10 Best Open Face Reels – (2022 Top Spinning Picks)

The complicated technicalities associated with the different fishing reels disappointed me each time I wanted to catch some good. I could not let this disappointment waste my time, and I searched for the fishing reels with alleviated technical issues. The day I learned about the best open face reels was the time I screamed out of happiness.

Are you in a hurry? After trying and testing the 10 best open face reels, we have selected the Kastking Summer and Centron as the best pick among all other reels. It is because of its ultralight fishing, lightweight ball bearing and excellent performance even for ice fishing too.

Open face fishing reels are a type of well-known spinning reels with a spool that is opened. That is why they are pretty distinctive to their spincast reel counterparts, which have an enclosed spool. There are no worries about the fish escaping and controlling the heavier nets with the open face reels now. Nevertheless, you can only enjoy all these benefits if you purchase the right product. To help you in this regard, we have closely analyzed the ten best products that remained in our personal use.

Also, other users have admired them for their high performance. Therefore, please scroll down to learn about the essential details of these top-notch open face fishing reels.

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Our Top 10 Picks Of Best Open Face Fishing Reels

IMAGE PRODUCT Features Price
KastKing Summer and Centron Open face reel
  • Lightweight
  • Ultra Smooth
  • Ideal For Ultralight/Ice Fishing
Okuma Ceymar C-30
  • Professional
  • Reliable
  • High Quality Material
PENN Slammer III
  • Metal Body
  • CNC Gear Technology
  • Excellent Performance
Piscifun Torrent
  • High Speed Gear Ratio
  • Perfect For Saltwater
  • Smooth & Powerful
KastKing Sharky III
  • Perfect for Saltwater & Freshwater
  • Great Value
  • Beginner’s Friendly
PENN Battle II & III
  • Durable
  • Fluid Cranking
  • Perfect For Saltwater
Codaicen Remi 3000
  • Smooth
  • Good Casting Distance
  • Excellent Drag System
  • Full Metal Body
  • 5 Carbon Fiber Washers
  • Braid Ready Spool
Maraehan Jackgold Hb 1000
  • Ultra Smooth
  • Powerful
  • Reversible Handle
Pflueger President
  • 7 Bearing System
  • Graphite Body
  • Sealed Drag System

Top Open Face Reels Review

Here you can read our complete review of the top 10 open face reels:

1. KastKing Summer and Centron – Best Open Face Reel

KastKing Summer and Centron Spinning Reels are ranked among the top open face reels because they have a highly economical price, are suitable for ice and ultra-light fishing, and have smoother functionality.

KastKing Summer has remained in my use for quite some time, and I love it for the lightweight ball bearings that are polished and ten in number, ensuring excellent performance.

Despite its lightweight design, the manufacturers of the KastKing Summer have used heavy-duty and high-end components to make it.

The lightweight characteristic of this reel is attributable to the frame made with narrow graphite.

Another excellent feature associated with this reel is its superiority in powering up to 17.5 lbs. The precision of this perfectly engineered reel is also exemplary.

The main shaft of this item is highly durable because it has been made with the hardened metallic components. The drive gear coming with this reel will enable you to catch the larger fish without any hassle because it has a meshed drive construction.

I must admire this reel for its ultra-smooth and high performance. Thanks to the one-dimensional anti-reverse technology making it possible.

Kastking Summer and Centron Open Face Reel


  • Durable ball-bearing system
  • Ergonomic design
  • Anti-corrosive components


  • Faulty precision cut

If you plan to purchase an open face reel with refined aesthetic beauty and excellent performance, we suggest you not miss an exclusive product like KastKing Summer. With the anodized aluminum construction and smoother casting, this reel will make your life easier and your fishing ventures filled with fun. Therefore, you must consider this product for purchase.

2. Okuma Ceymar C-30 – Open Face Spinning Reel

Okuma Ceymar C30 Lightweight Spinning Reel has remained the top choice of professional anglers because its compact and lightweight design lets you do effortless fishing with this.

It offers you a range of excellent features like monofilament fishing lines, corrosion-resistant components, and drag systems operating with the multi-discs.

Okuma Ceymar C30 weighs only 8.7 ounces and offers handle knobs made with the EVA material, making it easier to use and control. That is why it is named the Ergo Grip handle.

The body of this open face spinning reel is construed from high-quality graphite, which enhances the lightweight feature and contributes to a higher lifespan. Therefore, the manufacturers promise you maximum comfort, user-friendly design, and durability with this reel.

I recommend it because I have been using it and am highly satisfied with its performance.

This open-face reel comes with seven ball bearings in addition to one RB. This combination increases the smoothness in casting and retrieval. The aluminum spool is available with two tones, and it is a machined one.

The precision of the Okuma Ceymar C30 is exceptional, which is attributable to the brass pinion gear.


  • Durable ball-bearing system
  • Ergonomic design
  • Anti-corrosive components


  • Faulty precision cut

If you want to opt for the highly reliable and tested open face spinning reel, then you should prefer Okuma Ceymar C30 because it offers a wide range of excellent features. This open reel’s smoothness and high performance come from high-end construction materials and designs like modified drag systems, anti-corrosion parts, and machined spool. Also, the handling of this reel is facile and angler-friendly.

3. PENN Slammer III – Open Face Fishing Reel

Modified gear technology, ambidextrous hand orientation, and weather-resistant stainless steel construction are the features that make the PENN Slammer III Spinning Fishing Reel one of the best open face fishing reels to go for.

PENN Slammer is usable on the boat and shore because it is a heavy-duty design that ensures smoother casting for catching more giant saltwater species and a more significant catch rate.

Also, it will be giving the best results in the case of both freshwater and saltwater.

PENN Slammer comes with the 13.9 Oz. weight and offers you an excellent gear ratio of 6:2:1. The maximum drag with this open-face reel is up to 30 lbs.

We are glad to mention that this reel is highly admired for its excellent speed. If you are curious about the line capacity, we must tell you that it comes with 360 yards and 6 lbs. Therefore, you will love your next fishing ventures with this fantastic reel.

We have a piece of good news about the PENN Slammer, and that is its novel sealing system referred to as the IPX6 Sealed System. Under this system, water will not be getting into the gearbox and drag system.

Also, the drag system of this open face fishing reel is based on the highly functional dura-drag components for imparting maximum drag as you fish.


  • Matchless gear ratio
  • Excellent ball bearing system
  • Minimal friction


  • Slightly heavier

Finding an innovative open face fishing reel with versatile features is no longer a dream because PENN Slammer is here with all such unique characteristics. With the CNC gear technology and modified drag system, you will love the smoother performance of this product. Based on my experience with this fantastic product, I strongly suggest you go for it. This is a must-consider option!

4. First Shine Ultralight Carbon Fiber – Perfect For Saltwater & Freshwater

Ultralight Carbon Fiber Deep Sea has made its mark in the reels market due to its graphite frame construction, anti-skid design, ultra-smooth functionality.

Therefore, it won’t be wrong to call it one of the best open face fishing reels that will help you catch large-sized fish. Thanks to the oversized main shaft that functions smoothly.

We are grateful to the manufacturers of Ultralight Carbon for using metallic and nylon components in making its frame. This frame is highly durable and comes with a metallic spool.

In addition to other features, this reel is also exceptional in drag power, reaching up to 22 lbs. Anglers will love it for the excellent shaft made with reinforced metallic components.

The ball bearing system of the Ultralight Carbon will amaze you because it consists of twelve ball bearings. These anti-corrosive ball bearings will last for many years because they are high quality.

The smoother performance of this reel is associated with the anti-reverse ball bearing. Additionally, the aluminum spool of this reel is braided one and thus saves you from using the backing lines.


  • Shielded ball bearing system
  • Lightweight graphite frame
  • Machined pinion gear


  • Essential cleaning after saltwater use

Ultralight Carbon is a premium quality open-face fishing reel that comes with a package of remarkable features like lightweight construction, steel shafts, usefulness for fresh and saltwater fishing, and tangle-free design. This reel belongs to your fishing toolbox if you love reels with larger drag systems. If you invest your money in this fantastic reel, it will be delivering its best performance.

5. KastKing Sharky III – Great Value

KastKing Sharky III Carbon Fiber Spinning Reel has excelled the other best open face reels because of its sound ball bearing system, economic value, and suitability for fresh and saltwater.

You will be glad to learn that KastKing Sharky has a body and rotor made with high-end graphite material after fiber reinforcement. Also, this reel is powerful in terms of casting.

To be more specific, this open-face reel has a drag system with carbon fiber made from 39.5 lbs. / 18 kg. This triple disc-based drag system is also inclusive of the main shaft of the stainless steel.

With this reel, you can expect higher precision in targeting the larger fish. Thanks to the pinion gears that are prepared from the premium quality mesh of manganese and brass materials.

Another best feature of the KastKing Sharky is the innovative ball bearing system. The manufacturers have embedded 10+1 premium quality ball bearings. The ball bearings are made from stainless steel, and they are doubly shielded from opposing the possible adverse impacts incurred by the saltwater.

The handle of this item is highly ergonomic in design and is made with aluminum.


  • Economical price
  • Spinning reel Protective sealing
  • Excellent fishing line capacity


  • Unattractive looks

If you need a superior quality open face reel, but you are tight on budget, then you must consider purchasing KastKing Sharky, which has a fantastic package of features for you. With the remarkable precision, water and wear-resistant design, and lightweight body, this reel is ideal for the use of both pro-level and beginner anglers. In addition, you will also enjoy the instant locking anti-reverse system.

6. PENN Battle II & III – Open Face Spinning Reel

PENN Battle II & III Spinning Fishing Reel offers you excellent functionality at all times of the year due to its highly durable construction and superline spool, which won’t require you to back it up. Therefore, PENN Battle II falls in the category of the best open face spinning reels.

Capturing the more notable saltwater species is possible with this reel because it offers a higher range of spinning.

No other open face spinning reel will be helping you in the perfect landing of your fish catch like PENN Battle II can. Thanks to the overall design features for making it possible, including 1 pound lightweight, side plates, rotor, metallic construction, and ball bearing system.

This fishing reel comes with five ball bearings sealed, polished, and made from premium quality stainless steel.

In addition to these features, you will be amazed at the exceptional drag that PENN Battle II offers. We must be grateful to the PENN manufacturers for equipping this reel with the advanced carbon fiber type.

The carbon fiber type used in it is the HT-100 Versa-Drag. This HT-100 is famous for the accurate controlling of the sides of both drag washers. As a result, you will be getting a maximum drag.


  • The highly advanced drag system
  • Fluid cranking
  • Excellent durability


  • Higher maintenance requirements

Finding an efficient open face reel with highly advanced features is no more out of your reach because PENN Battle II is here to amaze you with its high performance. With the instantaneous anti-reverse ball bearing mechanism, you will see the perfect elimination of the pullback as you are fishing. Therefore, fishing with this reel is effortless, and therefore, we advise you to go for this fantastic product.

7. Codaicen Remi 3000

Flawless return, long-distance aiming, and smoother retrieval render Codaicen Remi 3000 Open Face Spinning Fishing Reel as one of the best open face reels that you must consider in 2022.

You can enjoy the excellent features associated with this reel at a very fair price. The ultra-smoother functionality in terms of effortless casting and retrieval is attributable to the ten ball bearings.

Codaicen Remi weighs 10.55 ounces with the 5.5 inches x 5.5 inches x 3.25 inches dimensions. You can imagine the compact nature and easier handling of this reel from its weight.

I have been using it for many months after it was released, and I must assure you that it has the best gears to aid you in fishing—the powerful gear ratio of 5.2:1 results in the smoother return and facile casting even at long distances.

Another fantastic feature associated with this open-face reel is its spool made with CNC aluminum having excellent capacity.

The hand orientation of this reel is ambidextrous. That means whether you are a right-handed or left-handed angler, you can use it without facing any troubles.

The efficient drag system will be helping you in landing the fish in the boat or at the bank.


  • Ultra-smooth performance
  • Facile & accurate landing
  • Braid & monofilament line


  • Durability needs improvement

Enjoy the exclusive fishing experience in the fresh and saltwater with the Codaicen Remi offering a myriad of features that are difficult to find in another product. With the excellent ball bearing and drag system, you will get the ultra-smoother experience of fishing and landing. Also, the larger gear ratio will help you in catching the larger fish at a longer distance.

8. RUNCL Titan II

RUNCL Titan II has made a special place among different reels due to its matchless features like a maximum drag, carbon washers, and braid-configured spool system.

I have been using this open-face reel in different seasons and both fresh/saltwater. It is one of the best reel for open face that offers you an efficient rotor with a hollow-out design for maximum productivity.

The ball bearing system of this reel is truly appreciable because it consists of the 9+1 ball bearings with the perfect polishing and anti-corrosive covering.

In addition to this, the RUNCL Titan II gear system is also exceptional based on the higher precision. This precision is achievable due to the No Clearance Transmission Mechanism (NCTM). The gears are made with solid brass.

Another distinctive feature of the RUNCL Titan II is the embedded Entire Shield System. This system is specialized to protect the open face reel body, including the main body, rotor, spool, etc.

The wear and corrosion-resistant design of this reel will ensure its long lifespan. In addition to all these features, you will be glad to learn that this reel comes with incredible drag.



  • Anodized polished surface
  • Multiple discs modified drag
  • Exceptional precision


  • Handle needs improvement

RUNCL Titan II is here jam-packed with a range of features that will excite the angler spirit inside you. With the metallic braid spool, you will be caught without any slipping. Additionally, you will be getting higher drag and intrinsic protection features. Therefore, selecting this reel for your next fishing venture will be the best decision that you can make.

9. Maraehan Jackgold Hb 1000

Fishing Ultra Smooth Powerful Open Face Spinning Fishing Reel is for all those anglers who love larger gear ratios, reversible handles, and sturdy design features. You must go for this amazing reel falling in the category of the best open face reels.

When I started using this amazing reel, I loved it for all the features it offered, but I must admire it for the wear and corrosion-resistant design in addition to the remarkable traction.

Thanks to the manufacturers of the Fishing Ultra for using superior quality and tested material for making it.

The best thing about its design is the hollowed-out body. This unique design gives rise to high-level firmness, and also it plays an active role in the removal of excessive materials.

As a result, you will find it effortless to use it to aim at the larger fish.

Another mention-worthy feature regarding Fishing Ultra is the 45 degrees specified line cup for accuracy in the catch. While the throw ring with the excellent thickness ensures a smoother fishing line.

The manufacturers have used the intelligent design of using metallic corners, which are specialized for providing strength. Also, such a design reduces the damage to the fishing line.


  • Minimal drum vibration
  • Intrinsic cleaning system
  • Smoother line of catching


  • Handle needs improvement

If you are tired of the dysfunctional open face reels breaking after some use, you must opt for the reel that helps you in your frequent fishing activities without breakage. We are pointing towards the Fishing Ultra, which is made with high-end materials increasing its durability. Also, the excellent polishing and wire cup made with the CNC alloy will make you feel more strength while fishing. Therefore, you must think about purchasing this incredible item. This is a must-try item!

10. Pflueger President

Pflueger PRESSP30X President is a premium quality reel for those who love smoother functionality, compact and lightweight designs, and maximum drag. These all features render Pflueger President to be one of the best open face reels to go for.

When I purchased this reel, I loved it for the longer lifespan and high performance, which are attributable to the remarkable dual pins made with the titanium used in it.

Another best feature of the Pflueger President is its ball-bearing system. With the five high-quality balls bearing made with stainless steel, you will be getting a smoother performance.

Also, these ball bearings come with corrosion-resistant features to save you from the hassle of cleaning them in case of contact with saltwater. With the excellent drag system, this reel has excelled the other reels.

The good news is that this drag system includes a disc drag. You will be able to adjust this disc drag by using the thumb adjustability feature.

Also, you have the freedom to adjust the spool-triggered drag by utilizing the drag dial. This drag dial is located on the ball button’s top for your convenience. The drag associated with the Pflueger President spans around 6 to 8 pounds.


  • Entire metallic construction
  • Drag spool adjustability
  • Corrosion-resistant body


  • Smaller gear ratio

Finding the premium quality reel for fishing in the saltwater is no more a dream with the Pflueger President. This reel is exemplary because of the excellent drag, catch rate, monoline capacity, and frontal cone design made with superior quality aluminum. We strongly recommend you purchase this fantastic product to benefit from all the features it is offering.

What is an Open Face Reel?

Open face reels are commonly used these days by anglers. Spinning reels are also known as open-face reels. They differ from the closed one because a spinner cap does not enclose their spool mechanism. Moreover, its versatile use and easy setup make it different and likable by the anglers.

Unlike closed reels, there is no outer covering on these reels. Also, these reels consist of a vertical spool system despite a button-operated mechanism. You have to push the bail upward to cast the line at a certain distance. It needs little practice and patience, but getting along with these reels is not hard.

How to Choose the Best Open Face Reel

Are you wondering about choosing the best open face fishing reel? You must know the basic features and purpose.

What purpose, which type of fish do you want to cast? What will be the place? You have to throw at long or short distances etc.

Let’s talk about basic features and how they are important in selection.

Body: Prefer the body made up of aluminum and graphite.

Drag:  Choose the reel having a smooth and non-restrictive drag system.

Handle: Choose the reel having anti reverse switch.

Bearings: There should be more than 3 bearings.

Weight: Priorities lighter weight reels.

Remember these following advices while buying the open face reel,

  • Ask a professional/expert for suggestions.
  • Pick the suitable size for your reel.
  • Take the information about drag and its working importance. Check thoroughly.
  • You must know that the reel goes under the rod

How to Cast an Open Face Reel?

It is simpler to use as they excel in light lines and light baits. You need to follow these particular steps to ace these reels. We suggest you practice casting the line at least for half an hour daily to learn it quickly.

  • Firstly, place your fingers by keeping the top of the bail aside, put your index finger on the line, and then set the top at one side.
  • Keep the fingers on the line until you make the angle and let the lure into the water.
  • Also, keep the arms close to the hands quickly to maintain the casting speed.
  • At the end of the cast, close the bail manually to avoid snarls.

What is an Open Face Fishing Reel Used For?

Anglers have a wide variety to choose between. Depending upon function of use, angler capability, and types of fish, the fishing reels have many types.

Let’s discuss the open-face reel and what its purpose is.

Firstly, I assure you that intermediate and professional fishers use open-face reels.

It’s a little bit more complex than a closed-face reel. In this type of fishing rod, most of the moving part (e.g. spool) is open. 

It is used in,

  • Casting the fish at a longer distance
  • Catching game fish
  • Fishing the large fish.

How to String an Open Face Reel?

What to know about when going to string an open face reel is the type of knot. We say it, arbor knot. We use it for interlinking the main line to the spool. We can use the arbot knot in fixed and centrepin spool reels too.

Steps to string an open face reel:

  • Firstly, attach the fishing line to the spool with the help of an arbot knot.
  • Now, string an overhand knot at the tag end.
  • Must tie another overhand knot that surrounds the main line. It will aid in creating a loop with a slip knot.
  • Pass the line, and then pull and tight the loop down onto the spool.
  • Against the second overhand knot, the tag end will get the stop.
  • While closing the loop down, you may need to pull back and forth.
  • Must cut off the tag end.
  • In the end, I will advise you to cover the arbot knot with the help of tape. It will protect subsequent layers of line.

Frequently Asked Questions About Open Face Reels

1. Which are the best open face reels to prefer in the current era?

The fishing reels market will offer you plenty of choices that are excellent in terms of different features. However, you must always opt for the open face reels tested and known for their reliable results.

For example, you can go for KastKing Summer and Centron Spinning Reels, Okuma Ceymar C30 Lightweight Spinning Reel, PENN Slammer III Spinning Fishing Reel, Pflueger PRESSP30X President Spinning Fishing Reel, and Ultralight Carbon Fiber Deep Sea Open Face Spinning Reel.

2. Which type of reels do the pro-level anglers prefer?

In most cases, pro-level anglers use open face reels for fishing because they have a simple and user-friendly design. Also, the technical complications are lesser with the open face reels. These reels are often referred to as spinning reels and have specialized in the fishing reels market. At the same time, closed face fishing reels are often used by beginners and kids.

3. Are open face fishing reels only for left-handed people?

Not at all! The fishing reels manufacturers are making open face reels with ambidextrous hand orientation. By this, we mean that both right and left-handed people can use it without facing any issues. For example, you can go for PENN Slammer III Spinning Fishing Reel and Codaicen Remi 3000 Open Face Spinning Fishing Reel.

Final Thoughts On Best Open Face Reels

Open face fishing reels are the best choice if you want to make your fishing ventures hassle and worry-free. The best open face reels that we have reviewed for you are jam-packed with a range of excellent features that you will love. All these products have promising performance despite frequent use in both fresh and saltwater.

Based on their exceptional features, we have narrowed down our choice to the top four choices. They include:

Our Top 4 Picks:

1. KastKing Summer and Centron due to its anodized aluminum construction, excellent drag power, and corrosion-resistant graphite frame
2. Okuma Ceymar C30 due to its durable ball bearing system, ergonomic design, and anti-corrosive components
3. PENN Slammer III due to its matchless gear ratio, excellent ball bearing system, and minimal friction
4. First Shine Ultralight Carbon Fiber Deep Sea Open Face Spinning Reel due to its shielded ball bearing system, lightweight graphite frame, and machined pinion gear

Getting your feedback helps us do reader-friendly reviews; therefore, you must not forget to share your valuable response with us. Thank you!