7 Best Musky Reels: (Spinning, Baitcasting & More )

Are you facing a problem getting musky fish with your ordinary reel as it is one of the problematic fish to catch? Musky is one of the greatest vicious freshwater fish types, putting up a struggle that fishermen will never forget. To capture these challenging creatures, a fisherman needs to use only the greatest equipment available, along with a powerful reel.

Although muskies provide an excellent supper, bringing these in is a lot of fun and just as rewarding! Unfortunately, if you don’t have the right gear for the job, angling them may rapidly become annoying. The musky reel you choose is at the core of your musky equipment and maybe the distinction between a fun morning of musky angling or a morning full of twisted thread, and frustrations.

We’ve created a list of the best musky reels available nowadays. Whenever faced with a challenging endeavor, we require the most fantastic equipment at our disposal, and all these musky angling reels were explicitly designed for that.

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Comparison of 7 Best Musky Fishing Reels

SHIMANO Tranx 500 musky reel
  • Powerful
  • Durable
  • Revolutionary Design
Premium pick
OKUMA Coldwater 350
  • Lightweight
  • Multi Disc
  • Carbonite Drag
top Rated
KastKing Royale Legend
  • Magnet Braking System
  • Carbon Fiber Drag
  • Good Performance
Abu Garcia Revo Toro
  • 5 Stainless Steel HPCR Bearings
  • X2-Cräftic Alloy Frame
  • Duraclutch Design
KastKing Rover Round
  • Ideal For Musky & Catfish
  • Bullet Proof
  • Top Rated
SHIMANO Calcutta B
  • Classic
  • Ultra-Smooth Dartanium Drags
  • Most Versatile
Daiwa LEXA-WN400H
  • Carbon Drag
  • Swept Handle 
  • Comfortable

Our Top 7 Musky Reels Review

1. SHIMANO Tranx 500 – Best Musky Reel

The Shimano Tranx ranks first on my ranking. For the excellent purpose, this is perhaps the finest musky reel in 2022. The Shimano Tranx is a stunning and practical product that offers durability and affordability.

Moreover, with such a small gearing range of 4.6:1, it is ideal for musky catching. When you couple it with the reel’s reasonably fast pace due to its lower ratio, you get the ultimate musky reel. I will strongly suggest this product to everyone.

Angling with this Shimano Musky Reel can be summed up in one term: easy. The reel excels in every aspect, including simple throwing to silent retrieving.

Thanks to their beautiful yet modest style, the modern Shimano Tranx reels have a considerably more contemporary appearance than previous ancestors.

Additionally, Blue anodized dragging heads and grips add a modest dash of color and great aesthetic flair to the new Tranx. The reels are additionally protected by a soft silver insulating covering, which provides exceptional rust protection. This reel will appear fantastic on almost any musky rod.

Thanks to its beautiful metallic body and CoreProtect moisture resilient innovation, you won’t need to bother concerning this tank of a reel breaking out very fast.

Apart from this, I genuinely love its performance. Throwing with the Shimano Tranx 400 is a breeze owing to the dependable VBS centrifugal fishing management technology. Therefore, the Shimano Tranx 400 performs like a much shorter reel yet throws more extensive baitcasting equipment.

Throwing giant diameter lures is not an issue and needs almost no additional strain. To be fair, the Tranx is designed for bigger baits. Thus tiny delicate baits will be ineffective with this product.

In addition, throwing giant diameter lures is not an issue and needs almost no additional strain. To be fair, the Tranx is designed for bigger baits. Thus tiny delicate baits will be ineffective with this product.

Finally, its bulletproof grade toughness enables it to easily resist a wide range of conditions. Individuals who live in areas where the climate is uncertain might benefit the most from this musky clip. This is due to the sophisticated dragging operation and powerful impact technology, which guarantee that your reel operates efficiently in marine and freshwater. Therefore it is the best musky reel in the market today.


  • High metallic structure
  • The gearing ratio has an increased retrieval rate
  • Water-resistance innovation
  • Throwing and retrieving with ease


  • Heavy side

In conclusion, there are relatively few goods that provide this degree of perfection, so if you’re seeking a dependable and pleasant device, this will be it. It not only has excellent climatic protection but also excellent pressure tolerance.

2. OKUMA Coldwater 350 – Best Musky Fishing Reel

If you’re searching for a compact musky fishing reel that can be used as both a throwing and a pushing product, the Okuma Coldwater 350 is a good option. This fishing equipment is composed of a die-cast aluminum framework and is renowned for its excellent durability and light mass.

Aside from that, its small size might make fishing less troublesome.

I love how it operates and the ease it provides. This item is ideal for anybody searching for comfortability. Due to this comfortability feature, it is among the rare versions with excellent grips. This Reel is designed to be compact.

Moreover, the design of this Okuma musky reel is futuristic, streamlined, and attractive, and it suits the palm well while back-bouncing or throwing floats. It has a small aerodynamic design that precisely suits your hand and provides outstanding convenience and touch, as well as a great capacity 350 dimension thread spools.

Furthermore, I adore its dragging mechanism. The Okuma Coldwater reel has a maximum dragging mechanism that will hold back even the toughest furious musky. This technology is made of multi-disc applications, known for its outstanding thermal dispersion and fast, uniform functioning underneath various circumstances.

Another main feature of this reel is the robust gearing system construction, which will certainly appeal to several fishermen. This fishy product’s large machine-cut XL driving and pinion bearings will transmit a substantial quantity of power without slipping, locking, or tearing.

Lastly, thanks to symmetrical grips and increased sturdiness, there isn’t anything that will go incorrect with a reel.


  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Sturdy
  • The ideal fit in the hand


  • It is less appropriate for seawater

In conclusion, this device is recognized for having the right combination of strength and gearing proportion, and it is considered the greatest musky spinning reel due to this particular combination. Furthermore, the product’s better rust protection contributes to its longer market lifespan. I recommend this musky reel for taking it to your next fishing session.

3. KastKing Royale Legend – Best Musky Baitcasting Reel

Because it is designed to give substantial fisherman satisfaction, the KastKing Royale Legend GT must be the finest musky baitcaster reel for individuals who devote all possible time pursuing the species of their ambitions.

In addition to this, The Royale Legend GT measures just 7.2 ounces and has artificial silky and smooth grips that enable an angler to catch for extended periods without feeling weary or irritated.

Moreover, I couldn’t discover any solution that provides full quiet line retrieval, which is why I believe this functionality is unique.

Most fishermen will also appreciate the KastKing Royale Legend GT’s unique braking mechanism, with 8 Cross-Fire magnetic systems for increased stopping capability. This characteristic must appeal to anyone looking to make the best of their time on the sea. This high-standard brake mechanism will eliminate pushback, allowing anglers to save effort and maximize performance.

This Kastking musky reel is my and everyone’s best choice. The nice thing regarding this design is that it does not restrict your selections. It performs flawlessly in both saltwater and freshwater.

kastking Royale legend muskie reel

Not just this, however, its excellent quality dragging system assures that you will have no trouble recovering your catch irrespective of the size of your musky and bait.

Furthermore, its improved throwing method provides it an excellent choice for beginning fishermen who don’t possess much practice capturing more giant species. Therefore it is one of the best musky reels.


  • A fast gearing ratio
  • Rapid line recovery
  • Quiet line retrieval
  • It contains ball bearings
  • More resistant to rust
  • The graphite fiber dragging mechanism
  • Has a drag capacity of greater than 17 pounds
  • Better and seamless casting technology


  • They frequently lose their usefulness
  • The weight is somewhat higher

Final thoughts, this Penn Jigmaster is a great option for anyone in search of an efficient model for anglers. It is designed with a carbon fiber drag system and a highly engineered gearing system that helps you through the process for large and heavy fish. It further features an aluminum spool and a comfortable handle that provides you with ease and convenience.

4. Abu Garcia Revo Toro – Top Abu Garcia Musky Reel

The Abu Garcia Revo Toro Beast musky reel is available in different diameters, fifty as well as sixty. Every model is available in two different gearing proportions: 4.9:1 and 6.2:1.

Moreover, this low profile musky reel is entirely blackish: the robust framework is sleek dark, and the front panels are a lovely shiny dark.

In addition, the grip foundation, controlling lid, and a few additional reel sections feature an enameled blue accent. The handlebar is 110mm lengthy, which is rather extensive.

Furthermore, the Abu Garcia Revo Toro Beast arrives with two additional torque controls out of the box. Like almost any similar musky reel, these might have to be obtained from an alternative vendor, assuming they were ever accessible at all.

This musky fishing reel comes with powerful handlebars, with only one lever, which is ideal for those chasing the most notable species. 

Furthermore, the Revo Toro Beast has a non-disengaging level of wind, which implies that the angling thread assist travels backwards and forward as the thread is removed from the product whenever the pull is applied.

I am really impressed with this reel due to its casting. Ultimately, throwing with the Abu Garcia Revo Toro Beast is a pleasant approach. There appears to be some roughness on the throw. However, it will undoubtedly carry your bait to a considerable range without a problem.

Abu Garcia revo toro

I am confident you will not regret getting this reel. This reel is a powerhouse with plenty of energy to spend.

Additionally, this musky reel can quickly draw musky baits such as big Bull Dawgs due to its high angling thread storage, slow gearing ration, and larger handles. As a result, many muskie fishermen may consider this an excellent musky reel for throwing their largest, thickest lures with comfort!


  • The compact metal structure
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Flawless throwing


  • During castings, there is some resistance

In summary, The Abu Garcia Revo Toro musky fishing reel is designed for a mix of throwing and retrieving abilities. It includes two easily interchangeable control paddles. Furthermore, a larger grip provides significantly greater power. Thus it is favored over a smaller grip when dragging heavier baits in quest of monster musky.

Therefore, Previous purchasers are happy with the quality of this musky reel. People commonly utilized the terms “ease” and “efficiency” to characterize their interactions with it. Anglers also appreciate the large gearing ratios, which allows them to recover their baits at a much faster rate.

5. KastKing Rover Round – Musky Baitcasting Reel

Whether you are a novice to the hobby of musky angling and are not quite prepared to take a significant economic investment in high-quality equipment, try purchasing the KastKing Rover Round Baitcasting Reel, the finest inexpensive musky product for newbies.

Possessing the term “rock-solid” linked with the fishy reel must appear luxury, which is precisely how purchasers of this musky baitcaster reel experience.

Therefore, the Kastking Rover Round is among the most powerful reel on the marketplace, and enthusiasts adore it because of its reliability. Furthermore, it has a circular baitcasting method, making it an ideal musky reel.

When you only tackle for musky and have a practice of capturing heavy species, the KastKing Rover Round baitcasting reel will be just what you’re searching for.

In addition, this angling reel has a high-quality 30-pound rotational dragging mechanism, making it simpler than before to battle chase with the biggest musky.

The KastKing Rover Round additionally comes with a unique spooling system that will store a lot of rope. Fishermen that fish daily will enjoy this function.

I like how precisely it performs. The KastKing Rover includes a durable aluminum spool, a precisely adjusted brass pole, eye-catching painted red front panels, and coated steel interior and structural elements. While these factors are coupled, it has great oxidation protection, even when angling in seawater.

Additionally, The KastKing Rover Round’s 2-pin rotational braking mechanism, which measures the thread management mechanism’s throwing rate, will also appeal to most fishermen. This will decrease the possibility of blowback and make it simpler to throw with excellent accuracy.


  • Durable stainless steel shafts
  • 30 pounds of seamless and quick drag
  • Accurate due to cutting brass gear mechanism
  • Excellent sturdiness can bear the lure’s and musky’s load
  • Ionized using the aluminum compound for increased corrosion protection


  • It does not have a lot of adaptabilities
  • A little thicker than other versions

To wrap up, Technology may have hundreds of incredible capabilities, but without improved accuracy, these characteristics are essentially meaningless. The design has astonishing efficiency and accuracy, which will guarantee that the musky angling session is the finest ever. Furthermore, its astonishing dragging mechanism, along with steel material, is yet another characteristic that customers adore. Due to all of these features, it is the best musky reel for you.

6. SHIMANO Calcutta B – Musky Reel Review

When it comes to spinning and throwing for freshwater or seawater angling, try the Shimano Calcutta B. These Shimano reels are famous for having high-quality, adaptable, durable, and long-lasting components.

Because they are low-maintenance, these circular reels are ideal for a wide range of purposes.

Nevertheless, many people believe that these goods are the greatest in their budget category. Each version in this reel series features Dartanium dragging and the well-known Speton handles. Moreover, the bearings utilised are rust-resistant.

Shimano Calcutta B  baitcasting angling reels are designed to endure for many decades. These angling accessories may last a long time if properly maintained and oiled.

There are a few pointers to assist you maintain your Calcutta angling reel: The reel should be lubricated if it gets slow and tight, but you should be cautious not to over-lubricate it, since this can potentially impair the reel’s function. I think you can never go wrong with it.

Let’s talk about the bearings of the reel, Shimano Calcutta’s sure stopper anti-reverse bearing is expected to be popular with freshwater fishermen. This function keeps the thread from freely spinning backward, allowing for more forceful hook settings. This is extremely valuable since the chance to catch a musky is so uncommon that a missed catch can be tragic.

Furthermore, the dismantling of this reel is simple and uncomplicated. This also allows for VBS modification. By releasing the screw on the end with the handles, you may release the left front sheet of the gearbox and show the internal operation of the reel. Rather than employing magnetism, the adjustable brake mechanism controls the cast utilizing centrifugal power.

Additionally, the distinct braking loads are forced out at the start of the casting, whenever there is a higher chance of backlash. The spool velocity instantly drops, the tension between the brake loads and the raceway decreases, and the spool may keep spinning.


  •  Angling in ocean and freshwater
  • Sliding plates allows for more precise alignment
  • Provides greater endurance
  • Sophisticated dragging system
  • Higher level of reliability
  • Aluminum frameworks


  • Customer support might be better
  • The finger bar may be inconvenient

Improved speed, strength, and endurance are simply a few of the numerous phrases that describe this version. It not only provides more consistency, but its sophisticated dragging mechanism allows you to utilize this item for a lengthier period without experiencing any problems. Furthermore, the device includes economic sliding plates that provide proper coordination and prevent you from wasting power on line recovery.

7. Daiwa LEXA-WN400H – Musky Casting Reel

The Daiwa LEXA Type-WN is a high-performance product that can withstand the demands of musky angling. Based on cheap cost, most people believe this to be one of the best musky reels in under $200 range.

Only the most daring fishermen attempt to capture musky, and it’s no surprise that these daring fishermen desire more flexibility over their methods and approaches, which is precisely what this musky reel provides.

Moreover, it has a reasonably strong dragging and adjustable force movement, therefore allowing anglers to play with various techniques.

This powerful musk casting reel was not designed for accuracy. Having just said, the Lexa 400H catches big lures with remarkable accuracy for this big muskie reel.

However, for optimum results, I suggest using baits weighing more than 2 ounces. More particular, lures weighing 3-8 ounces appear to function well on the Lexa 400 WN.

Additionally, an improved powerful movement is without a doubt the most significant noteworthy characteristic of this musky casting reel, but it is undoubtedly the characteristic that pops out the clearest to me.

Therefore, this powerful movement is critical since it aids in lining retrieve and guarantees that you don’t need to lean too far to finish the motion. Furthermore, using greater power guarantees that you don’t lose a far too long time in string recovery.


  • 5.1:1 gearing ratio is ideal
  • Comfortable
  • Metal frame design


  • There is an insufficient lubricant

To conclude, customers adore this item because of its greater adaptability and variety. It is also regarded as the greatest musky reel for bucktail scorching. Furthermore, the use of graphite and aluminum provides increased endurance. Unlike most other goods, this one does not sacrifice torque capability at the expense of gearing proportion. Therefore, this item is the method to go when you want to make the best from the musky reel.

Musky Fishing For Beginners – How To Get Started

Types of Musky Reels

Musky fishing demands a heavy setup. The heavy-duty configuration requires large species for the smooth, positive output. You can choose two different types of musky fishing reel which are:

1. Musky Baitcasting reels

These are the best choice for muskies. These level wind baitcasting reels can adequately handle these big catches. You can go for the 5.0 to 5.2 gear ratio for muskies. Baitcasting reels provide high inertia mandatory for the smooth casting of heavy lines required for musky fishing.

2. Musky Spinning Reels

You can also use spinning reels for musky, but select the large spinning reel of size 4000 or more that can take up the drag of at least 12-15 pounds. These reels are not the preferable choice of anglers because these reels provide less accuracy as compared to conventional reels.

How To Target a Musky?

To get your first musky right in the place, you need to set it up nicely. For this purpose, you first have to decide what type of environment you will go to for musky fishing. Then choose the tools accordingly.

1. Appropriate Lure Selection

The lure is available in different colors; we suggest you have the same color as the water, like big bug tails for top rivers. Also, while choosing the lures, make sure you have selected 2-3 different lures of significant size to cause vibration inside the water to attract the catch.

2. Right, Rod Selection

Secondly, the other important thing is your rod selection; we suggest you go for a medium to the heavy rod of 8-9 inches. It will provide an excellent backbone to the setup.

3. Accurate Reel For Musky

Moreover, you can choose a heavy-duty reel with a smooth drag system. Choose the reel having a gear-ratio of 4.9:1 to 7:1. Also, choose the ball bearing system of at least having 5 or more ball bearing. Lastly, patience and consistency are the keys to a successful catch.

People Also Ask About Musky Reels

1. What is the best musky reel?

The Shimano Tranx 500 reel is created for accuracy, efficiency, and durability, and it has a sophisticated and beautiful round appearance. The reel has a seamless pull that seasoned anglers enjoy since it provides for accuracy and strength across pretty much the entire range.

2. What is the best musky spinning reel?

The Okuma Cold Water reel is intended to suit nicely in the palm and not come in the midst of your catching. It has a streamlined, contemporary, and low profile appearance. This is not to say that this reel is just about appearances; indeed very the opposite. It can generate drags of up to 25 pounds, which only the greatest musky spinning reels accomplish.

3. What should I look for in a musky reel?

Not every angling reels are the same. Experienced musky fishermen understand that the best method to catch such a powerful creature is with an extremely powerful reel. This implies you must choose a reel, which can endure even the most ferocious battles. You should check gear ratio, dragging system and endurance.

4. What is the best grease to use on a musky reel?

Angling reels benefit greatly from synthesized oils. This is due to its lightweight and lubricant qualities, which enable materials to readily soften and reduce resistance in the working elements of a casting reel.

Final Thoughts On Best Musky Reels

Musky fishing may have terrified you previously, but I am confident that it will look like a dessert after reading this article. And that is precisely how simple and quick it may be, but unless you have the proper tools to accompany your method.

The marketplace is flooded with low-cost items, but you must ignore them. My selection comprises a variety of musky reels, including ones with a greater line length and a lower price. So, whatsoever your needs are, you can be confident that you will discover a perfect musky reel in my analysis.

Following are the three best musky reels that I will suggest you choose:

1. The Shimano Tranx 500 is regarded as the best musky reel when you wish to cast huge lures a great range while still having adequate line storage and dragging strength to catch just about anything.
2. OKUMA Coldwater, Individuals who seek a decent item at a reasonable price will like utilizing this reel. It is incredibly inexpensive and compact. Therefore individuals who fly constantly will benefit the most from it.
3. KastKing Royale Legend, Accurate throwing and almost no pushback are two characteristics that make this reel  among the top musky fishing reels accessible to fishermen nowadays.

Well, it depends totally on you which product you choose, but these are my top picks, and I love using these. That’s why I am sure you cannot go wrong with it.

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