conventional reel.

Anti-Freeze Feature

Whenever it relates to the upkeep and endurance of any ice-angling equipment, freezing is a big problem. Your reel will be subjected to cold temperatures throughout your wintertime angling, which may impair the functioning of your instrument. The anti-freezing function is unique to ice fishing equipment that ensures the reel works effectively even in cold conditions.

Always go for the reel having an anti-freeze coating to avoid jamming the reel during the fishing. It is the utmost important feature to look for while shopping for ice fishing reels.

In this sense, straight fishing reels outperform. To increase your chances of accomplishment when catching, make certain you get a reel with an anti-freezing coating on the shaft.

Bearing Number

Determine the number of bearings on your product. The amount of bearings in your reel determines how smoothly it performs. The higher the bearing amount, the better your item will perform. Please ensure that the bearings are made of effective and durable components.

Bearings are often found within reels to help your gearing in reaching peak efficiency. Regardless of the dragging strength, the bearing will work hard to guarantee that your angling trip is a pleasure with minimal effort.

Carbon Construction Is a Bonus

Ice fishing is done in areas below 0 degrees, you must have a reel made up of carbon that will maintain its performance during extreme environmental conditions.

Smooth Drag Is Vital

Look for the reel that offers a good amount of drag to take off the fish from a single hole easily.

Braided Line Is Essential

There is no fighting and backlashes in this type of fishing, so you must use a braided line to get the fish out of the hole at one so for the maximum heavy braided line and choose the reel according to the weight of the line.

Moderate Gear Ratio Is Important

You don’t need a heavy gear ratio for this technique. A moderate gear ratio of 4:1 works fine to cope with this technique.

To conclude buying guide, I’ve invested a significant amount of time studying and analysing the various reel alternatives and have compiled the ensuing purchase guide. The appearance of an ice angling reel has less to do with effectiveness than its characteristics. I examine several factors of the reel, including longevity, affordability, bearing number, antifreeze feature, simplicity of upkeep, versatility for various purposes, the finest type of ice angling reel, and how practical it is.

best ice fishing reels buying guide

Types of Ice Fishing Reels

Ice fishing reels are different from regular reels, as these are specially designed by keeping the freezing condition in account.

Types of ice fishing reels are,

Spinning Reels:

Many anglers use spinning reels for ice fishing, but it doesn’t mean these are the best. These reels are well-known because of their ultra-light size.

The anglers also encounter complications like line twists, poor control, and lower performance in the cold.

Inline Reels:

Inline reels consider the best ice fishing reel but are costly. These reels can work in colder temperatures. The main advantage of the inline fishing reel is the lack of line twists.

Baitcaster Reels:

The anglers not having the availability of inline reels or spinning reels also use baitcasting, although it’s not that good to be used as ice fishing.

FAQs Related To Ice Fishing Reels

What style reel is best for ice fishing?

For ice fishing, the spinning reel is by far the greatest commonly used reel. A standard ice fishing spinning reel will be lightweight, with a product number less than or equivalent to 2500. (25). These lower diameters are required to appropriately coordinate with the shorter ice fishing poles, ranging in length from 16 to 24 inches.

2. What reel should I use for ice fishing?

The KastKing Spinning Reel is a great standard and durable spinning reel with many fantastic qualities that will enhance your angling adventure and be a wonderful complement to your reel arsenal. It has a compact spool constructed of robust CNC anodized aluminum. It also features interior channels for improved lubrication, uniform thread laying, and increased angling line capability.

3. How do I choose an ice reel?

Two factors will typically influence your choice of ice fishing reel. The first is what you wish to capture, and the other is how you plan to catch it.

You’ll require anything with enough drag to keep the fish on the rope without damaging it. The finest dragging mechanism will release the line immediately before the crucial moment. If you’re going after larger fish, you’ll need a reel with adequate pull and size to manage it. How you want to fish must be a major decision element.

Final Thoughts On Best Ice Fishing Reels

I believe our best ice fishing evaluation ranking and purchase recommendations provided some useful knowledge. Again, choosing a reel designed for wintertime angling is a great approach to ensure a great fishing session. Always ensure that the reel is both robust and simple to modify and operate.

Our Top 3 Recommended Picks:

1. The Eagle Claw Reel wins the cake as the greatest ice fishing reel. It’s a multipurpose reel that may be utilized on ice or in a marine reel combination. The reel has a line maximum length, retrieval, and dragging suitable for a range of conditions and will manage a diversity of fishes.
2. The Frabill Straight Line is the greatest affordable reel. It’s probably of the lightweight and most basic ice angling reels, but its excellent construction and inexpensive cost make it a success. If you enjoy angling with light lines, are a novice, or want to catch fewer fish, this ice fishing reel will meet all of your needs while being a great bargain.
3. Piscifun ICX 5 is the only reel that has been specifically built for ice angling. Everything, from the components to the greasing, is designed for cold weather. As a result, this reel will endure several years and provide you with the fewest problems down the road.

These are the best ice fishing reels available. As you’ll see, it’s not too costly to go away from the cabin and enjoy ice angling in the wintertime.. your I hope my evaluation was helpful and that you were able to locate the appropriate reel for you. Who knows, maybe you’ll be grilling several fresh ice-caught fish this season.

Happy ice fishing!

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