5 Best Jigging Reels: Reviews of Conventional, Spinning & More

Jigging is among the most excellent thrilling methods of angling. However, jigging places a lot of strain on the angling line and Reel. As a result, you’ll require fishing rods and reels that can withstand the energy of jigging. Furthermore, whenever it comes to picking innumerable items of the same type, we all experience challenges and uncertainty. In such circumstances, mistrust is unavoidable. This is due to the accessibility of several brands and their various versions of the same sorts of items.

Furthermore, it’s highly awkward and irritating when you capture a gigantic fish underwater. Still, your enthusiasm fades quickly due to a low-grade jigging reel that is frequently unsuitable with the scenario. The problem will not reoccur since I offer an easy solution for you. In this post, I will discuss the most fabulous jigging reels, and I hope you will discover the best jigging reel right here that meets your needs.

Quick Comparison of 5 Best Jigging Reels

GOMEXUS LX50 jigging reel
  • Narrow Spool
  • Carbon Drag System
  • Smooth Performance
runner up
KastKing ReKon
  • Graphite Body
  • Durable Stainless-Steel
  • Large Line Capacity
Penn Fathom
  • Ideal For Heavy Duty
  • Full Metal Body
  • Most Durable
Sougayilang Line Counter
  • Durable
  • Easy & Fast Operation
  • Carbonite Dragging Mechanism
Shimano Torium SW
  • Lightweight
  • Ideal For Saltwater
  • Efficient Gearing System

Best Jigging Reels Review

1. GOMEXUS LX50 – Best Slow Pitch Jigging Reel

Are you looking for a durable and practical jigging reel to enhance your adventures? The GOMEXUS LX50 Jigging Reel is explicitly designed for you! This Reel is made entirely of solid metal rather than plastic. As a result, this Reel becomes far too strong for the consumer.

Importantly, it is the most accurate jigging reel for precise fishing.  

Let’s discuss its more features.

Because the GOMEXUS Jigging Reel is made of a 1-piece aviation aluminum framework, it is incredibly sturdy! You would have far too much fun! Whereas this structure renders the Reel extremely sturdy, it is also relatively light in weight. Wave goodbye to the hefty jigging reels!

The best feature that I like the most in this reel GOMEXUS Jigging Reel is, It has introduced the ideal dragging adjustments, namely the pre-set lever dragging mechanism, to improve your angling trip much too unforgettable and straightforward! Pre-set lever dragging characteristics allow for a precise drag setup.

Gomexus LX50 jigging Reel

Hence, it’s somewhat intriguing to learn that the ball bearings of this reel are composed of steel material, which has also been insulated and coated to give the most refined pleasure for users.

Even these ball bearings, in reality, provide a flawlessly smoother reel functioning when angling! Protected and polished stainless steel ball bearings offer super-smooth performance, and marine-grade anti-corrosive elements ensure decades of usage.


  • Extremely powerful and long-lasting
  • Anti-corrosive characteristics
  • The operating system is quite fast
  • Architecture is lightweight and robust
  • All accessories are supplied
  • Very compact


  • It may break from time to time

As a result, purchasing the Reel is not a terrible idea because it is the most fantastic seawater jigging reel. Without question, that is all about amazing and mind-blowing angling gear! Furthermore, thanks to the Aluminum Spool, this jigging reel is tiny and sturdy. Secondly, it arrives with one-year insurance! Therefore, I can say it is the best fishing reel you can ever have.

2. KastKing ReKon – Conventional Jigging Reel

The KastKing ReKon may show to be the ideal jigging conventional reel for any fisherman that catches at every chance and demands an angling reel that is both tough and long-lasting. This Reel is made of high-quality anodized materials and has a 30-pound carbon disc dragging mechanism for increased durability and lifespan.

In addition, the KastKing ReKon also has one of the finest precise line counting systems available on any reel on the marketplace nowadays.

Furthermore, The KastKing ReKon is particularly renowned for its versatility, as it can be utilized in both fresh and seawater.

Let’s discuss the bearings of the reel, this conventional jigging reel incorporates three pure steel ball bearings that are very resilient to the caustic environment of seawater, as well as the most vital durable anodized brass inner elements. Consequently, the KastKing ReKon must be able to survive even the most ferocious assault from the environment and enormous fish.

Apart from this, most fishermen may also prefer the KastKing ReKon’s ample line storage. This Reel has a unique spool that can handle up to 320 yards of 25-pound monofilament angling rope.

In addition, the KastKing ReKon is also completely suitable with lead inner and woven rope, contributing to its flexibility. This increased length gives enough rope for deep-water fishing along with battling damn tricky species.

Kastking Rekon jigging Reel

KastKing purposefully engineered the grips of the two variants to be distinct. Because the size 10 ReKon is primarily intended for Kokanee, Bass, and Salmon, KastKing added an ergonomic, dual paddles handlebar with EVA grips.

In contrast, the bigger size 20 reel includes a solitary Powerful Grip with a convenient circular knob that provides greater strength for more giant species and lengthier retrieval for Pike, Sockeye, Lake Trout, Striped Carp, or other purposes demand more unique angling string, such as from a catfish reel.


  • There are two sizes offered
  • Drag mechanism weighing 30 pounds
  • Ball bearings with two shields
  • Construction of a speciality spool
  • More line availability


  • Setting the drag is quite challenging

In summary, The KastKingReKon jigging conventional reel is built to withstand difficult fishing circumstances and includes only the most robust materials. To ensure a seamless and trouble-free functioning in severe pressure areas, KastKing employs three dual protected stainless-steel ball bearings, as well as the Immediate anti-reverse bearing. The primary gearing and main crankshaft of KastKing ReKon are perfectly manufactured brass. Its pinion gears and line guiding gear are made of high-grade stainless steel.

3. Penn Fathom – Best Jigging Reel

If you’re looking for some memorable angling practice but don’t wish to spoil your vacation, the PENN Fathom Jigging Reel is the correct choice for you. The distinctive black golden hue of the Penn Fathom jigging reel is the initial element that catches the eye.

Along with this, the thick metal front panels and framework of this jigging reel welcome you with a solid feeling and a powerful structure.

The HT-100 solid graphite fiber drags on this jigging reel will aid with power and pulling up more load in a single stroke. The whole metallic shell and lateral panels aid in greater gripping and don’t overlook the string storage hooks to keep the string in place.

Furthermore, if you enjoy nearshore base angling as well as lake drifting, you will be pleased to hear that the PENN Fathom jigging Reel will exceed the whole of your hopes. Lots of fluid and seamless dragging. As a result, you will simply see your objectives exceeded.

Additionally, The N-shaped, thin architecture of its spool, fitted with dragging discs and thick sides panels, will entice you even more. The majority of its capabilities are similar to those of its previous versions, but it’s a better-integrated bundle with a much greater smaller form.

This Reel is ideal for precision throwing, jigging, and lowering, as well as having outstanding pulling power. Aside from its strong and seamless performance, its flexible pulling mechanism can handle even a 25-pound monster fish.

Lastly, the reel features five metal ball bearings with a greater retrieval proportion, ensuring a terrific, more enormous string with all strokes of its powerful lever. This is because the Penn Fathom is a low-cost and high-quality jigging reel that can fulfil the demands of the complete crew.


  • Dragging is silky
  • The exposure is rust-free
  • The operation is straightforward
  • The bulk is as light as a feather and as strong as carbon fiber


  • You may encounter difficulties spreading reels over the line

In conclusion, if you possess this jigging reel, you will enjoy a long-lasting fishing experience with this great quality product. However, the PENN Jigging Reel is great when it comes to affordability and pleasure. It’s ideal for both ocean and pond angling.

4. Sougayilang Line Counter – High Speed Jigging Reel

If you consistently search for the largest fishes in just about any single river or lake and want a reel capable of surviving unending battle following endless struggle, the Sougayilang Line Counter trolling Reel must be deserving of your consideration.

This high speed jigging reel has an excellent performing 40-pound dragging mechanism that functions effectively even when under heavy loads.

In addition, the Sougayilang jigging reel also has an anti-reverse roller bearing, which helps to minimize string backspooling and promotes better rapid hook settings.

Another of the nicest features of this fishing reel is how well it suits your palm, which in itself is ideal for fishermen who intend on spending a lengthy duration on the lake. There is also a pretty seamless pull, which is undoubtedly one of the most crucial factors to examine when purchasing any angling reel type.

Moreover, The Sougayilang jigging Reel has an easy-to-operate flexible spool mechanism that makes feeding out the necessary amount of rope quicker than before.

For example, when a trout is captured at a rope range of 100 feet, just throw out your thread, turn the manual spool mechanism on the Reel, and monitor the incorporated rope counter till the line reaches the required amount. This function removes the necessity to physically retrieve a thread from a jigging reel in sequence to position your hook in the striking area.

Apart from this, the Sougayilang Line Counter reels conveniently changeable star dragging adjuster will also appeal to many fishermen. This knob is shaped like a star and is large sufficient that a fisherman can rapidly make any required changes without having to take their focus off from the struggle at hand.

Not only this but also, A three-year guarantee of tension-free Maintenance guarantees this product, so you can obtain any spares or adjustments you require during that time frame.


  • Class-leading 30-pound dragging component
  • The free-spool lever is simple to use
  • The drag control knob is improved


  • Bit pricy

In short, this high speed jigging reel has built around a strong star drag base, reinforced by strong strength brass gearing and a complete Carbonite dragging mechanism. The Aluminum ratchet dragging star also allows trolling fishermen to establish exact drag settings. The anti-reverse roller bearings of this jigging reel perform admirably, and the whole construction is incredibly sturdy. This is the Reel to choose if you need a long-lasting reel.

5. Shimano Torium SW – Best Saltwater Jigging Reel

The SHIMANO TORIUM is an excellent choice if you want a dependable and flexible reel. Fish of different species can be caught from numerous bodies of water. The fish range from lingcod to large flounder and trolling mackerel and stripes/blues fishing.

In high-stress scenarios, fishermen may have to cope with their reel bending on their rods, wasting their energy. This Shimano jigging reel structural style almost minimizes bending, giving it the ideal reel for fishermen after difficult diving fish that must be horsed away from the coral.

Furthermore, this classic Reel is, of fact, made entirely of steel. However, the major high points in this one’s design are its overall shape and ball bearings. Rather than simply protecting these, the ball bearings themselves are highly resilient to rust.

Furthermore, this Shimano jig reel has a hangman housing construction system which reduces the possibility of the reel core bending under pressure, enabling you to use maximum force on fish.

Apart from all this, You will discover a different degree of angling strength and accuracy while utilizing this jigging reel—the powerful seawater reel sports a star pulling mechanism and genuine Shimano gearbox with a greater gear ratio.

The Ultra Blocker anti-reverse mechanism of this reel prevents you from accidentally turning your handles, preventing damage to the reel and letting it seem easier. The star drags a lot of pull force, and the housing shape stops your Reel from flexing. Shimano Torium free-spool feature is ideal for ground angling with live lures, with a fast flip to activate maximum pull on catches.

Whether it’s low-intensity combat or high-intensity combat, seamless cranking keeps things running smoothly. Its extremely strong metallic frame gives unrivaled strength to combat with the hardest sea brutes.

Finally, the aluminum spool and flexible brake mechanism of this reel work together to provide precise throwing in any situation. Its quality anti-rusting ball bearings prevent deterioration, and the anti-reverse strong stopper is ideal for severe hooksets.


  • Excellent for vertically jigging
  • There is no risk of rusting
  • It’s ultra-smooth and simple to operate
  • The most recent design with a variety of features


  • If you do not utilize an item with delicacy and attention, the dragging system may become clogged

Briefly, SHIMANO TORIUM HGA is ideal for sea casting because of its high craftsmanship and use of live baits. It is solidly made but compact. Did I make your vacation? Loaded with several appealing characteristics and outfitted with a great standard gearing mechanism to provide you with a surprising sturdiness, stiffness, and torque built on the pressure of decades of angling.

Hence, begin planning your trip now and featuring anti-rust and 10 percent higher rust-proof bearings, particularly regular stainless steel, encouraging smooth and trouble-free line movement. Isn’t it appealing?

Guide To Pick The Best Jigging Reel

A high-quality jigging reel allows users to produce accurate castings while also reducing strain. Now, let’s look at several crucial aspects and advice that will assist you in locating regulated and precise jigging reels.


You don’t need an angling reel to fail after only just a handful of days of usage. Thus it must be exceedingly sturdy. Choosing an appropriate and long-lasting reel will take some extra research and work.

First and foremost, consider the sort of fisherman you are or want to become. If you’re looking for a reel for a certain type of angling, you must choose one that suits your demands. As a beginner, you might begin with the reel, which is quite user-friendly.

Reel Type

You wish to choose the greatest effective model for angling from the many varieties of standard and spin. Professionals recommend both kinds of reels for rapid angling.

However, during slow-pitching jigging, one might consider using a traditional style reel. That’s because the ideal slowly jigging Reel should be around 20 and 40 pounds.

Weight of the Reel

For lifting, fishing requires an unending supply of Reel and rod, but lightweight versions are a significant benefit. The present practice of employing compact reels has had an impact on traditional reels.

Consequently, they can cope with enormous threads, making them significantly more durable for reducing spinners.

However, a reel weighing more significant than 25 ounces is challenging to manage. It’s best to go with a reel weighing around 15 and 20 ounces.

Gears Ratio

Likewise, it is all on to the kind of jigging reels since most have two rates as a choice. A more incredible speed, such as 6 to 1, aids in the movement of the jiggers.

Slow-pitch fishermen will appreciate the Finest Low Pitching Jigging Reel. Whenever it comes to raising a fish from the base, the lower gear unquestionably provides greater power.

FAQs About Jigging Reels

1. What is the best jigging reel for bass fishing?

Fathom LD reels have a solid metal base and side panels.Penn’s proprietary Dura-Drag substance is utilized in the Fathom LD reels. In addition, it has a one-of-a-kind Phenolic binding chemical that acts as a moisture shield. As a result, the Reel is resilient to oxidation and the early disintegration of its carbon fiber composition, making it ideal for bass fishing.

2. What Reel is good for jigging?

Gomexus offers us an aesthetically styled gripping reel that is also quite strong and has a well-matched removal lever. They are composed of steel material and run quite smoothly. The design is outfitted with anti-corrosive materials. The Reel’sReel’s gears are slanted to facilitate seamless operation in high gear.

3. How do I choose a jigging reel?

If you are a novice, you might select a reel with level wind. Whenever you wrap the rope, level-wind is a device that lets you spread the thread equally throughout the Reel. Open-faced throws do not possess a level wind. Open-faced rolls are ideal for casting and are simpler to utilize.

4. Can you use any reel for jigging?

Yes, you can use any reel for jigging, but the criteria for selecting any particular reel depend on what size of jig you choose and what speed it demands of the reel will function properly. In a nutshell, we can say that if you are using a fast jig, then you should go for slow speed reels and vice versa. You can choose a reel with a particular speed or a dual-speed setup.

5. Can you use a spinning reel for jigging?

Yes, you can use spinning reels for jigging. It is best practice to use these reels for fast reels. You have to make sure that your jig is horizontal; it will ensure more chance of catching a fish. You can go for Shimano’s ocean reels (dual speed) in this regard.

Final Thoughts On Best Jigging Spinning Reels

If you want to acquire an item for your interest and leisure, you must consider a single function and accessory. The item must meet all of your requirements and should be error-free throughout its useful life; this is what I mean by excellence and dependability. As of course, you know most of the knowledge on the most excellent typical jigging reels; just you had to do is make a decision and order it immediately.

In any case, all of the goods mentioned previously are masterpieces in their respective categories.

For your convenience, here are our top 3 recommended picks:

1. Gomexus Jigging Reel is an excellent jigging reel. It is light and durable for long-term usage.
2. KastKing ReKon Line Counter jigging Reel has been engineered to deliver loads of rope storage despite their extreme size.
3. Penn Fathom handle dragging range, with a Solid Metallic Chassis for longevity, provides strength and acceleration in a compact design. These reels are designed to be used with superline and are suitable for a variety of angling situations.

I hope you find this article really helpful and you are now ready to enjoy your next jigging reel.

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