Best Spinning Reel For Walleye – 2022 Buying Guide & Reviews

Being a fisherman, who doesn’t want to catch walleye to get the best food for dinner? The fisherman uses different types of reels for detecting various kinds of fish. Undoubtedly a variety of different reels are available in the market for catching various types of fish. Catching the fish with its specific reel makes it convenient and comfortable for the fisherman.

Here, in this article, you would be able to read all the necessary details about the seven best spinning reels for walleye and a perfect guide to learn to purchase a fishing reel.

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Comparison of 7 Best Reels For Walleye Fishing

Here is the list of 7 Best Walleye Spinning Reels that are trustworthy and highly recommendable for catching Walleye fish efficiently.

smooth drag
OKUMA Coldwater Wireline
Material: Aluminum, Stainless Steel
Item Weight: 1.5 Pounds
Bearing Material: Stainless Steel
Cadence CS8
Material: Magnesium
Item Weight:
0.05 Kilograms
Bearing Material: Stainless Steel
KastKing Summer & Centron
Material: Graphite
Color: Black with Blue
Bearing Material:
Pflueger President
Material: Aluminum
Item Weight: 0.46 Pounds
Bearing Material:
Stainless Steel
Editor’s choice
PENN 1338219 Battle II
Material: Stainless steel, Metal
Item Weight: 1 Pound
Bearing Material: Stainless Steel
Daiwa Accudepth
Material: Synthetic
Item Weight: 0.8 Pounds
Handle Material:
Yoshikawa Baitfeeder
Material: Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Graphite
Item Weight:
18.6 Ounces
Bearing Material:

Best Walleye Fishing Reels Review

1. Okuma Coldwater Wireline – Best Reel For Walleye Fishing

These Okuma Coldwater High-Speed Wire Line are made for the Coldwater, ground-up fish such as Walleye. This is a large capacity and big spool that works for catching the coldwater fish efficiently. The drag system is better than many of the other reels. It provides 7.5 kgs of braking.

The line counter also indicates how many lines are left for the reel. It ensures us about the accuracy of the lines left on the spool.

It is made in a sturdy solid way to keep it highly strengthened and energetic for usage. The gearings of this product are composed of metals which make them strong and long-lasting.

This product consists of a mechanical stabilising system MSS, which balances the spool and increases its efficiency. It makes it strong and highly smoother.

The one unique characteristic of the product is its self-lubricating gear system which means that the gear releases the oils when it comes to the increase in friction. This self-lubricating inbuilt feature helps in providing a smooth oily surface for gears to work.

Okuma Coldwater Wireline


  • Self-lubricating gear system
  • Mechanical stabilising system
  • Line counter


  • Less Durable than many other reels

In conclusion, this is a trustworthy fishing reel specifically for walleye fish. It consists of a sound and smooth drag system. It has a line counter fixed in it that helps us in calculating the line left on the spool. It consists of a self-lubricating gear system, in addition to a mechanical stabilising system. They both make the reel highly efficient and trustworthy.

2. Cadence CS8 – Lightweight Reel For Walleye

This is a highly efficient reel that provides you with an excellent perfect performance a fisherman demands from its fishing experience.

However, it’s reasonable in price but highly efficient in its functioning. It has two different sizes made explicitly for catching Walleye fish that are 2000 and 3000.

The drag is composed of carbon fiber discs to provide us with smoother and perfect line tension. Both sizes of the Cadence CS8 Spinning Reel have a soft and plainer grip with null slippage. The drag quality is remarkable in this product.

Furthermore, The distance covered per turn of the reel is significant and different in both types of reels. The 2000 type of reel covers 32 inches line in one turn, and the 3000 type of reel covers 35 inches of line in a single turn.

Hence, this is the accurate and perfect speed for catching big fish like Walleye. It is overall—a lightweight product that works efficiently and doesn’t create any stress in your arms.

Cadence CS8 Spinning reel for walleye


  • High speed
  • Lightweight
  • Outstanding drag system


  • The brand has not revealed gearing material

To conclude, this product is reliable in terms of speed and drag system. It is light in weight and highly convenient to carry and operate. This Cadence CS8 Spinning Reel has a great drag system and has smoother control over the reel because of the zero slippage and knobs present.

3. KastKing Summer And Centron – Best Walleye Reel

Walleye is a heavy fish that requires highly efficient fishing reels to get caught up. This KastKing Summer and Centron Spinning Reel are made in such a way that it can catch up with the heavy fish efficiently with its own strength and durability.

This is another Heavy product but is highly renowned for the best outcomes. I recommend buying this product because it is highly efficient as there are latest technologies present in it.

The body is made up of graphite material, the graphite which has a high ratio of fiber in it and makes it perfect for those heavy fish.

The whole body of the reel is made up of different metals that are long-lasting and efficient in function. The drag consists of triple disc carbon fiber, the shaft is composed of stainless steel material made oversized, and finally, they are made up of mesh manganese brass.

The uniqueness of this product is in its KISS technology, which stands for KastKing Intrusion Shield System, which helps in covering the reel and keeping it out of the water. It makes sure that every part of the reel stays dry.

This reel also consists of 11 effectively working ball bearings. These ball bearings contain double protective layers over them that make them stay in the water for long.


  • Durable
  • KastKing Intrusion Shield System
  • Double shielded ball bearing


  • Less smoothness

In summary, this product is highly recommendable because of the presence of different functions in it. It has KastKing Intrusion Shield System fixed in it that helps it to stay dry throughout the fishing. Double shielded ball bearings keep it to stay in water for long. This product consists of Heavy Duty metals, including carbon, stainless steel, graphite, and mesh manganese brass.

4. Pflueger President – Best Spinning Reel For Walleye

Pflueger President is a versatile product that not only works excellently for Walleye fish but also works excellently for other fishing species too. It is made up of graphite and aluminum material.

The body of the fishing reel consists of graphite components, whereas the handles are made of aluminum. This makes your fishing reel lighter in weight and easy to handle.

It works very finely and without any disruption in many different weather conditions, making it suitable in every fishing season.

This Pflueger President walleye Spinning Fishing Reel is designed so that both fishing experts and beginners select it.

Another good feature of this reel is its 10lb stainless steel drag system which gives us a continuous drag system.

There are ten strong and highly levelled bearings attached to the reel that helps in enhancing the fishing experience of both experts and beginners.

Additionally, this product comes in great design and attractive style, making the fisherman fall for them. This is a durable and reliable product that comes at an affordable price.


  • Smooth dragging ability
  • Various sizes available
  • High-quality product


  • Line twisting

To summarize, the Pflueger President spinning reel is recommendable for everyone who wants to go fishing, specifically a walleye fish. It has all the necessary features the fisherman demands for the fishing reel. It consists of highly smooth and balanced ten bearings that provide us with softer and easy dragging.

5. Penn Battle II – Jigging Reel For Walleye

You can reliably use this Penn Battle II Spinning Fishing Reel in both freshwater and saltwater. It can catch not only Walleye but Catfish, Perch, Salmon, and Rockfish too.

It comes in the topmost prioritized fishing reels that work efficiently and for many species of Fish. I would suggest buying this for those who love both saltwater and freshwater fishing.

It is made up of a whole metal body which makes it super strong and durable. The bail wire of the product is made up of rigid aluminum because the reel doesn’t bend.

It is a heavy-duty product which makes it heavy and difficult to carry. However, still, this product comes with highly positive feedback and makes sure that you catch large fish, especially Walleye, very conveniently.

Another important and positive feature of this fishing reel is its stainless steel ball bearings. They are 5 in number and are corrosion resistant, even though they stay in saltwater for long.

One more good thing about the fishing reel is that it contains a line spool which lets you know about the count in lines that are left in the spool. This is another heavy-duty metal fishing reel but long-lasting.


  • Powerful drag
  • Made for both freshwater and saltwater
  • Stainless steel, corrosion-resistant, ball bearings


  • Heavy

In last, Penn Batlle II is overall recommended for both saltwater and freshwater fishing. It has robust, durable, and stainless steel ball bearings that are also corrosion-resistant. Although it’s a bit heavy product, the quality of the product is being reviewed positively and is highly recommended by many of the users.

6. Daiwa Accudepth – Walleye Fishing Reel

Daiwa Accudepth Plus-B Line Levelwind is a top-quality reel for catching Walleye fish. This product is rated five stars for its reliability and product quality.

It is made up of a high-quality graphite component which increases its tolerance level and longevity. This makes it face harsh splashes of water calmly, without any disruption.

It is a light in weight reel, which decreases the chance of getting bored due to fatigue, strain, and unnecessary pressure in your arms. This lets you continue fishing for more extended periods.

The gears of the reel are made up of brass material. This enhances the functioning. In addition, it also consists of an auto-engage clutch, which helps provide high-level controls on the reel.

The important thing that has been observed and highly appreciated in this reel is, it is made for both righty and lefty, everyone. It doesn’t matter either you are a lefty or righty, and you can use this reel confidently. This feature also makes it unique from others.

In addition, aluminum is the main composition in the reel’s spool, increasing its longevity and making the folding and unfolding highly convenient.


  • Convenient tangling and untangling
  • Graphite frame
  • Lightweight and durable


  • It becomes faulty at the time

To conclude, Daiwa Accudepth is durable and highly affordable reel in price. It is made up of a graphite component which makes it lightweight and tolerable to face abrupt water movements. It has an aluminum spool that helps in tangling and untangling the reel quite quickly. It has a unique feature that makes it perfect for both left-handed and right-handed people.

7. Yoshikawa Baitfeeder Spinning Reel

Yoshikawa Baitfeeder spinning reel is an incredible reel made up of stainless steel, aluminum, and graphite which weighs less than a pound (0.9 P). It will help you in catching big fish without damaging gears.

The line type used for this spinning reel is wire which can be monofilament, fluorocarbon line or braided, etc. It helps in free movement of the line without moving bail up or down while fishing.

It is made up of titan graphite and the spool is made up of aluminum, which is corrosion-free, and the lightweight rod helps in long casting which will help you achieve your target perfectly.

Moreover, It has a 5.5:1 gear ratio that will help in the fast retrieval and secure fishing. It has an implausible smooth and swift drag system which is a big help when you catch a fish.

You will be glad to know that, this spinning reel also gives you amazing smooth performance, and with interchangeable aluminum handles it can be used by anyone. Its long stainless steel rod will help you with extra capacity for casting. 10+1 high power corrosion-free ball bearing will provide better control of the spinning reel.

Yoshikawa Baitfeeder Spinning Reel

One of the amazing features of this reel is a quick set anti-reverse system which will enhance the movement in both clockwise and anticlockwise directions of the aluminum handle.


  • Water-tight drag seal
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • smooth performance


  • Breakable

In conclusion, if you are looking for a spinning reel perfect for rock fishing, surf fishing, boat fishing, and for freshwater like canal or pond fishing this reel is the perfect option for that. Its corrosion-free ball bearing and clear spooling is best for catching carp, mackerel, catfish, or bluefish. Apart from its beautiful design and unique choice of color it is a versatile gifting product to loved ones as well who are interested in fishing. 

Guide To Pick The Best Fishing Reels For Walleye

To get the best product according to your need, you need to focus on the below-mentioned characteristics of the selected product. Make sure to read them carefully and pay attention to the specifications of the walleye fishing reel before making the final decision.


Check for the size of the reel. It is an essential factor if you want to catch specific fish because every fish lies at different depths and sizes of the fish itself. This is a critical factor in seeing the specified fish you want.

Though you can catch walleye quite easily because of its size and weight, you should make it convenient and comfortable for you to catch it, and the accurate size of the reel will make it more convenient and easier for you. Make sure to keep the size of the reel in mind before making the final purchase.


Concentrate on the weight of the reel. This is an essential factor that plays a vital role in your convenience of catching Walleye during your fishing. The weight of the reel is associated with the strain and pressure on your arm.

If you feel like you are easy in handling the heavy reel, you can go for it, as the most trustworthy reels are generally heavy. But still, if you are not into a heavy reel, you can opt for a lightweight reel.

There are many brands manufacturing lightweight but efficient reels. It is total up to you and your choice. Make sure to check for the weight of the product before buying.


Check for the body of the reel and what is the composition of? Basically, the material of the body is made up of two primary components that are graphite and aluminum. Aluminum makes the reel heavy but gives a highly strengthened and reliable body composition.

The reel becomes long-lasting with this aluminum construction. On the other hand, we have graphite reels. These reels are lighter than aluminum reels but are efficient in their functioning. They do have one additional feature, which is not present in aluminum reels is, these graphite reels are corrosion resistant in nature.

Drag System

The drag system of the reels is associated with putting a strain on the fish which has been caught in the hook. Make sure to check for the specifications of the drag system of your selected spinning reel.

It is an essential factor to pay attention to because without having the reliable, smooth and plain, convenient dragging system, and you wouldn’t be able to fight the fish to catch it. Make sure to check for the line. Because pulling out without any stops is an essential factor for winning the fish.

In addition to checking the drag system, also pay attention to the handles operating the drag system. As it has been seen that the spinning reels that come with the associated handles to operate drags are more preferable and convenient to use. With handles, you can easily minimize and maximize the pressure without making a great change in the Settings.

Ball Bearings

The count and quality of the ball bearing are highly responsible for the function of the reel. A good quality ball bearing makes your reel smoother to operate, whereas the cheap, lower quality, and lower in count ball bearings make the reel function poorly.

You should select the reel with the most number of ball bearings, as they also make the overall reel performance reliable and stable. More ball bearings in the spinning reels make it more stable and strengthened and are preferred by many of the reviewers.

best spinning reel for walleye buyers guide

Which To Consider Before Buying Walleye Reel Trolling, Jigging, Or Both?

You can do both trolling and jigging with walleye reels. So, it is better to choose the reel while considering both techniques. The preferred method you want to go for depends on several main factors. i.e. weather conditions, other species surrounding the walleye (if any), and your personal choice to choose the method.

After deciding the following factors choose one technique, and then select the reel accordingly. In a nutshell, we can say that;

  • The spinning reel works best for jigging and soft baits, as when combined with a spinning rod, it makes the best setup for catching the fish using this technique.
  • Conventional reel or baitcasting reels provide more accurate results for trolling as they can work with deeper water and heavy trolls.

Final Thoughts On Best Spinning Reels For Walleye

This article would be a complete guide for the fisherman who loves to catch and eat Walleye. It is a big tasty fish and not very quickly catchable. You can target and catch Walleye by using specifically made spinning reels for them. In this article, seven best Walleye spinning reels are mentioned that are made by companies specifically for fisherman’s who wants to catch walleye. They have all the necessary specifications that are needed to target this tasty fish.

Before making the final selection, make sure to focus on all the necessary details and specifications written in the above-mentioned buying guide to get the best Walleye fishing reel. All the essential factors that you should pay attention to are written there. Make sure to check for every detail before making the final purchase

After making a thorough research, I personally would recommend to buy:
1. Penn Battle II – because of its powerful, energetic drag system, stainless steel corrosion-resistant ball bearings and versatile application.
2. Daiwa Accudepth Walleye Fishing Reel is light in weight, easy to carry and highly convenient for tangling and untangling of the spool.
3. Pflueger PRESSP30X President because this is a high-quality product, having a smooth dragging system and variety of sizes.

Frequently Asked Questions About Walleye Spinning Reels

1. Do walleye fish bite humans?

No, there is no history of Walleye biting or destroying a human being. But there is still a possibility that when you are removing the hook from the fish’s mouth, you may get bitten by it. Make sure to wear protective gloves and secure your hand before time. Protection is better than any serious hazard.

2. What colours are attractive for Walleye?

Walleye usually gets attracted to purple and green colours. You can choose green shades and purple shades to attract walleye towards your hooks. Look for the bright shades of purple and green in summers and dark shades of green and purple in winters or cold weather. But the shades should be around purple and green.

3. Are walleye bottom feeders?

Yes, it is said that walleye are bottom feeders. Most of the time, people reviewed their experiences and explained that they always found walleye from the bottom of the water. It somehow also depends on their food preferences.

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