8 Best Line Counter Reels – (Spinning, Baitcasting & More)

Do you face difficulty in getting the perfect match of line capacity and performance for a fishing lure? Line counter reels can help you keep your trap in the desired fishing range. Here is the perfect solution that allows an angler to manage multiple depths at a time and escape line tangles. No matter what is your skill level, you can use them easily and they can also save you from the struggle of manual counting off.

You don’t need to worry about selecting the wrong reel for your fishing journey. This guide will help you find the most suitable and sturdy line counter reel that meet your needs. We have gathered the best line counter reels that offer top-notch quality services.

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8 Best Line Counter Fishing Reels Comparison Table

IMAGE PRODUCT Features Price
Sougayilang -TRA 30R Line Counter reel
  • Durable
  • Easy To Operate
  • Carbonite Drag System
Okuma Cold Water Cw-153d
  • High-Quality Material
  • Self-lubricating Gearing System
  • Multi-Disc Carbonite Drag sSystem
Daiwa Lexa 100 Size
  • Aluminum Frame
  • Infinite Dual Anti-Reverse
  • 7-Bearing System
Okuma Magda Pro MA-20dx
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • High-Quality Material
  • 1 Year Warranty
Daiwa Accudepth Plus-B
  • Lightweight Aluminum Spool
  • Smooth Performance
  • Graphite Composite Frame
Abu Garcia Ambassadeur S
  • Carbon Matrix Drag
  • Power Handle
  • 11 Pounds of Drag Pressure
‎Vbestlife Baitcasting Line Counter ACL600-30D
  • 12BB Aluminum Alloy 
  • Nylon Fiber Main Body
  •  Larger Grip
PENN Squall II
  • Fast Gear Access Side Plate
  • HT-100 Carbon Fiber Drag Washers
  • Lightweight Graphite Frame

9 Best Line Counter Reels Reviewed

1. SougayilangTRA 30R – Line Counter Fishing Reel

Sougayilang -TRA 30R line counter fishing reel competes with high durability, heavy-duty brass gears, and a complete Carbonite drag system. This incredible reel is very powerful.

Moving forward to highlight why Sougayilang Line Counter Fishing Reel is the top choice; it is easy to operate, and so it can fit in your hand comfortably. One of the essential benefits is; you can use it for a long time with a smooth drag if you are an angler.

Anti-reverse roller bearings present in this reel with stainless steel work efficiently, and the overall build is solid with high durability.

It is easy to set the drag on this counter reel. What you need to do is; you can test it by doing with your hand to pull your line directly above the reel. Then by tighten the grip on your spinning reel wheel through front drag adjustment with a few clicks.

Of course, you would like to get back into the strike quickly each time. So, this trolling reel with line counter can provide you faster setup and a safe fishing experience. 

Another great thing you need to know is its depth-control, letting you know exactly how much line you have left behind the boat. Its outclass trolling management enables you to troll several times behind the ship and use crossed lines and tangles fewer times.

Sougayilang TRA 30R Line Counter reel

What if you do not have experience in using a line counter reel. This reel offers the most accessible setup that you can adjust with a simple process and double-check it. The line counters will let you know which angler is ready for fishing.


  • Affordable
  • Solid drag
  • Smooth casting
  • Excellent customer service


  • Level wind is less efficient

In summary, Sougayilang Line Counter Fishing Reel is easy to use with flexible drag, anti-reverse roller bearings, and high-quality stainless steel work. The in-depth control of this fishing reel empowers you to enjoy any fishing experience.

2. Okuma Cold Water Cw-153d – Line Counter Trolling Reel

Okuma Coldwater is one of the most trusted choices because of its high reliability, with hundreds of views worldwide. Okuma cold water line counter incorporates high-quality material but is lightweight too. In addition, the corrosion-resistant frame and side plates make it more convenient to use. 

Moving to the drag system, the drag settings are simple to use even if you are a new user. Interestingly, the drag system is distinctive, so reels are flexible and easy to adjust with positive clicks. The robust drag foundation includes heavy-duty machine-cut brass that is entirely carbonated.

Adding more, it offers a dual anti-reverse system at the bottom of the reel. It can help you the most when fish is fighting. Also, it can help you reel in reverse.

It is lightweight, which makes it easy to use even for beginners. You will find it efficient and convenient to use with anglers in both right and left hand retrieve. Also, you can use it in cold water too. 

Surprisingly, this trolling line counter reel incorporates the advanced technological innovation that is anti-fogging accurate view technology. It is one of the incredibly working reek based on a robust drag foundation. Additionally, you can set precise drag settings with an aluminum drag star. In the way, even if the line counter has become wet, you can drain and dry it from water.


  • Drags are smooth and consistent
  • High reliability
  • Easy operation


  • The reel may get tough

In short, the Okuma cold water trolling line counter reel incorporates a multi-setting drag system which ensures a good experience even if you are a beginner. The convenient handle makes it easy to use even in cold water. In addition, anti-fogging and robust drag foundation makes it stand out in the competition.

3. Daiwa Lexa 100 Size – Best Line Counter Reel

Daiwa Lexa 100 reel is another standalone piece offering excellent features. Based on highly durable construction, the compact and sleek piece is unique in its anonymity.

Moving to the drag system, a well-built drag system along with a low profile frame ensures easy handling and stronghold with extreme capacity.

It does not matter if the fish is heavy; this Daiwa line counter reel is efficient to handle easily. The trolling rod also comes with a robust aluminum frame and a gear side plate that bears the weight efficiently.

Not only this, but the mechanical line counter is efficient to read in feet with repeatable accuracy for maintaining your pull on each pass.

In addition, the 7 bearing system incorporates infinite dual anti-reverse offers convenient spool click and flexible hook setting that make you aware of the strike in advance.

One of the most exciting things is; you do not miss the fish fighting chance. This Daiwa Line counter reel offers excellent efficiency no matter what you hook. It is far superior to conventional reels that are heavy to lift and is light in weight. Whether you are fishing a salmon or oversize sturgeon, it can raise the importance with excellent ease. 

Daiwa Lexa 100 size Line counter reel


  • Low profile counter reel
  • Efficient drag
  • Flexible settings


  • A bit bulky in lifting

To conclude, Daiwa Lexa 100 reel has string construction that is alone in anonymity. The well-built drag system, aluminum frame, and efficient gear make it a durable spin for a long time. Additionally, it can save you from the trouble of lifting heavyweight. 

4. Okuma Magda Pro MA-20dx – Best Line Counter Reel For Walleye

Okuma Magda Pro is another high-quality line counter reel with outclass quality offering multiple features. This brand line counter reel for walleye consists of lightweight, highly durable martial that is corrosion-resistant with side plate rings.

The stainless steel and mechanical line counter tailors are the best known for their repeatability and accuracy. 

More importantly, this reel has a mechanical line counters function and also comes up with a rubber push-button reset. Not only this, the carbonate drag system equipped with highly durable machine-cut brass gears makes it easily used. So, it is time to catch all these features at a surprising price. 

The most important thing to consider about this reel is its durability. This line counter reel comes with a corrosion-resistant frame and side plates making it lightweight and easy to carry. The easy to handle arm lets you grab quickly with handle knobs. 

Okuma Megda Pro line counter reel

The Okuma Magda Pro line counter reel equips with an easy and quick drag to set, and you need to be careful because the drag wheel is sensitive. But the smooth drag makes it possible to rotate with the crank by losing the drag setting. Of course, this counter-line reel can serve you for years with no compromise on quality.

In addition, the mechanical stabilizing system of this reel enhances high durability with the machined aluminum anodized spool. Its customer support is reliable that you can enjoy up to 3 years, allowing any replacement or repairs.

You can also read our complete review on the top 7 walleye fishing reels.


  • Highly affordable
  • Excellent drag quality
  • Highly durable


  • Unreliable line control

In last, the Okuma Magda Pro Line counter reel for walleye is the choice of professionals. The highly durable stainless steel material with corrosion-resistant quality makes it the perfect choice, along with the carbonate drag system. The easy to handle and easy to carry reel had an adjustable handle knob with a mechanical stabilizing system. 

5. Daiwa Accudepth Plus-B – Well Built & Lightweight

The Daiwa Accudepth Plus-B Line counter reel comes with a built-in counter and automatic clutch. It has one-piece composite body and machine-cut grasses are its prominent features. Not limited to these features, this ideal Daiwa line counter reel offers a well-design piece for you if you are trolling enthusiast. 

No matter what sort of fishing you want to do, the bearing system enables you to do fishing smoothly. This line counter reel provides to correct measurement every time you use it. The drag is smooth with Telkom’s impregnated felt drag, ensuring the overall system is efficient to handle. 

The Accudepth Plus-B Line Counter enables you to repeatedly use the strike zone and quickly locate and land the fish. Additionally, a one-piece composite frame ensures durability no matter how heavy the weight is.

Not limited to this, this fishing reel is equipped with machine-cut bronze gears and a forged aluminum spool that offers easy and accessible fishing and performs flawlessly. 


  • Good line capacity
  • Highly durable
  • Automatic clutch


  • Bit pricy

To conclude, the Daiwa Accudepth Plus-B Line counter reel comes with unique features such as built-in counter and automatic clutch. Additionally, machine-cut grass and the correct measurement option make it easy to use. A one-piece composite frame adds high durability.

6. Abu Garcia Ambassadeur S – Beginners Friendly

Another top-rated line counter model is Abu Garcia Ambassadeur S. It is a lightweight line counter reel that is easy to use and ensures easy control by fitting easily in your palm.

Moreover, the efficient Carbon Matrix drag system provides constant drag pressure on the complete drag range. Adding to it, the synchronized level wind system makes it unique from other line counter reels. 

Another point to consider is; it incorporates 2 stainless steel ball bearings to bring fish up even from the deepest water.

Interestingly, it allows you to see the depth of the line in feet and set the trolling accuracy as per your requirement. Abu Garcia Ambassadeur is one of the prominent choices that add value to your fishing-related tasks. 

However, the Abu Garcia line counter reel is famous for being lightweight and highly durable. As discussed above, corrosion-resistant aluminum ensures protection against wear and tear and humidity in water. So, this line counter reel is worth trusting due to its overall excellent performance. 

Abu Garcia Ambassadeur Line counter


  • Flexible rod settings
  • Harmonized wide system
  • Lightweight
  • The price level is low
  • Line capacity is enough
  • Smooth and strong


  • Battery is not up to the mark

Want easy to adjust and lightweight fishing line counter reel that fits best in your hand? This reel is the perfect choice for you. The most unique features of this reel are its synchronized level wind system and stainless steel ball bearings that make it easy even in the deepest water.

7. Vbestlife Baitcasting Reel With Line Counter

The ‎Vbestlife Baitcasting Reel with line counter is another ideal choice that stands beyond the competition. Of course, you want quality material for each part, so this line counter reel meets all your demands. Its main body consists of nylon fiber.

The bearing contains stainless steel material. The wire rings also have stainless steel durable material for antifriction. What’s more? The overall system is sopper transmission-based and explosion, wear, and impact resistant. 

Another great thing about this line counter reel is that it is suitable for saltwater and freshwater usage, including pool, river, reservoir, lake, sea, ocean beach fishing, ocean rock fishing, ocean boat fishing, stream, and water, so on. Interestingly, it can work in bad weather conditions as well. 

Additionally, the long rocker arm offers you a firmer grip and is comfortable to handle. Also, it ensures smooth rotation without a lock. Interestingly, the kinetic design knob enables you to have control over big fish too. 

Moving to its maintenance system, the device is easy and quick to set up and offers convenience for maintaining it. The line counter function allows you to measure line length in meters. Moreover, the machined ionized aluminum spool ensures maximum strength when you reduce weight.

Last but not least, the compact and low-profile design of this reel offers a good tackle at each angle. The dust-tight high speed and anti-corrosion ball bearings, and powerful precision help you go smoothly. 


  • Easy to use drag system
  • Flexible drag adjustment knob
  • Durable gear system
  • Level wind guide
  • Smooth handle for high adjustability


  • Not the most potent reel
  • Not suited for specific fishing requirements

To conclude, Vbestlife Baitcasting Fishing Reel introduces corrosion resistance quality by incorporating an ergonomic S-compact body design. The cross carbon drag material allows you a wide range of drag settings with high-quality ball bearings.

8. PENN Squall II  – Professional Pick

Are you looking for the perfect line counter reel to upgrade the use of a top-tier reel incorporating premium features? Here is the ideal reel Penn Line Counter reel with lightweight graphite that ensures angler comfort. 

The internal mechanical components have excellent construction of marine-grade bronze alloy with side plates in terms of durability. The gear is also highly durable, with construction from bronze and stainless pinion gear.

In addition, this line counter reel comes up with an adjustable Versa handle that enables you to set the handle length as per your desire. 

Not only this, the Penn Squall line counter reel can support you wherever you are fishing, even in saltwater conditions.

Moving forward with the drag system, you can enjoy the powerful HT 100 carbon fiber drag system comprising the level of smoothness. You do not need to worry about the rotor playback because 2 stainless steel ball bearings and instant anti-reverse bearing help the issue from playback. 

In addition to the above benefits, the forged and machined aluminum spool offers total line capacity. The reel comes with a graphite frame and side plates that make the reel lightweight and easy to carry for you. 

As per my personal experience, this saltwater line counter reel is best on budget, incorporating fascinating features in a reasonable deal. 


  • Smooth drag operation
  • Best line distribution guide
  • Highly Adjustable handle
  • Great for saltwater


  • Level wind mechanisms may not be efficient

To conclude, the Penn Squall II reel is smooth in handling and has a lightweight graphite feature. In addition to this, you can enjoy faster retrieval with a more oversized handle, better drag, and anti-backlash features.

What Should I look For When Buying Line Counter Reel?

Now that we have reviewed the best line counter reels read on to highlight the vital aspects you need to check before buying these reels. Let’s view the necessary details before buying.

1) Construction Materials

Reels construction is based on a wide range of materials, and each material encompasses unique features. Some constriction materials are more popular to construct line counter reels. Graphite is a well-known material that is popular because it is lightweight and ensures perfect comfort.

So you can consider buying a line counter reel that has Graphite material to enjoy its high durability and corrosion-resistant quality. In addition, graphite is more robust than other materials, so that you can tell it to us for a more extended period.

2) Drag System

Another essential thing to consider is to pay attention to the drag while purchasing a line counter reel. Quality of drag relates to the efficiency of fishing in the boat. An effective drag can meter line tension when a fish is present on the other end of the line. In case of excessive line tension, it can cause line breakage and loss of a fish.

So, before buying a reel, you need to check if the drag can adjust the amount of line properly before reaching a line’s breakage threshold.

3) Line Capacity

The higher line capacity can work efficiently while trolling for suspended fish. Consider buying the line counter reel that can do trolling effectively that will allow you to pull a baited line behind a boat at a determined distance and depth. It would help if you made sure the line was adequate and could reach your desired depth.

Hence, before buying a line counter reel, keep this all-important point in mind and check them properly to avoid any problems later on.

How to Use a Line Counter Reel For Trolling?

It is best to use a line counter reel for successful troll fishing. It adds on precision, and more calibrated fishing leads to more catches. You can use a line counter on the reel by following these simple steps.

  1. Rollover the line entirely on the spool, and calibrate it.
  2. You can do it in several ways. We share the most accessible way you can do it in your backyard.
  3. Marks the point of 100 meters, then attach the one end of the line from the rod, walk to that marked point, and take the readings.
  4. If it’s more than a hundred, add on more line, and if it’s less than a hundred, then take off a little.
  5. Adjust the line to deliver 100 readings accurately; then, you are good to go.

Advantages of Line Counter Reels

Line counter reel doesn’t use to cast a fish but to troll. These reels are not perfect for line diameter, tension, and amount of line, but in some ways, they are helpful.

Stay in Attack Zone: You will spend more time in the attacking region with line counter reels. It helps in trolling the fish instead of casting.

Control of Depth: Depth control becomes easy through line counter reels as it finds at what depth the lure is running.

Reduction in Number of Jumbles: When you troll with various lines at the back of your boat, counter reels help stagger the amount of land on adjacent rings that decline the number of jumbles or crossed lines.

Fast setting: The fisherman abruptly returns the line in his attacking zone by a counter reel.

Impeccable for newbie:  It is easy for a newbie, as they feel difficult while trolling. Otherwise, the expert anglers’ views about counter reels are “extra/useless product.”

Final Thoughts On Best Line Counter Reels

Line counter reels can serve you different purposes while fishing even if you are a new angler. No matter, what you want to experience for personal or professional use, these products are the best and offer handful of features.

Here Are Our Top 3 Recommended Picks:
Sougayilang Line Counter Fishing Reel is one of the most suitable reels for bottom fishing. The reason is; it has a high capacity to hold the most profound braid line compared to other products. It encompasses the rough middle center axis that enhances friction.
Okuma cold water line counter offers a clear view, does not get shadowy in fog, and has an easy operation. It ensures flexible adjustability to handle fishing tasks easily.
Daiwa Lexa 100 Size Line Counter is best for making setting trolling patterns easy. The sleek, compact construction is a unique feature that is not present in all reels.

FAQs About Line Counter Reels

1. How to spool a line counter reel?

  • The first thing, you will do is setting up by assembling your rod then seize your spinning reel and shudder it in the reel seat and tighten it up well.
  • Then, attach the line by grabbing your line whether it is brad or mono.
  • After you get the line, then you can thread it through rod.
  • After attaching the line to the spool, opening the bail is essential.
  • Then, you will wrap the line twice around the reel spool and make it secure by closing the trim end. And start winding the line onto the reel slowly.
  • It is important to keep in mind, to monitor your spool orientation. Finally you will fill the reel with the line by standing up and facing the spool on the floor. You must hold the rod in parallel and apply elbow grease on the line to let it run smoothly.

2. How to calibrate a line counter reel?

To calibrate a line counter reel, you need to carry extra line on the boat. Also, remove the same amount of line from other reels present in your boat then you are ready to fish.

3. What is a line counter reel?

A line counter reel helps an angler to send particular line amounts for depth control. It can allow easy access to use dive charts for lures and divers. It can also assist in setting line counter reels at multiple depths and ensure you run various rigs concurrently.

4. Why should I use a line counter reel?

It would help if you used a line counter reel for repeatability when fish are upholding a narrow depth range. These reels can help you know how much is left out when you are reeling a fish.

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