Best Penn Spinning Reels – (Ideal For Saltwater & Freshwater)

If you’re viewing this, you’re undoubtedly curious about whichever Penn spinning reel is ideal for you. Penn is among the globe’s leading angling reel producers, and its spinning reels are without exemption. The most challenging step is selecting which Penn spinning reel to use. I will strongly suggest a Penn reel to everyone who has not experienced it – they have a distinct sensation that demonstrates why they are famed for their longevity.

Backlashes and shortfalls are no longer an issue. Penn Spinning reels are designed to guarantee that your angling adventures are fruitful and that you appreciate utilizing these spinning reels for many years. Furthermore, you will spend less on a high-quality and long-lasting reel. First, however, you must select a reel that previous generations have relied on to give the most outstanding results.

I’ve compiled a brief overview of the best Penn spinning reels alongside their essential specs, so you can recognize the distinction.

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6 Best Penn Saltwater Spinning Reels Compared

Penn Spinfisher VI spinning reel
  • IPX5 Sealed Body
  • CNC Gear Technology
  • HT-100 Drag Washers
Saltwater pick
PENN Battle II
  • Durable
  • Ideal for Saltwater
  • Instant Anti-Reverse Bearing
Freshwater pick
Penn Pursuit III & Pursuit IV
  • HT 100 Carbon Fiber Drag Washers
  • Lightweight
  • Sealed Drag System
PENN Fierce II & Fierce III
  • Well Balanced
  • Smooth Retrieval
  • Affordable
PENN Slammer III
  • Metal Body
  • CNC Gear Technology
  • Easily Washable
PENN Slammer III
  • Best For Saltwater
  • Most Durable
  • Smooth Performance

1. Penn Spinfisher VI – Best Penn Spinning Reel

The Penn Spinfisher VI is undoubtedly the most robust spinning reel manufactured by Penn and the finest Penn spinning reel for the price, in our opinion. Generally, the Penn Spinfisher four is an excellent reel that will not let you down.

Among the most important features is the waterproof, complete metallic frame, which is meant to prevent moisture out of the inside. However, This minimizes the reel’s possibilities of corroding or electrolyzing, both of which are typical issues when seawater fishing.

Furthermore, this differs from the standard HT 100 dragging mechanism and renders it considerably better resilient to seawater.

Therefore, with this Penn fishing spinning reel, you receive a far more robust dragging tool, which implies you receive a much more excellent quality for a very tiny quantity of more cash.

The IPX5 enclosed technology is another enhancement to the Penn Spinfisher reel. This security grade in English indicates how well the reel is protected. Practically, this seal grade implies that you may wash your reel down during a lengthy session of angling without worrying about grit and saltwater getting pushed into the spool. I truly love its performance.

Additionally, the 5+1 stainless sealed ball bearing mechanism is housed securely within the housing of the Penn Spinfisher VI reel, keeping it protected from the weather. It is securely enclosed within the metallic shell to prevent moisture, salt, or dirt from penetrating and damaging it.

Penn Spinfisher VI Spinning Reel

Considering this, customers have simple accessibility to the ball bearing mechanism for routine service, and the smoothly moving gears enable you to modify for line and throw with ease.


  • Water-resistant
  • A fantastic anti-reverse mechanism
  • Extremely durable


  • Pretty costly

Consequently, just a few reels can compete with the Penn Spinfisher four. It isn’t the inexpensive option, but you receive everything you spend for – and sometimes extra!

In short, the Penn Spinfisher four is, in my view, several of the best quality spinning reels on the marketplace currently. These reels are tough and long-lasting, avoiding several of the issues encountered in less expensive versions. The whole throwing and line recovery operation is seamless when the reel is operated correctly, and dragging is not a concern. Furthermore, the reel has an eye-catching color.

2. PENN Battle II – Penn Saltwater Reel

One of my favorite aspects is that Penn has made its prices accessible to the ordinary fisherman. As a result, the Penn Battle II is an excellent choice for fishermen seeking a high-quality reel in the $100 bracket.

Furthermore, it delivers outstanding performance and endurance at this cost, which all fishermen, including you, desire. I’ll highlight some of its other characteristics in the next paragraph, so keep reading!

The most pleasing aspect of this Penn saltwater spinning reel is that it has a complete metallic chassis, side plate, and rotor, making it a somewhat bigger reel.

However, it also ensures it won’t bend underneath the strain of more giant species and therefore can endure extensive usage, or even on a tour boat. Therefore I will suggest you this product.

Moreover, the HT 100 dragging mechanism of this Penn saltwater fishing reel, which uses geared graphite washers instead of typical felt washers, will extend the reel’s longevity and offer a smoother, non-jerky release while under stress from a receding creature.

Nevertheless, by employing a geared washer, accessibility to both ends of the washer is provided, resulting in a smoother pull despite boosting the allowable dragging force by 20%.

Perhaps, one of my favorite innovations is the inclusion of thread capacities bands on the spool; this ensures you constantly know how much thread is left on the spool. Besides, I particularly appreciate the rubberized inlays on the spool since it allows you to fill the spool straight with the woven rope without needing to back it up with monofilament.

Furthermore, once you tighten the hooks, the immediate Anti Reverse reduces backward movement on the rotor. This is done through the use of a one-way hinge in the reel construction.

In last, unless you choose the very tiniest version, if you’re looking for the lightest spinning reel on the marketplace, this isn’t it. In a nutshell, the PENN Battle II is a high-quality spinning reel that will be an excellent complement to every fisherman’s arsenal.

You can also read our complete review on the 8 best saltwater spinning reels.


  • Light on the wallet
  • The feeling and construction quality is excellent
  • Seamless drag mechanism
  • Anti-reverse
  • Spool length is specified, and it is braided prepared


  • High Wind Knots
  • Not completely sealed

In summary, The PENN Battle II is excellent quality and reliable spinning reel that may be used for various angling situations. Its corrosion-resistant and long-lasting characteristics make it perfect for both freshwater and marine angling. Furthermore, its distinct parts make it a high-performing machine at a lower cost.

3. Penn Pursuit III & Pursuit IV – Penn Ultralight Spinning Reel

The PENN Pursuit III and IV is indeed a top spinning reel for coastal fishermen. The Penn Pursuit III provides a high level of efficiency while being reasonably priced.

Furthermore, the PENN Pursuit III has a long lifespan, a pleasant angling performance, and a compact size. These characteristics, when combined, render the reel an excellent choice for marine fishermen.

The main point about the Pursuit 3 brand is that it contains Penn’s renowned HT-100 pressure cleaners. Therefore despite this cheap cost, you are receiving their superior dragging mechanism.

Additionally, the reel spins quite effortlessly, as I’ve grown to appreciate Penn reels. It features, for example, HT-100 carbon fiber dragging spinners which are both strong strength and very effective. The dragging mechanism on this reel is seamless in particular since the drags are enclosed. These dragging washers ensure that the drag is continuously greased and frictionless.

Furthermore, the PENN Pursuit III and IV has a Quick Anti-Reverse feature that reduces spinning backward movement, enabling you to hook up promptly each moment. In addition, the four protected pure steel ball bearings provide flawless retrieval. These two factors result in a pleasant and dependable angling session.

The PENN Pursuit III’s most fantastic remarkable feature is its endurance. It has rust resilient carbon housing, which allows it to stay undamaged and effective even within marine conditions. Despite its extreme endurance and strength, this angling reel is extremely compact at almost a similar moment.

Another important advantage of the PENN Pursuit III is its ease of assembly and disassembly. You won’t get to bother knowing how to disassemble the reel if you want to wash it or replace components. It’s very basic.

Penn Pursuit III spinning reel

Moreover, the spool is an essential element of the PENN Pursuit III. It has a machine as well as an anodization spool, making it speedy and accurate. These qualities improve its utility and dependability. It also has a Superline spool as well as line quantity rings.

Due to the apparent rubber seal that stops your rope from sliding on the spool, this innovation removes the requirement for backing. The ultimate consequence is increased line capacitance.

Because it is a relatively inexpensive choice, it is ideal for learning on. You may even lend it out or practice harsher methods without worrying about damaging your costly reel. At a similar moment, it is devoid of extra elements. Instead, it contains what you require and what you must acquire.

You can also read the complete review on the top 7 ultralight spinning reels from our site.


  • Inexpensive
  • Excellent for beginners
  • Saltwater safe


  • Rough
  • Unnecessarily breaks

To summarise, Pursuit III is an excellent Penn freshwater reel for those new to ocean angling. It is easy to operate, simplistic, compact, and long-lasting. Not to add that it is pretty cheap. This renders it ideal for somebody who is still learning how and where to fish in seawater.

4. PENN Fierce II & Fierce III – Best Penn Reel

The Penn Fierce II, also known as the Penn Fierce 2, is a high-quality reel from a reputable company that has been in business for generations, hence, this is the reason why I chose to write research on it.

The Penn Fierce II provides reliability and unrivaled performance at a reasonable cost.

Furthermore, the Penn Fierce 2 spinning reel’s construction offers exceptional efficiency with a clean throw and simple retrieving. The pull is powerful and easily adjusted at all moments during a capture through the reel’s upper lever.

It bends the rods correctly and releases them using a specific degree of additional pressure, avoiding bouncing and increasing precision. The reels can carry many test ropes and have oversized, enlarged grips for more straightforward operation.

Moreover, the complete metallic die-cast aluminum housing and sideplate features of this Penn fishing reel maintain accurate gearing orientation with severe weights, resulting in a highly robust reel in the long running.

The Penn Fierce reel is compact but robust and forceful, allowing it to handle larger bait. The gearing is rigid and provides minimal to no back mobility.

Additionally, the immediate anti-reverse mechanism of this reel is a one-way bearing that delivers a firm retrieval without any backward movement in the grip that I tended to see in previous version of reels using racket-style anti-reverse systems.

Another excellent feature of this reel is, it needs no upkeep and therefore, will show no indications of damage and strain yet after decades of usage.

Importantly, the reel casing is tightly protected, and the grip is readily removable for servicing. On the other hand, the reel does not require to be scrubbed or polished frequently for maintenance. However, one may want to cleanse it with clean water after usage.

Lastly, the reel may be removed and lubricated every three months or more for the best effective long-term operation.


  • Affordable
  • Body made entirely of metal
  • The drag is nice
  • Corrosion tolerance has been enhanced


  • Blowing twists on a heavier reel
  • There is no HT-100 drag system

Although having a spinning reel mechanism, the Penn Fierce II produces little knots and may be utilized whenever unfavorable weather/wind conditions. You can get more command over your hook, allowing it to fall quicker without flapping. With simple accessibility to a complete variety of variable drag, a person may modify pull throughout a battle with any type of trout, aiding to ease the operation and enabling more uncomplicated handling at the most critical moments.

5. PENN Slammer III – Best For Seawater

So, what has caused the Penn Slammer III a really fantastic reel throughout the decades, and why would anyone wish to bring one to his inventory of angling gear? The short word is Longevity.

This reel is built to withstand the abuse that seawater angling, especially surf throwing, puts on a reel, such as persistent seawater spray, being immersed sometimes when surfing, being dumped in the sand, and continuous throwing of large lures and heavy trout.

The Penn Slammer III features an all metallic construction, sideplate, and rotors, this is extremely significant on bigger models since it keeps the pinion and gearing well aligned, resulting in a cleaner retrieval and extended reel life. Secondly, this indicates that your reel structure will be robust and durable.

For accuracy and sturdiness, the Slammer III has a complete brass gearing arrangement machined on a CNC process. This gear innovation encompasses the full gearing mechanism, which covers the drive, pinion, and isolator gears, and it implies that you do have long-lasting starting strength.

Unlike other gearboxes, which are frequently composed of aluminum or some other mixed element, brass will last a long period. Another advantage of brass gearbox is that it generates a fineness that other substances do not.


  • Robust and long-lasting (yet smooth)
  • Extremely seawater resistant
  • The Dura-Drag technology has a lot of drag
  • There is lots of line capacity
  • Line lay is great


  • Because of its aluminium construction, it is heavier than some other coastal reels

In conclusion, for near shore angling, I prefer lighter-weight reels, although that is not where the Slammer III succeeds. Regarding bigger species and surf throwing, I believe the Penn Slammer III is an excellent reel that is built to endure for several decades. The dragging mechanism is likewise enclosed with the Closed Slammer, as Penn calls it. This implies that if you drown the product or dump it in the mud, everything you got to do once you return from your vacation is wash it with clean water; you do not require unscrewing the product.

6. Penn Clash – Durable & Smooth

There is constant debate about seawater fishing and freshwater hunt, which leads individuals to catch in various locations because they favor one of the two or just wish to taste what it’s like to fish in the other type of water.

However, this reel is suitable for fishing for any kind of water. It is designed to withstand decades of seawater exposure while remaining in excellent condition and function.

Furthermore, endurance is crucial for every reel you choose, which is why the Penn Clash features a complete metallic frame and side plates constructed of polished aluminum in all versions to withstand seawater damage.

Additionally, it informs you that this reel is of exceptional grade because aluminum is used to manufacture the most fantastic spinning reels. Secondly, this indicates that your reel structure will be robust and durable.

Another main feature of this reel is the slow oscillation leveling thread mechanism which is intended to offer an equal laying of the thread on the spool. While retrieved at a constant oscillatory frequency, the spool travels swiftly upward and downwards.

Also, with a slow oscillation mechanism, the spool travels considerably more slowly up and down. According to what I experienced, the technique performs effectively. It provides a very compact and virtually equal line laying, which implies I didn’t encounter any windy tangles and could accomplish decent throwing lengths.


  • Designed to endure years of seawater exposure
  • The body is made entirely of aluminum
  • There are eight stainless steel ball bearings
  • Immediate anti-reverse bearing
  • Bail wire made of heavy-duty aluminum


  • Heavier weight

In conclusion, the angling world reacted well to the Penn clash series. The primary angling equipment is aluminum, while the pinion is brass, enabling it to withstand large nearshore species. Penn is currently focusing on saltwater fishing and freshwater fishermen who prefer all-metal reels over carbon-framed reels.v

In addition, Penn Clash II has a gentle oscillation mechanism that minimizes the feared windy tangles. The quick anti-reverse bearing allows the fisherman to achieve a firm hooking placement each session with no spool movement while placing the hooks. Finally, an additional seal has been added to the Penn Clash to avoid corrosive seawater out.

How To Choose the Best Penn Spinning Reel

Penn is one of the sportfishing brands working its best to provide customers with different styles, types and sizes of the reel per their needs.

Spinning reels are the most commonly known reels in expert anglers. Here, we will discuss how to choose it.

Firstly, I will advise you to consider your demands before considering the features of the reels.

Casting Distance:

Casting distance is one of the things that matters a lot. If you have to cast at a long distance, you need a good line capacity; otherwise, better is enough.

Types of Fish: 

For the big fish, you need a high gear ratio and quality features, while for the small, you can do it with a simple reel.


It’s crucial whether you are casting in saltwater or freshwater. The saltwater reels need to be designed with anti-corrosive features and a high gear ratio.

Ability to cast: 

The angler’s ability is also essential while buying a spinning reel. If you get fatigued by having a heavy-weight fishing reel, it’s useless for you.

Let’s take about features to consider, 

  • More ball bearings
  • Lightweight
  • Wide spool and good line capacity.
  • Gears are made up of metal.
  • The gear ratio should be high.

Why Are Penn Reels So Good?

Penn reels are perfect in terms of quality, performance, and price. You can use these reels for inshore and offshore fishing.

Premium Quality Construction

The high-quality carbon construction makes it ultra-light-weight and sturdy. You can also have magnesium or aluminum frame reels, which will cost you a little more than graphite ones. These reels are durable and lightweight, ensuring more leads without feeling the strain on the arm.

Heavy-Duty Working Features

The smooth spool and heavy-duty drag system help retrieve the line very quickly. It offers a wide range of reels that vary in the gear ratio, ball-bearing system, etc. Penn Pursuit III is one of the best choices so far.

Care and Maintenance of Penn Spinning Reels

Start with removing the spool, gently spray the traditional water cleaning spray WD-40 on the reel, and then clean it with any cloth. You can use a towel for it as well. To ensure that everything is nice and clean, unscrew the knob to remove the handle and unscrew both sides to open it up.

You can use a toothpick to grease the inner settings, such as ball bears less is more, so do not overdo it. Once you have greased both the sides, put everything back in place and let it sit for some time. It will prolong the useful life of your Penn reels.

Different Types of Penn Spinning Reels

Penn has gained a remarkable position in the market as this brand doesn’t compromise on quality.

Spinning Reels: 

The most commonly known reels, especially among freshwater anglers are the spinning reels. It casts smoothly in any wind condition.

Penn is manufacturing three types of fishing reels, 

Offshore Reels: These reels work in the open sea, so Penn manufactures them with quality material.

Inshore Reels: These reels work best in shallow water and catch small fish. 

Surf Reels: Surf reels are manufactured keeping some essential things in mind, i.e., these reels must have a shallow spool.

People Also Ask About Penn Spinning Reels

1. What is the best Penn spinning reel?

The Penn Spinfisher VI reel is a significant advance over their recent reels. It includes seals that prevent moisture, saltwater, and grit from the reel, letting it withstand crashes and dunks. In addition, the tough construction can withstand tough angling conditions. This distinguishes it from the standard HT 100 dragging arrangement and renders it considerably more seawater resilient. As a result, you get a far more robust dragging mechanism with this spinning reel.

2. Are Penn reels good quality?

Penn is well-known for producing some of the most robust reels on the marketplace. Penn reels provide easy throwing and are suitable for various fishermen, from novice to expert. In addition, it comes in several sizes that are ideal for a wide range of angling situations.

3. What is the best Penn spinning reel for saltwater?

The Penn Battle II is a high-quality saltwater reel with a complete, robust metal frame, front panel, and rotor at a reasonable cost. In other terms, you’ll obtain a good reel without needing to spend a bunch. It also includes a heavy-duty metal bail cable for added strength and seawater protection.

Final Thoughts On Best Penn Spinning Reels

This concludes our evaluation — all of the types mentioned here are great standard angling reels. Therefore you honestly can’t get mistaken with any of them. Each buyer wants to receive the greatest goods possible.

Unfortunately, there are times when we are let down by the things we purchase. The attractiveness of some items distracts us, and we make the incorrect purchasing choice as a result. To prevent buying a poor spinning reel, consider a Penn reel; their craftsmanship, craftsmanship, and longevity will astound you.

Here Are our top 3 Penn spinning reels that you can choose for your next fishing trip:

1. The Penn Spinfisher VI is a spinning reel with a complete aluminum frame that is exceptionally well-made. It is prepared to provide you with the endurance you want while using a spinning reel in seawater.
2. The Penn Pursuit spinning reel is among Penn’s best economical spinning reels, and it’s ideal for nearshore angling, ponds, tributaries, and riverfront in freshwater and seawater. Its ultra-light design enables it simple to transport and utilize in water. It is made of a non-corrosive substance.
3. Penn Battle 2 is the epitome of toughness. It is composed of high-quality components and is built to withstand shocks, scratching, and giant catfish. In addition, this reel is made to withstand a lot of punishment.

Penn is among my favorite reel companies. If you’ve not tasted one of these before, you’ll be surprised the first moment you try — they have a very distinctive retrieval sensation. In addition, the mechanical activity while spinning demonstrates sturdiness.

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