7 Best Okuma Spinning Reels Review – (2022 Top Picks)

For experiencing the best fishing, you need to carry a high-quality spinning reel with you to the fishing spot. The advantage of the best spinning reel is that due to its smooth drag, the anglers can easily catch the fish in less time. Lightweight spinning reels are easy to carry and prevent shoulder and back pain. In this article, I am going to review the Best Okuma Spinning Reels, making it easier for you to make the best choice out of it.

For fishing, the accuracy of gear is very important. And for correct fishing gear, the best spinning reels play their part. But spinning reels can make a now or nothing situation for you by either catching a fish or watching it go away with the bait. So one should have a familiarity with the spinning reel while choosing the best one.

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About Okuma

Okuma is a company based in Taiwan. It was originated by anglers in 1986. The reason behind the establishment of Okuma was to innovate old-fashioned fishing gear and make them effective and affordable. Okuma provides effective and affordable products to anglers so that their fishing process becomes effortless.

Our Top 7 Picks For Best Okuma Fishing Reels

Okuma Ceymar spinning reel review
  • Reliable
  • Good Quality Material
  • Lightweight (6 ounces)
Okuma Inspira spinning reel review
  • Lightweight
  • Cyclonic flow rotor
  • Progressive Drag
Okuma Cedros spinning reel review
  • Aluminum Construction
  • Ideal For Saltwater
  • Dual Force Drag
Okuma Helios spinning reel review
  • Carbon Fiber Construction
  • Rotor Equalizing System
  • Multitasking
OKUMA BF55b Avenger spinning reel review
  • Oiled Felt Drag System
  • Rotor Equalizing System
  • Baitfeeder Technology
Okuma BF-30 spinning reel review
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Smooth Drag
  • Multi Disc.
Okuma Magda Pro spinning reel review
  • Carbonate Drag System
  • Two Ball Bearings
  • Smooth Operation

1. Okuma Ceymar – Best Okuma Spinning Reel

Okuma Ceymar is one of the best-selling spinning reels. This reel has a high rated performance and an affordable price range adds value to this spinning reel.

The most innovative feature of this spinning reel is that it is designed in a cyclonic flow rotor that maximizes the airflow through the ported rotor and reduces water infiltration.

The size of this spinning reel is ideal and has captured the market due to its outstanding value. This spinning reel creates less friction by the precision elliptical gearing system during casting for more veracity.

The material used in the manufacturing of their products is of standard quality which adds value to its performance.

The reel has a corrosion-resistant body that keeps it safe from salty water.

Keeping in mind the customer’s comfortability, Okuma has made the handles of the spinning reel from EVA.

The bail wire of the spinning reel is made of premium quality aluminum that makes it heavy-duty and sturdy.

This reel is recommended to the anglers that are making their angling gear to be functional. The size of the reel is large as it is suitable for catching big fish.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Corrosion-resistant body
  • Aluminum bail wire
  • EVA handle knobs


  • Stiff drag system
  • Noisy

This reel is known for its best performance. The EVA handles knobs make it comfortable for the anglers to hold the spinning reel for a prolonged time. As the body is corrosion resistant, so the reel can be used in salty water as well. The cyclonic flow rotor eliminates the corrosion chances in the long run. The even flow rotor system reduces spinning by free rolling. Hence it is the Ideal Okuma spinning reel to opt for.

2. Okuma Inspira Review – Okuma Fishing Reel

The best part of Okuma products is their reasonable price range. Okuma Inspira is one of the best reels as it is lightweight that is easy to carry.

The best feature of this spinning reel is its smooth operation that makes fishing easier for beginners. The drag system is balanced that makes its performance powerful.

The most loved part of this spinning reel is its smooth-like butter performance and powerful design with regard to casting and retrieval.

Due to its affordable price range, it is the best choice for every angler to catch medium to large fish.

The frame of this spinning reel is made of C-40X that adds up to the improvement in its performance.

To make this spinning reel more indestructible, Okuma has brought an innovative feature of torsion control armor in their spinning reel. The benefit of this technology is that it intensifies the stability of the reel.

Okuma Inspira Spinning Reel

One of the major issues faced by me and other anglers after buying this spinning reel is the lack of sealed components. Due to its open design, particles of sand and bits of saltwater can be caught easily into the inner space of the spinning reel.


  • Lightweight
  • Affordable
  • Comfortably used
  • Powerful to catch big fish
  • Smooth operation
  • C-40X frame
  • Torsion control armor


  • A bit noisy
  • Components are not sealed

This best spinning reel at such an affordable price is recommended to anglers who want to improve their fishing skills. This spinning reel is heavy-duty due to its frame being made of C-40X that makes it more efficient. Its performance could be more effective if it contains sealed components. But by using it carefully, this reel can last up to ages.

3. Okuma Cedros Spinning Reel Review – Okuma Saltwater Reel

Okuma Cedros is one of the best Okuma spinning reels which is specifically for saltwater. It has a precious dual force drag system which makes it best for salty water. It is highly corrosion resistant that protects it from saltwater damage.

This spinning reel houses Okuma’s litecast construction that makes it 15% lighter than any other Okuma spinning reel.

Both the surfaces of this spinning reel have combined with the dual drag force system that increases the efficiency of the reel and amplifies the high drag pressure.

The reel consists of a manual bail trip that prevents the reel from twisting and increases credibility. The design of the gear is stabilized making the smooth performance.

This reel has a classic design that is comfortable to use and its blade body helps in reducing tiredness.

The body is made of high-quality aluminum that makes it indestructible and lightweight.

It has a tough aluminum rotor and 6 high-density gearing that are manufactured from stainless steel and makes this reel loyal to the salty water.


  • Litecast construction
  • 6 high density ball bearing
  • Dual drag force system
  • The multi drag disc system


  • Expensive

This reel is one of the best Okuma spinning reels for saltwater. The quality is up to the standard that protects it from the damage of saltwater. This is a high-speed spinning reel that helps in casting and catch all kinds of fish in a wide range. The dual drag force system of the reel makes the operations smooth. The design of the reel is made in a litecast version that makes it 15% lighter in weight than any other reel. This is the perfect choice for anglers who want to have professional experience.

4. Okuma Helios Spinning Reel Review

Okuma Helios spinning reel is highly rated in the market due to its unique features. The centrifugal disc bail in this spinning reel is combined with the brass disc which is the main reason for the smooth operations of this reel as it enhances the durability and serves in a better way in the long run.

The frame of this spinning reel is made up of C-40X incorporated with graphite polymer which intensifies the performance level more accurately.

Okuma has made the unique drag knob for this spinning reel which is made up of woven carbon makes the reel lighter in weight that is able to construct the progressive drag system.

The reel has a cyclonic flow rotor that allows the air to flow around and increases the drying time when the reel becomes damp.

This spinning reel can be used to target a variety of fish in a wide range. Also, It can be used by anglers who want a multitasking reel that should be lightweight and easy to handle but capable enough to catch a variety of fish.

Okuma Helios Spinning Reel

The reel is not protected with the protective coating due to which the outer surface is less durable.


  • Centrifugal disc
  • C-40X frame
  • Progressive drag system
  • Anti-reverse roller system


  • The outer finish can easily be scratched off

Overall, the performance of this reel is highly rated. The centrifugal disc is one of the best features that when combines with the brass disc, make smooth operations. The progressive drag system makes the reel lighter to carry and easy to handle. It is of high quality that contributes to the high-performance level.

5. Okuma ABF55b Avenger Fishing Reel Review

Okuma designs their spinning reels while using the technology that makes them different from other spinning reels. Okuma Avenger spinning reel is filled up with many updated features in order to provide a standardized quality to its users. The design of the reel is versatile and sleek.

The most updated feature of this spinning reel is the on/off automatic trip bait feeding system that makes it different from other spinning reels.

The stainless steel bearings of 6BB+1RB are inserted into the reel that makes the drag system more updated and improved. The handle of the spinning reel is rigid that decreases the bending position of the angler.

The reel is reliable enough to be used in any water due to its corrosion-resistant property. The rod of the reel is super smooth due to a 7 ball bearing structure.

This rod has a Japanese oil-felt washer. The disk of the reel is a multitasker and can catch all kinds of fish in a wide range.

It has a cyclonic rotor flow that surrounds the air around the reel for the fast drying of water. It has high functionality and durability that contributes to high performance.

This reel is an all-rounder that can be used to do fishing from rivers to the sea.


  • Light on pocket
  • Strong gear system
  • 6BB and 1RB drive system
  • 7 ball bearing structure
  • Auto on/off trip bait feeding system


  •  Bit heavy

High-Quality spinning reels at an affordable price are difficult to find in the market easily. But Okuma has made it easier for the anglers and made the best spinning reel having 7 ball-bearing structure that makes the reel indestructible. The automatic on/off trip bait feeding system makes the reel more comfortable and easy to use. Okuma has made this reel by keeping in mind every aspect to bring comfortability and easy-to-use spinning reels for its users.

6. Okuma BF-30 – Okuma Saltwater Spinning Reel

Okuma has continuously upgraded its spinning reels and this time its tackle trio standard spinning reel. This is the high-speed reel that has a rebellious construction which is in a crossover.

The core of the reel is made of premium graphite and aluminum making it a heavy-duty performer.

The precision elliptical gearing system in this spinning reel is responsible for reducing friction and provides steady drag pressure.

The corrosion-resistant property of this reel makes it easier for anglers to use the reel in any type of water. The quick anti-reverse system in the reel makes it work in one direction only.

Coming towards the crossover structure, the rotor arm, and reel stamp are made of a piece of aluminum that makes the reel easy to carry and more stable.

The dual drag force system of this reel intensifies the drag system and improves efficiency, making it really smooth to use. This makes the reel more effective performer while controlling and casting.

The design of the reel is a narrow blade that makes it easier for anglers to control the reel easily. The reel has long-lasting performance due to pinion gears.


  • 9BB and 1 RB unstained steel bearings
  • Pinion gears for durability
  • Crossover construction
  • Elliptical gearing system


  • The outer surface can be scratched

For those who want to have professional experience of fishing, then this spinning reel is suitable for you. It has a high level of performance and is highly durable. This spinning reel is a high-speed reel having a crossover structure for making the reel more hard-wearing. The disc is filled with Japanese oil and the dual drag force of the reel improves its efficiency.

7. Okuma Magda Pro – Trolling Reel

Okuma Magda Pro is one of the best Okuma trolling reels. It is equipped with two ball bearings which increase the efficiency of the reel. It is highly sturdy due to the dual drag force system that makes the operations of the reel smoother. This reel has a line counter screw port for air penetration.

The reel is made of anti-corrosion material which allows the angler to use it in any kind of water. This trolling reel also has a carbon resistance system. These features of this reel are best designed for bottom fishing and help the angler to catch the fish.

This spinning reel can be used by both right and left-handed anglers. The spool of the spinning reel is made of high-quality graphite making it a heavy-duty performer.

Okuma Magda Pro Spinning Reel

The drag system of the reel is made of carbonated multi-disc that is combined with the core of the reel that makes the reel durable and reliable. In order to guide the anglers in the right direction, the reel has even the stainless steel level wind line.


  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Stainless steel level wind line
  • Graphite spool
  • Reliable


  • Stiff drag system

This trolling spinning reel is the best for bottom fishing and catches the fish easily. This is made of high quality which makes it highly durable and long-lasting. The material of this spinning reel is anti-corrosion that can be used in saltwater. This is the perfect option for those anglers who are interested in bottom fishing.

Who Is Okuma?

Okuma is fishing rods and reels manufacturing company working in the market since 1986. The administration of the company belongs to Taiwan.

It provides compatible and friendly budget fishing rods, including float rods, fishing reels, spinning rods and fly rods.

The company facilitates its customers in Africa, America, Asia, Europe, Russia and Oceania.

Let’s have a look at their history.

In the beginning, Okuma struggles to fulfill customers’ demands according to their experience.

With time, they built an empire by winning the trust of their customers by providing them with the best fishing products they were looking for.

Now, their products have accuracy and are lightweight. The company uses advanced materials with dynamic designs in its equipment. They can easily endure freshwater and saltwater.

How Does Okuma Compare to the Competition?

Although Okuma is a novel company in the field of fishing products yet it is given a tough time to its rival/competitors.

The only reason I came to know is that the company does not compromise its products’ material and manufacturing.

Affordable and Durable

It is not worldly renowned as Penn and Shimano but owing to its low and mid-price products having 100% affordability and durability; customers are inclined towards their products.

Okuma Inspira, Okuma Makaira, and Okuma Helios SX are the best product of Okuma Company, and their compatibility match Shimano’s Stella SW, but they are low in price comparatively.

A Complete Buyer’s Guide for the Best Okuma Spinning Reels

Okuma is a known brand for spinning reels. The products are available widely at affordable prices having high-quality standards. But as there is a variety of spinning reels, each one of them has its own design and features. So while buying the spinning, make sure your choice matches the features of the specific reel that you want.

Spinning Reel Parts

The spinning reel that has an open face is preferred by many anglers. Spinning reels are piled up at the underside of a fishing rod that is easy to use.

While buying the spinning reels, make sure that it is easily controlled and handled.

Parts of the spinning reel should be anti-corrosion which makes them useable in saltwater. They should be protected and sealed to avoid early scratching. The reel that is made of graphite having corrosion resistance is best suited for salty as well as freshwater fighting. So look for the best reel parts while purchasing.


The reliability of the spinning reel is very important. The spinning reel for heavy use is considered to be reliable. While purchasing the reel, look for the drag system as well. The smooth drag system of the reel and high-speed operations makes it reliable.

Many experts have tested the reliability and quality of the reel by placing it in dirty water for a prolonged period. The best quality and reliable reel is the one that does not makes trouble after testing. By keeping the reel safely, it can be used for a longer time.

Reel Size

Due to the technological revolution, many cheap spinning reels are being made with high-quality standards. There are various sizes of reels available in the market, having different features. But before choosing among thousands, make sure the size of the reel is best suited according to your purpose.


Highly durable spinning reels can be used for an extended time period. Look for the reel whose rotor and frame are made of graphite or metal. This makes them lightweight and highly durable. The handle of the reel made of EVA foam makes it comfortable to use. So look for handles that are made of EVA foam.

Drag System

The drag system of a reel should be smooth like butter. The reel having such drag systems is considered to be the best one. So while buying the reel, check the quality of the drag. The smooth fishing process depends upon the drag of the reel.

While purchasing, the money that you are paying is basically for the drag. So before buying, make sure that the drag is of high quality. As wrong drag selection would exert high pressure on the shaft that results in breakage of the spinning reel.


As fishing is an outdoor activity, the weight of the spinning reel is highly considered. The reel should be easy to use and travel-friendly that is weight dependent. The weight of the reel depends upon the material from which it is made.

While buying the reel, look for the material from which it is made. Reels made of aluminum are stronger but heavy in weight. In comparison, reels made of graphite or metal are lightweight but reduce quality. So it depends upon the angler what type of reel he is choosing.

Quality construction

The quality of the reel matters a lot. And quality depends upon the material used during manufacturing. Metal reels are great in quality and can be used for a longer time. In contrast, plastic ones are not reliable.

While buying the spinning reels, make sure that the reel is of high quality that can serve you for ages. Low-quality reels could be light on your pocket but are not recommended for a good fishing experience. The quality varies from person to person.

Reel bearings

Reel bearings are important as it makes the movement of the spool smooth. The reel that has 10 – 12 bearings is considered to be the best one because of its smooth operations. Try to invest money in reels that have ten to twelve bearings so that you can experience professional fishing.

Capacity of Line

Line capacity depends upon the reel. Large size reels hold lines more than smaller ones. So while buying the best spinning reel, look for the line diameter and capacity of the spool. The larger the line diameter and capacity of the spool, the reel will work on larger targets efficiently.


While buying the spinning reel, you should be looking for one having long term warranty. The reel that is high in quality and performance with a long-term warranty is the best option for you to opt for. If the reel that you have purchased is not up to the mark, then go for the money-back policy.

Easy to Use Reel

There are many spinning reels that there in the market at a much cheap price but offering high quality. While buying the spinning reel, make sure that it is comfortably used and easily managed.

Heavyweight reels with difficult management are tough to use and feel uncomfortable. The best option is to choose those reels that are easily used and have comfortable handles.

Types of Okuma Spinning Reels

Okuma provides a wide range of reels for different types of fishing techniques. You can choose the best ones of each kind. We have categorized each type with its best model provided by Okuma;

Okuma Surf Spinning Reel

These high-performance reels are designed to go deep in the water, minimizing the friction drag. Some of the best ones are Okuma Distance Surf Arena Surf Spinning Reel and Okuma Surf 8K Spinning Reel.

Okuma Freshwater Spinning Reel

You can have light spinning reels of small sizes with superior manufacturing for light jigging and luring. These include ITX Carbon Spinning Reel and Scorpio Spinning Reel.

Okuma Trolling Spinning Reel Or Bait Feeder Reel

Okuma also offers a bait feeder reel used for trolling and other advanced fishing techniques. Some of the best reels include Okuma Powerline Pro Baitfeeder Spinning Reel, and Okuma Lotus Baitfeeder spinning reel.

Okuma Saltwater Spinning Reel

Offshore and in-shore fishing is fun if done with the right reels. Okuma as cover it as well. The best ones for this fishing technique include Okuma Azores XP spinning reel, Okuma Makaira Spinning Reel, and Okuma Cedros spinning reel.

People Also Ask About Okuma Spinning Reels

1. Is Okuma a good reel brand?

It is the topmost brand for the spinning reel as they provide high-quality products in an affordable price range. They offer a variety of spinning reels for anglers to choose accordingly.

2. How to choose the fishing reel?

While buying the fishing reels, do consider the type of bait you are casting. Spinning reels are the best ones for small baits.

3. Why are spinning reels better?

Spinning reels are better for small baits. They can do casting well in windy weather. It is more systematic with spinning tackle.

Final Thoughts On Best Okuma Spinning Reels

Okuma is one of the most top brands of spinning reels. They provide a high quality of products in a low price range. Due to the technological revolution, Okuma has changed the outdated spinning reels into innovative ones that have increased its demand in the market.

Here in this article, we have listed the top eight Okuma best spinning reels for you. But among eight we recommend you the top three spinning reels that are listed below.

Have A Look At Our Top 3 Picks:
1. Okuma Ceymar is one of the best spinning reels as it’s a heavy-duty reel with power pack performance. It has a cyclonic rotor flow and EVA handle knobs making it comfortable for users to use.
2. Okuma Inspira Carbon Frame is the best Okuma reel at affordable prices with high durability and quality. The frame is made of C-40X and torsion control armor makes it more efficient.
3. Okuma Cedros Saltwater Reel is the best for saltwater fishing due to its anti-corrosion material. This material protects the reel from the adverse effects of saltwater. This reel can be used in both freshwater and saltwater. It is lightweight and portable.

I hope that this article has helped you a lot as these Okuma spinning reels are highly updated reels having many innovative features that will make your fishing trip more enjoyable. Then what are you waiting for? Read this article and buy your best spinning reel for the next fishing trip.

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