7 Best Saltwater Fly Rods – (Top & Budget Picks)

Is it just us, or do you also feel heavy wrist or burdened shoulder after fly casting several times? One of the main causes of this is not using the right fly fishing rod. But its selection can be confusing because of its diverse range. No worries, we have solved this after several trials and analyses.

We have short-listed the 7 best saltwater fly rods for you that are not only best in terms of quality and action but also good for all levels of anglers. To make it more feasible for you, we have added a precise buying guide so that you can choose your right rod according to your preferences.

Comparison of 7 Best Saltwater Fly Fishing Rods

IMAGE PRODUCT features Price
Piscifun Sword Saltwater Fly Rod
  • Carbon Fiber Blank
  • Accurate Placement 
  • Quality Construction & Design
Fenwick AETOS
  • Nano Composite Technology
  • Fast Action
  • Perfect For Trout
G Loomis NRX+ 590-4
  • Powerful
  • Excellent Line Speed
  • Features Dynamic Recovery Technology (DRT)
Moonshine Rod Co. 
  • Extra Rod Tip
  • Lightweight Construction
  • High Modulus Graphite
Aventik Short & Light
  • Super Compact
  • Perfect For Freshwater
  • Multi-graphite Positioning Technology
Redington Predator Rod
  • Responsive Casting
  • Lightweight
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • AA Cork Grip
  • Cordura Tube
  • One Year Warranty

7 Best Saltwater Fly Rods Reviewed

1. Piscifun Sword – Best Budget Saltwater Fly Rod

Piscifun Sword fly fishing rod is a great option to start your fly fishing journey with a limited budget. You will feel delightful using this rod because it is very handy and easy to get along with it. You can use it for saltwater fishing as it justifies the tag of “Sword” with it.

This rod easily handles the toughest fights, has a good recovery, is well-balanced, and maintains a firm grip overall while casting. 

As you know, Piscifun is a big name in the fishing industry and has a wide range of fishing rods that are best in quality, functionality, and price. This rod is also a good description of these features assuring smooth casting and set up.

Furthermore, you can use a 7wt. intermediate sinking tip with this fly rod. It is compatible with big baits such as sand flies or sand churn and medium-sized lures. But keep in mind that using heavier lures will make prolonged recovery compared to shorter ones. 

Due to its fast action, this rod is best for hammerhead, silver salmons, and trout. You can be quite experimental with this rod as it can take up the stress of large species. The robust IM7-graphite supports the double-baits and gives you more chances of strikes. This in-built makes it more sensitive yet lightweight.

Piscifun Sword Saltwater Fly Rod

We have found that this rod gives 90 out of 100 successful strikes and makes your day. You can use it for all-day or on-site fishing as well.

It is not only a good option for panfish and slot snooker but also you can try it for guitar sharks and larger tunas as well. It is better to use sinkers in the case of this rod as it is easy to handle and balance, especially if you don’t have good command over fly fishing techniques.

Piscifun Sword Fly rod might demand several checks after setting it up. So it is better to use a sinking line of 30 inches for this fishing pole.


  • Good quality for the price
  • Ensures efficient casting
  • Robust in-built
  • Offers more strikes
  • White dots assist accurate guide placement


  • Sensitive tippet
  • Heavy on arms

Although this 9 feet long rod is good enough to cast long distances, but it is not suitable for all-day casting as it burdens the shoulder. But the ability to catch a wide variety of fish at such a reasonable cost is not less than a blessing for anglers. The ultimate backbone it provides while casting is just out of the box. It is exceptional to get all these features in one rod, so this rod is one of the favorite picks for you.

2. Fenwick AETOS – Best Saltwater Fly Rod

If you want an effortless fly fishing experience, then Fenwick Aetos is all you need to catch the fish. It is not only the best choice for fly fishing in freshwater but also you can use this rod for saltwater.

Most anglers find fly fishing more fun than any other fishing technique. So finding the best saltwater fly rod is a never-ending struggle for them. This rod cuts the chase; it carries all the features of an ideal fly rod.

The unique construction technique of this rod is made upon Nano composite technology. It is one of the latest technologies used for making high-end and durable products.

In addition to Nano Composite technology, Fenwick is one of the few companies that have used this tremendous technology to make their rods stand out among others. This technology makes this rod more reliable and stronger, especially in the case of striper fishing.

This 9 feet 5 wt. rod is extremely a joyful treat for anglers. It is best for freshwater fish such as trout, bluegills, catfishes, etc. The composite cork is very smooth yet strong, providing a firm grip over the handle. Also, the rod has a double-locking reel seal that ensures the tight settling of the reel over the blank.

Fenwick AETOS rod mends unbelievably, thus making the long-distance cast very smooth. You can easily handle 3-5 pound fish up to small lake rainbow fish. It can easily cover a distance of 50 feet without burdening your arm with its weight.

Fenwick AETOS Fly Rod

In addition, Flueger supreme QR is the best fit for this rod that can roll line up to 15 lbs. you can also use the floating sink of up to 6 wt. that works fine with this rod. But this variation in the weight of lure and reel mainly depends on the type of environment and species you choose.


  • Durable
  • Best for pan fishing
  • Good for beginner & professional anglers
  • Easy to carry
  • Easy to setup


  • Little bit pricy

It is better to invest a little more than to invest again and again. Although this rod is slightly on the pricy side, but it is the best choice for catfishing by using the fly fishing technique. The dotted alignment helps assemble while the guides ensure the line casting with an accurate angle. So, it is the best 4-piece rod you can rely on for bass fishing, crappies, and trout. 

3. G Loomis NRX+ 590-4 – Saltwater Fly Fishing Rod

Our 3rd pick for the best fly fish rods is G-Loomis NRX+ rod, the improved version of the previous NRX rod. It is not only made to deliver more than the previous one but also requires less effort from anglers. Hence, it provides absolute compliance to the angler.

It’s a powerful 4-piece rod that is versatile in functioning and diverse in handling different fishes using variable lures and lines.

Like usual fishing rods, this 9 feet rod also has high-carbon in-built and superior construction techniques. Although this rod has a full-well grip, it is thinner than the usual saltwater fly rod’s grip. So, it is best to use this rod for trout, grayling, panfish, bass, carp, steelhead, salmon, and pike. You can use it for saltwater fishing, but you should limit your cast for light fishing to avoid any unpleasant experience.

This fly fishing rod is powerful yet sensitive enough to cast with great accuracy. You can use it for long-distance casting. According to our experience, it does cast with extreme accuracy up to 45 feet. You can also use it for 60 feet casting, but the accuracy may diminish at such a long distance. It still lets you cast the angle near about the fish. So it still does the job even at a much longer distance.

You can pair this rod with a Nautilus X-series XM fly reel (4-5wt) to get the best result. Although this rod provides good flex, this reel has a fiber drag system that enables you to cast smoothly but with great accuracy.

Scientific Anglers Amplitude Smooth Infinity Fly Line and MPX line are good suggestions for this reel-rod setup. Both of these lines have tremendous shooting ability for casting. This setup is secured by a double-locking reel seat, making it an efficient casting combination.


  • Good for long-distance
  • Accurate casting rod
  • Improved quality of NRX
  • Supportive stainless steel guides
  • Best for small to medium species


  • Wrong dots alignment
  • Slightly heavy rod

To conclude, despite its high price, G Loomis NRX is a must-have high-end rod for all fly anglers. The superior quality, absolute flex, and easy handling make every angler’s first choice for using it for fly fishing. It has a well-balanced grip over the drag, a good recovery system, and allows you to monitor the upstream without any hustle. Thus, ending up a complete package for a good fly fishing experience.

4. Moonshine Rod Outcast Series – Best Saltwater Fly Rod For The Money

Whether you are new to fly fishing or an experienced angler, this Outcast series by Moonshine is one of the best saltwater fly rods. After extensive research for this product, we are sure that this rod will be your top-notch choice ever after its use. The superior quality of this rod assures vast shooting ability while maintaining casting accuracy. 

Firstly, the high-grade carbon construction supports the 4-piece design for a smooth cast at a longer distance without any problem. You can use this rod for saltwater fishing and freshwater fishing. It is made to use for different fishing styles using variable lures and lines.

However, this rod is highly functional, with a conservative floating line to heavy-fast sinking lines. We have found 15 lbs. line suitable for this rod, having a varying length of 12-15 feet. 

You can also be playful with this rod for lures depending upon the type of environment and species for fly fishing. You can use small lures or baits to big poppers for this rod. Another best part of this rod is its heavy-duty and solid blank, which acts as the backbone of its design.

Moonshine Outcast Fly Rod

The matte color blank makes carbon coils more visible and is extremely lightweight. It is fast in action despite the delicate blank and provides smooth casting.

The titanium guides, along with a single stainless steel snake guide, improve the casting by assuring the accurate positioning of the line. It also lets you shoot it at a longer distance irrespective of a specified targeted species.

Using this rod, you can catch cop, peacock bass, and golden Dorado. As it is a good option for saltwater fishing, we have experienced that this rod cannot take up the stress of 25-pound fish. So it is good for longer cast for catching species such as Guitar Shark, Ladyfish, Pike, and other large-medium species.


  • Comforts back fighting
  • Supports heavy lures
  • Recovery is good
  • Good for freshwater and saltwater fishing
  • Best for all anglers


  • Pricy
  • Not good for larger sea-species

To conclude, Moonshine is a little bit expensive rod, but its performance and durability compensate for it all. The portable tube packaging makes it more travel-friendly and keeps it safe to last longer than any other rod. At the same time, high-end construction is responsible for its durability and efficient performance. All-in-all it is best for anglers who are looking forward to practicing fly fishing.

5. Aventik Short & Light – Compact Rod

Do you want a good quality fly fishing rod but on a budget? The Aventik short and lightweight rod is the appropriate choice in this regard. It is exceptionally good in its performance and compliance. You cannot find such a high-quality rod anywhere else at a reasonable price that does what it claims. 

Starting with the outlook of this 4-piece rod, it is a red vibrant looking rod that gives a sharp vibe to start your fishing adventure. In contrast, the multi-graphite positioning technique used for this rod allows you to upstream it for trout and bass in freshwater without feeling any burden on your wrist.

Moreover, it is best to catch the fishes up to 16 lbs. You can try it to catch a larger species, but we have found it best for medium-sized fish.

Most streamers find this rod very handy because it makes the fly casting very easy and smooth. You can easily cast it, and it has good control on the drift, making it very angler-friendly as it claims 0 wt.

Aventik Short & Light Fly Rod

Let’s explore other features of this rod, It is so light, yet it provides such a prominent flex that it makes pan fishing very comforting. The super-hard chrome plated single foot guide with extra-large tip-top makes the setup firm and ensures the win-win back fighting.

In my experience, the TICA S103 reel, along with a 3wt line, is the best choice for this rod as it consists of a design that fits accurately to the reel seat of this rod.

In addition, the guides allow precise yet feasible line placement over the blank, making the line kink-free. The wooden inserts let you moderate control over the default fishing mode. This setup makes the casting, fighting, and catching simple and efficient.


  • Best for bluegills, catfish
  • Budget-friendly pick
  • Good for beginners
  • Easy to carry
  • Heavy-duty blank


  • Takes little time to get along with it
  • Some may find assembling difficult

In short, you can use this rod for larger casts, but it is best to use it for freshwater fishing. Its sensitivity is tremendous, and the robust blank is the cherry on the top, making it overall best for anglers, especially if you are a beginner. Although the in-built of this rod enables it to bear the harsh environmental conditions of seawater, the casting ability might not get along with it. So it is best to use sunnies, brookie, and rainbow fish.

6. Redington Predator Rod – High Quality

If you are an intermediate angler and are thinking of trying your hands on fly fishing, then this Redington fly rod is an absolute choice. It can handle large freshwater species and is also good for light fishing in saltwater. So, it is a naïve choice for anglers with a good quality rod. 

Let’s start with the fast, enthusiastic electric blue color of this rod that gives absolute energy, especially if you consider the aesthetics of the rod while buying (like us).

This 4-piece rod is a fast-action and lightweight rod that allows smooth casting, easy recovery, and firm support while fighting. It is all you need to catch the salmon, trout, bass, and red from freshwater and roosters from the sea. All this together makes it one of the best saltwater fly rods. 

Despite its ability to cast for longer distances, you can also use it to cast for shorter distance which is not a usual trait of fast-action fly rods.

This multi-action rod has a maximum capacity to hold up the line of 60 feet long to upstream for a longer distance. You can also use a line of a small length of 12-20 feet for a shorter distance.

The cork handle, along with the heavy-duty butt, makes the angling and recovery easy without feeling the load of the fish.

Most of the rods get corroded while doing saltwater fishing but it is constructed in a way that holds the integrity of performance while maintaining the quality of this rod.

The aluminum oxide guides and the ceramic inserts ensure minimum friction while angling and a firm grip that makes the fishing more enjoyable for a longer time.

In addition, you can combine this rod with a Redington grand reel of 30 pounds. It is by far the best combination we have ever encountered. It has an exposed grad knob, which makes an easy recovery and provides enough torque to back fight with the fish. 


  • Best for dorado and silverfish
  • Best backup rod
  • Robust reel-seat
  • Electric blue color
  • High-quality inserts


  • Bit expensive
  • Not suitable for beginners

Regardless of the price point of view, it is the epitome of perfection for fly fishers. The design and color selection do half the anglers’ job to refresh the mood. The in-built quality, performance, and features that support the casting make it the best fishing pole. Last but not least, its durability is all one can ask for the fish hunt. So, if you have to invest a little more that stays with you forever and fulfills its claims, then it’s worth having it. 

7. M MAXIMUMCATCH Maxcatch – Medium To Fast Action 

Max-catch is a heavy-duty premium quality rod best for those professional anglers who are looking for a robust rod at a reasonable price. Even if you have just started fly fishing, you can choose this rod.

Overall the packaging, quality, and manufacturing assure the absolute functioning of this fishing pole. Also, the great customer service along with a lifetime repairing warranty is a cherry on the top.

Most anglers struggle to find heavy-duty fishing rods at a reasonable price. But this rod is an absolute treat to catch large species using the fly technique. The control over drift is beyond expectation.

It comprises 5 different layers that give the support yet a reasonable flex to fight back with the fish and make the catch easy. Although this rod is not as light as usually graphite rods but its performance justifies this point.

The blank is sleek yet firm, providing the anglers’ backbone while casting. It also ensures that this rod provides a good flex yet maintains its integrity and prevents breakage while casting.

The rod’s tip works best with heavy lures and enables you to get the fish without much hustle. Moreover, this rod has a considerable butt that plays an important role while casting. You can easily catch a fish up to 30 pounds with this rod.

Let’s explore some other amazing features of this rod, this 9 feet 4-piece rod lets you cast for a striper and carries the load evenly on the rod. The assembling of this rod is quite easy to compare to other fly rods. You can use it with maximum catch BLC reel and a lure of 3wt.

It is not only best for streamers upstream in rivers or saltwater but also you can use it downstream as well. But we think it will be difficult for you to manage the drift while casting, especially if you are a beginner.


  • Best for large species
  • Perfect for professional anglers
  • Best value rod
  • Provide good flex
  • Heavy-duty ceramic guides


  • Heavyweight rod
  • Not good for all-day fishing

To conclude, if you are into big-game fly fishing, this rod is one of the best saltwater fly rods. The aluminum reel seat, stainless steel snake guides, and ceramic inserts ensure the appropriate casting of the line with ultimate accuracy. There is no harm in carrying a little weight if it does the job. So, it is a good choice for anglers seeking a rod with good looks, flawless functioning, well-balanced casting, firm grip, a robust backbone, and last but not least reasonable price.

Guide To Pick The Best Salwater Fly Fishing Rods

Before you go through our top products, we want you to know the basics of saltwater fly fishing rods.

Ideal-Weight of Fly Rod

The ideal weight for a fly fishing rod differs from species to species and depends on your preferable fishing environment. In general, 1-4 wt. is good for small fish such as trout and goldfish, and 9-10 wt fly rod is used for larger species such as bass. 5wt is an ideal choice for anglers as it is good for heavy fish water fly fishing to light saltwater fishing.

Best-Action Fly Rod

The saltwater fly rods are mostly fast-action rods that allow you to get the catch instantly and upstream the cast at a longer distance without any problem. These fast-action rods are more sensitive than any other rods. Medium-fast rods are also used for fly fishing, but they are mostly good for beginners to start their big-game journey.

Suitable-Length of Fly Rod

Saltwater fly rods vary from6 -10 feet in length. The 9 feet is an ideal choice for fly fishing. Most anglers prefer a rod of 9 feet long 4-piece rod that is easy to carry and set up, has good flex and enables you to cast for variable species using a single rod.

We have considered all these factors while selecting saltwater fly rods. So, you can easily select your best pick for fly fishing. 

People Also Ask (FAQs)

1. What is the best saltwater fly rod?

Piscifun Sword Fly Fishing Rod is the best rod for saltwater fly fishing. This rod fulfills all the criteria you need for an ideal fly fishing experience. This fast-action rod is best for pan fishing to big games with maximum successful strikes.

2. What size fly rod is best for saltwater?

We would suggest you choose the rod ranging from 8-10 feet. This length range rods are easy to handle and strong enough to get your desired targeted fish. However, an 8 wt saltwater fly rod is an ideal choice of pro anglers for fly rods in saltwater.

Final Thoughts On Best Saltwater Fly Rods

Fly fishing can be an overwhelming experience if you do it with the right rod for the specific species. The selecting factors may differ in each angler’s case, but to sum it all, we have narrowed down our top 3 picks for the best saltwater fly rods for you.

  • Piscifun Sword Fly Fishing Rod:  If you are on a budget shopping for fishing rods, this rod is a versatile, handy, and superior quality product that does all you expect from a high-end rod.
  • Fenwick AETOS Rod: This rod is best for those anglers who prefer light fishing using the fly technique and larger species. So it’s a good rod to start your big-game fly fishing journey.
  • G Loomis NRX+ 590-4 Fly Rod: It is the perfect choice if you are more into fancy and expensive rods and believe in a one-time good investment. It is not only a better version of its previous model but also an elite rod among all top-notch rods in every aspect.

After explaining our best products to you, we want you to share your best fly fishing experience, and which is your favorite rod among all? Kindly explore our other informative guides to know more about the fishing rods.

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