7 Best Shark Fishing Reels – (Top Quality Picks)

Shark fishing is one of the most adventurous types of fishing. In this, the fins of the sharks are cut off, and the whole body of the shark is made lifeless. This fishing practice is done by hardcore anglers who love to play with these dangerous sea creatures. So for having the best shark fishing experience, there are many shark fishing reels available in the market.

The best reel is considered to be the one that is highly durable and sturdy. The drag system should be strong enough to support the weight and pressure of the shark movements. The overall body of the reel should be made of high-quality metals to increase durability. Here in this article, the 7 best shark fishing reels are listed in detail.

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Quick Comparison: 7 Best Shark Reels Of 2022

IMAGE PRODUCT Features Price
PENN Slammer III shark fishing reel
  • Metal Body
  • CNC Gear Technology
  • IP6 Sealed Body
Daiwa SSaltist
  • HardBodyz” Body
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
PENN Squall II
  • Graphite Frame
  • Forged and Machined Aluminum Spool
  • Very Smooth
Ecooda Heavy Duty Metal
  • Waterproof
  • Ideal For Saltwater
  • Dual Drag Force
Burning Shark Fishing Reel
  • Smooth
  • Strong Carbon Fiber Drag
  • Ideal For Freshwater & Saltwater
Daiwa BG8000
  • Ideal For Beginners
  • Infinite Dual Anti Reverse System
  • Affordable
PENN Battle II & III
  • Durable
  • Ideal For Saltwater
  • Premium Quality

Top 7 Shark Fishing Reels Review

1. PENN Slammer III – Best Shark Fishing Reel

Thinking about the best shark fishing reel? Then what’s better than PENN Slammer III. This fishing reel is one of the most favorite reels of steely-eyed anglers.

While looking at its design and construction, the reel has a tough build which makes it anti-corrosion and highly durable. Its water-resistant rating is IPX6 that makes the reel waterproof.

The parts of this reel that make it suitable for heavy-duty work are the rotor and hardy side plates.

The whole body of the reel is made up of high-quality metal that contributes to resisting the constant and high pressure of the movement of sharks.

This item is available in various sizes ranges from 3500 to 10500 size which is really amazing.

The most noticeable feature of this reel is that it is connected to CNC gear technology. The drag system of this reel is a sealed slammer that goes along with Dura-Drag.

All the versions of the PENN spinning reel consist of 7 ball bearings. Out of 7, 6 ball bearings are stainless steel and the remaining one is anti-reverse bearings. As this spinning reel is used to catch big predators, so its gear ratio is 4:2:1.

PENN Slammer III shark fishing reel features


  • CNC gear technology
  • Dura drag system
  • Waterproof


  • Heavy in weight

This is one of the best seller spinning reels that are highly durable due to their high-quality metal build body. One of the biggest advantages of this reel is that it comes in sizes that range from 3500 to 10500 which makes it suitable for catching big creatures like sharks. Being waterproof, this spinning reel can be used without being damaged by salty water.

2. Daiwa Saltist – Shark Spinning Reel

Another best shark spinning reel is the Daiwa Saltist. The best part of this reel is that it comes in a mid-price range that makes it possible for the anglers to opt for it easily.

This spinning reel is specialized in catching big and violent predators. The gear ratio of this spinning reel is 5:3:1. The metal alloy is used for the formation of other parts and side plates of the reel.

Further moving towards its design and features, the body of this reel is made of high-quality metal, making it tough and durable.

Anglers that already used this reel are very much satisfied with its smooth operations. Being waterproof, the reel can be used safely in all types of water including salty water as well. The tranquil performance of the reel is ensured by 8 CRBB bearings.

Its anti-corrosion properties make it safe from the damage caused by salty water. The most attractive feature of this spinning reel is that it has magseal technology that keeps the reel safe from dirt and seawater.

Daiwa Saltist Spinning Reel

The material that is used while manufacturing this reel is a synthetic metal that makes it of premium quality.


  • Magseal technology
  • 33 Ibs drag system
  • Air rotor design is lightweight


  • Short handle length

As this spinning reel claims, it is highly durable due to its body that is built with premium quality metal. For tranquil performance, 8 CRBB bearings are there to ensure smooth performance. It can be used in any kind of water without being damaged due to its waterproof quality. Hence it is the best shark spinning reel for catching big creatures.

3. PENN Squall II – Shark Fishing Spinning Reel

PENN Squall II is one of the best shark fishing spinning reels used by anglers while shark fishing. The design of this reel is capable of defeating dangerous sea creatures.

The reel is highly durable due to the premium quality metal that is used while manufacturing the reel. For making other reel parts and side plates sturdy, metal alloy is used.

Moving further towards the frame, it is built with graphite which makes the reel lightweight and tough.

A further contribution of main gear made of bronze intensifies the durability rate of the spinning reel making it suitable for catching big sea creatures like sharks.

The ball bearings are protected by different layers of protection while the drag system which is of carbon fiber makes the smooth operations.

Another unique feature of this reel is the double dog ratchet system that contributes to catching sharks without any hassle. Altogether the reel has 4 ball bearings including 1 RB and 3 BB.

Another big facility that PENN provides to the anglers is that they can sift easily from lower to higher gear because of the 2-speed reel that it contains. Also, the gear ratio of the PENN Squal spinning reel is 4:5:1.


  • Double dog ratchet system
  • Carbon fiber drag system
  • Bronze main gear


  • Cast performance is not good enough

This shark fishing spinning reel is chosen by many anglers in order to have a better shark fishing experience. The reason for it being one of the favorite picks of reels for anglers is its smooth performance and carbon fiber drag system. It is a 2-speed reel that helps in switching the gear from low to a higher one. Due to its premium quality build, it is highly durable.

4. Ecooda Heavy Duty Metal – Best Shark Reel

Another best option for the angler to accompany them on shark fishing adventure is the Ecooda heavy-duty fishing reel. This shark reel is a decent offshore reel used for deep underwater shark fishing.

Since the reel has many advances and updated features, which makes it is different from many other shark fishing reels.

This reel has the rigid construction of its parts including side plate, spool, and frame that are built from premium quality aluminum that contributes to intensifying its durability.

For making the reel run for a longer time, Ecooda has introduced the process of corrosion-resistant coating. This protection helps in inbounding of metals while the whole body is waterproof.

The reel has a dual drag force in combination with a carbon fiber washer that improves the performance.

Another reason being the best shark reel that is suitable for shark fishing is its highly efficient drag force that is suitable for resisting the constant and high pressure of the sharks.

To further improve the performance of the reel, it consists of pinion gears and two sets of stainless steel that comprises 2-speed technology. Through 2-speed technology, the angler can adjust the gear accordingly. Being waterproof and anti-corrosion, it can be used in any kind of water.


  • Rigid construction
  • Corrosion-resistant and waterproof coating
  • Dual drag system


  • Expensive

This shark reel is suitable for deepwater shark fishing. The dual drag force in a combination with carbon fiber washer improves the quality of performance. The overall body construction of the reel is rigid, having corrosion-resistant, and waterproof coating keeps the reel safe from the damage caused by salty water. The 2-speed technology is also there to adjust the gear according to the angler.

5. Burning Shark Fishing Reel

The market is filled up with a variety of spinning reels but the burning shark fishing reel is another best option for anglers to have a better shark fishing experience.

For catching the big sea creatures especially sharks, these fishing reels act as a weapon against the sharks. The main reason for being the best shark fishing reel is its drag system that is manufactured with solid carbon fiber having high-density composite and glass fiber material.

The design of the reel is made attractive and simple. Another noteworthy feature of this reel is that it makes use of a Multi-Disc Carbonite Drag System. The function of this drag system is that it contributes to the smooth performance of this fishing reel.

The reel consists of 14 ball bearings made of stainless steel accompanied by stainless steel roller bearings that make the reel high performing. It is suitable for salty water as well.

The handles of the reel are designed in a way that they can be removed from the frame easily and can be adjusted according to the comfortability of the anglers.

The aircraft brake material is utilized by the drag system that catches and covers the big creatures and never lets them go missing. The frame is made of CNC cut aircraft aluminum, making it highly sturdy and long-lasting.

Burning shark fishing reel


  • Multi-disc carbonite drag system
  • High-density composite and glass fiber material
  • CNC aluminum frame


  • Plastic parts are not reliable

The reason for buying this reel is that it is highly durable and is suitable for salty water as well. The multi-disc carbonite drag system is there to provide smooth performance to the anglers. As the build of the frame is made of premium quality aluminum that makes it sturdy, and aircraft brake material is used to catch sharks and big creatures.

6. Daiwa BG8000 – Spinning Reel For Shark Fishing

The next best spinning reel for shark fishing having an affordable price is the Daiwa saltwater. This is a high-end spinning reel that is ideal for saltwater and also having many updated features.

The gear ratio of the reel is 6:4:1 having 4 ball bearings including 1RB and 3CRBB. The best part of this reel is that it is comparatively lighter in weight than other reels.

Moving towards the construction, the handles of the reel are made of solid aluminum housing. The air rotor and the spool are made of aluminum ABS.

The other best part of this reel is that the drag system is waterproof making the reel suitable for any type of water.

The reel has two types of capacities that are mono and braid capacity.

The braid capacity of the reel is 80/440, 50/730, 65/590. Moving towards the mono capacity of the reel that is 25/440, 30/370, 20/550. The helical-cut rugged brass gears of the fishing reel provide an effortless fishing experience and a powerful winding system.

So if you are a beginner and learning the techniques of shark fishing, then this spinning reel is suitable for you.


  • Waterproof drag system
  • Helical cut brass gears
  • Anodized aluminum spool


  • Low-quality ball bearings

This is the best shark reel for beginners who are learning the techniques of shark fishing. The best part of this spinning reel is the waterproof drag system, making it suitable for anglers to use in salty water. The spool is made of anodized aluminum making it durable and long-lasting. Therefore it is the best reel available in an affordable price range.

7. PENN Battle II & III – Penn Shark Reel

The last spinning reel on our list is the PENN Battle II & III shark reel. This spinning reel is made for professional anglers for catching sharks and many other sea creatures. The body of this fishing reel is made of rugged metal that intensifies the reel’s durability.

The other spare parts of the reels like side plates, bail wires, rotors are made of premium metals making them sturdy and tough.

This is one of the best Penn shark reels because the drag system is made with highly powerful HT 100 carbon fiber. A stronger drag system makes the fishing reel more suitable for catching large fishes and sharks in a better way.

This fishing reel is specifically designed to catch the hard-hitting creatures that are found deep in the water.

Further improving the quality of the reel, PENN has constructed its fishing reel in a way that it contains 5 ball bearings that are of stainless steel. These ball bearings are anti-reverse bearings that help the angler to catch the fish without creating a mess. The reel is anti-corrosive, making the reel suitable for salty water.


  • HT 100 carbon fiber drag system
  • Anti-reverse bearing
  • Powerful ball bearings


  • Other parts are not fully sealed

This is another best shark spinning reel that is highly durable due to premium quality rugged metal used while construction. The drag system made of carbon fiber makes it more powerful to catch the bigger fishes and sharks. The frame is made of high-quality graphite that increases the reel sturdiness.

How To Choose The Best Shark Fishing Reel

Shark fishing reels are selected cautiously because these predators’ fishing can be thrilling if not done properly. So, always ready for extreme situations. For this purpose, you must have heavy-duty reels that can handle it properly. You should notice these points while buying a reel for shark fishing.

Reel Type

Shark size will decide the required reel type. If you want to hunt for smaller sharks, you are good to go with spinning reels. But if you are going for a big catch, then conventional or baitcasting reel is the best choice.

Reel Speed

It is one of the most important features you should look for in a reel while shopping for big game fishing. We suggest you go for a dual-speed reel that unimaginably uplifts your fishing game. It provides more torque-key for successful shark fishing.

Gear System

Saltwater fishing is the best pick to catch the big sharks in bulk. To do so, you must go for the reel having a sealed gear system to prevent corrosion. It will ensure its durability for an extended span.

Braided Line

Go for the reel size of 6000-10000 to carry the weight of 80-100lbs braided line mandatory for smooth fishing for big sharks. 8000 is an ideal choice in this regard.

Shark Fishing As a Hobby

Fishing is a good hobby, but fishing for sharks considers an uphill task. For Shark fishing, we need different fishing equipment and scenario compared to small fish.

Moreover, it is not a funny thing and costs you more.

Purpose: It has been done for two purposes, i.e., commercial and recreational. In the commercial, anglers catch sharks to sell them on the market, whereas, in recreational, fishers work for trophies, personal consumption, and thrilling.


  • Reel / Rood: Ideal surf road length might be 8-10 feet long.
  • Anglers have Rod Spikes and Hook Remover.
  • Sinker and Hooks should be of heavy quality that keeps the bait in place.
  • 65 lb. test braided line may use.

Shark Fishing Tips / Tricks:

  • In warm water, sharks eat most aggressively and have more chances to catch them, whereas, in cool water, anglers should have patience.
  • Sharks can catch any time, but the most convenient time to catch big sharks is dawn and dusk. It is good to have your partner with you.

Frequently Asked Questions : Shark Fishing Reels

1. What size reel is good for sharks?

The spinning reel that has 25 pounds of drag system is suitable for sharks.

2. Is shark fishing legal?

As shark fishing is one of the most dangerous activities, it is not legal yet.

Final Thoughts On Best Shark Fishing Reels

For having the best shark fishing experience, you need to have the best shark fishing reel. The best shark spinning reel is the one that has a high-quality build that increases durability. The drag system should be powerful enough to withstand the constant pressure of sharks.

Here are 3 recommendations from our side:

Above are the top three recommendations of shark fishing reels that are best suitable for hardcore anglers. The strong construction of these fishing reels makes them suitable for heavy-duty fishing and for catching sharks. Moreover, these are the best reels suitable for even salty water.

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