Best Spinning Reels Under $100 – (Ideal For Small & Large Fish)

Are you looking for an efficient quality, highly qualitative, and affordable spinning reel to have the best fishing? After long hours of research and analysis, we have come up with the best spinning reels under $100 that are available at Amazon. Go for the best selection for the best outcomes.

Fishing is an interesting activity, but it would be more interesting for you if you have all the necessary accessories with you. The spinning reel is of high importance while playing catch fish. You can also go with the net to catch the fish, but the most appropriate and suitable way is through the fishing rod, line, and spinning reel.

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7 Best Spinning Reels Under $100 (Quick Comparison)

sealed drags
Pflueger President XT spinning reel under $100
Material: Aluminum
Hand Orientation:
Bearing Material:
Stainless Steel
Runner up
PENN Pursuit III
Material: Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Graphite
Bearing Material:
Stainless Steel
Item Weight: 0.76 Pounds
top pick
Okuma Ceymar
Material: Graphite
Fishing Line Type: Monofilament
Item Weight: 11.1 Ounces
Piscifun Honor XT
Material: Stainless Steel, Graphite
Bearing Material:
Stainless Steel
Item Weight: 8.64 Ounces
KastKing Summer and Centron
Material: Graphite
Handle Material: Aluminum
Bearing Material:
for freshwater
KastKing Sharky III
Material: Aluminum
Bearing Material: Stainless Steel
Item Weight: 15 Ounces
Magreel Spinning Reel
Material: Aluminum, Graphite
Bearing Material:
Color: CS2000

7 Best Spinning Reels Under $100 Reviewed

Here are all the necessary descriptions of 7 Best spinning reels under $100, to ensure your search for affordable reels ends here.

1. Pflueger President XT – Best Reel Under $100

The highest quality spinning reel that comes under a hundred dollars is this Pflueger President XT spinning reel. This is a highly comfortable and affordable, quality product which is also light in weight and easy to carry out.

This is an Excel product for those who are looking for a qualitative but affordable spinning reel.

This is made up of aluminum metal which makes it highly efficient and effective. It consists of 7 to 10 ball bearings depending upon the selected size. These ball bearings are made of stainless steel aluminum metal which is corrosion resistant in nature. It helps in increasing the durability of the product.

The drags of this product are sealed and protected from the water. It makes them stay dry within the water which enhances the functionality of the product. It helps in making the drags lubricated for a longer time.

Moreover, the handles of the spinning reel are made of carbon compound and rubber cork handle knob which helps in easy controlling of the reel and survival of the reel’s handle in various weather conditions.


  • Stainless steel, corrosion-resistant ball bearings
  • Drags are sealed
  • Efficient working


  • Less durable

Altogether, this is a well-known product known for its sealed drags which makes it stay dry in water. It has 7 to 10 ball bearings that are corrosion resistant and made of stainless steel aluminum metal. The knob of the handle is made comfortably, it also has highly convenient rubber handles that can survive harsh weather conditions.

2. PENN Pursuit IIITop Spinning Reel Under $100

This Penn Pursuit III Spinning Reel is made up of graphite compound which is highly light in weight and corrosion resistant in nature. This makes it easy to carry and use without any problems of muscle fatigue and stress.

Its overall construction is made in a durable long-lasting way which increases its life expectancy.

This product consists of 5 ball bearings which are made up of stainless steel composition and are covered. It also has a highly smooth and creamy gear system which helps in moving the gears easily and quickly.

It has 6 different sizes available in the market that range in between 2500 to 8000. You can select the Size as per your requirement.

The line spool on the reel makes it convenient for us to count on how many lines are left in a spinning reel.

This is an extremely trustworthy product from a reliable company in which you can trust blindly. This Penn Pursuit III spinning reel is a 3rd-degree product in a chain of Penn Pursuit | and then Penn Pursuit III.

Penn Pursuit Spinning Reels


  • Line spool
  • Various sizes
  • Smoothly operated gear system


  • Slightly overweight

This is a product from a renowned company which you can trust. This makes your fishing experience efficient and effective. It has 5 ball bearings and is made of graphite in a way that it becomes corrosion resistant. The gear system of the profile is operated smoothly without any disrespect. There are multiple sizes of the product available to let you choose the most suitable one.

3. Okuma CeymarBest Fishing Reel Under 100 Dollars

This is the latest product associated with the latest in-built technologies. Among these latest technologies, the most efficient one is CFR which stands for Cyclonic Flow Rotor.

This creates airflow which is responsible for increasing and creating the air around the rotor when it gets wet. In this way, it gets wet sooner and increases the drying time of the rotor.

Another latest technology, which is used in this spinning reel is Precision Elliptical Gearing System. This in-built precision Elliptical Gear system works for the durability of the product and increasing distance during casting.

Also, it allows higher accuracy in your fishing and smoother, more convenient drag functioning which ultimately gives positive outcomes.

Then we have a Quick Set Anti-Reverse system that helps in fixing the reel in a single direction. The spinning reel has a corrosion-resistant body that is made of graphite and also light in weight which enhances its usage and fisherman’s capability.

It has a highly smooth drag system. In short, this product is highly advanced in making so it results in highly efficient outcomes.

Okuma Ceymar Spinning Reel Features


  • Precision Elliptical Gearing System
  • Cyclonic Flow Rotor
  • Corrosion-resistant, graphite body


  • Low line capacity

This is a highly efficient product made up of the latest technologies, in-built in it at such an affordable price. It has a lightweight body that is made up of graphite. This makes it easy to use. Then we have a cyclonic Flow Rotor system and precision Elliptical Gearing System which enhances the durability, efficiency, productivity, and overall functionality of the product.

4. Piscifun Honor XTBest Saltwater Reel Under $100

This Piscifun Honor XT Spinning Reel can be used in both freshwater and saltwater both. It has hard and tough built to face any fighting scenario with the fish while catching it.

It is composed of a high fiber carbon compound which makes it last longer and increases its efficiency.

There are two gear ratios which when combined together work excellently with each other. They are highly smooth and fast in speed. With these dual gear ratios, you can conveniently catch the big or moderate-sized fish and can also tackle its abrupt sudden movements. These gears are balanced through computerized functioning.

It consists of 11 ball bearings that are fully shielded. It has powerful and energetic drags made of carbon fibers. These drags also consist of a sealed ring that makes sure water and dust don’t float in and your drag stays dry always. This in turn makes the spinning reel durable.

Piscifun Hono XT Spinning Reel


  • Sealed drags
  • Smooth retrieve
  • It can be used in both freshwater and saltwater


  • Bail sticks rarely

This product is a high-quality product that positively enhances your fishing experience. Keeping in mind all the characteristics of this product, we would recommend you buying this to feel the ease during your fishing. It is highly versatile in functioning and can be used in both saltwater fishing and freshwater fishing.

5. KastKing Summer and Centron – Best Value Spinning Reel Under $100

This is another top most spinning reel that is highly low in price but highly great efficiency. It is the best fishing reel for those who are in search of a reasonably priced fishing reel.

It is smaller and compact in size which also makes it highly light in weight but this is an add-on to its functioning.

This product is composed of a graphite frame which is supported by an excellently working drag system that consists of a stopping power of 7.9 KGs. This is a huge carrying power which gives a lower chance of breaking the line even if you lift the hooked fish with maximum pressure at full height.

Another attractive feature of the product is its anodized aluminum spool. This feature helps in holding the line more than average spinning reels and can conveniently make the longer casts.

All of these features when combined together give us the perfect product for excellent fishing.

Kastking Summer and Centron Spinning Reel


  • Lightweight durable graphite frame
  • Efficient drag system
  • Affordable


  • Gets damaged when used in saltwater

This product is highly low in price and high in functioning. It works efficiently with an extra smooth drag system and it is durable because of the presence of graphite frames. It is an extremely durable and highly functional spinning reel that comes at an extra affordable price. It is recommended for those who want to have the fishing experience without any fatigue and stress.

6. KastKing Sharky III – Ideal For Freshwater Fishing

It is a renowned product which is highly in demand among the fishermen. It works for both saltwater fishing and freshwater fishing purposes.

It is composed of a graphite body that has a high percentage of fiber in it, which makes it highly lightweight. This lightweight feature makes the product easy to handle.

You can easily carry the spinning reel and hold it for long without straining your arms and getting muscle fatigues.

It also consists of carbon fiber drag and the main shaft made of stainless steel material. These in combination with each other make the product highly admirable.

Furthermore, the pinion gears are made of mesh manganese brass when combined with carbon fiber, graphite body, and stainless steel material increases the product’s longevity and efficiency. It makes the product stable, strong, and sturdy with its compact design.


  • Drag power is about 18 kg
  • Fibrous carbon component
  • Lightweight


  • Saltwater isn’t suitable

This is a highly durable material because of the composition of the product with high-quality materials and compact design. It has strong drag power that is up to 18 kg which makes this spinning reel highly suitable for those who fish for larger greater fish. I would suggest you select this product if you live fishing for larger fish.

7. Magreel Spinning Reel – Ideal For Small Fish

This is two in one product that not only works efficiently and productively but looks perfect and classic. It is a spinning reel which consists of 9 ball bearings and one-sided bearings which enhances the functionality of the product and gives you smooth movement without any stopping and sticking.

It has triple drag washers that have a power limit of up to 17.62 lbs. You can conveniently catch the big fish with this spinning reel.

The body is composed of a graphite frame which makes it lighter and easier to hold and use. It is another highly affordable product with beat features.

This Magreel CS2000 Spinning Reel has an excellent quality line spool constructed with CNC aluminum that provides you with the best non-slip technology to let your fish not slip and the highly convenient handles made with EVA knob gives you feel of ease not only with smaller fish but also the larger ones. You wouldn’t feel any pressure on your arms and hands.


  • Lightweight graphite frame
  • Comfortable EVA knob of the spool
  • Affordable


  • More suitable for small fish

This is a helpful highly affordable yet efficient product. The spool is made in an extraordinary way to give you the non-slip experience for the caught fish and easy to hold EVA knob handles to feel comfortable while holding. It also consists of triple drag washers that can carry 17 lbs of weight without any problems.

How To Choose The Best Fishing Reels Under $100

Any product you are going to buy should be selected after thorough inspection and understanding of all the characteristics and specifications that may affect your product’s efficiency. The same goes for spinning reels. Make sure to search for all the details of the product you have selected, before making the final purchase.

Keep in mind the following mentioned properties to look for in your spinning reel.

1. Drag System

The quality of the drag system of the reel should be kept in mind while purchasing the spinning reel. The drag and its pressure are responsible for pressurizing the hooked fish and allowing the line to go out.

You must focus on the drag system because with the smooth running drag system, the fish that has been caught stays there tightly. Whereas the rough, low-quality drag system can let your fish go and reduce the overall efficiency and productivity of the spinning reel. Make sure to check for the drag system of the spinning reel. And always select after proper observations.

2. Ball Bearings

Ball bearings are the most important part of the spinning reel. Always focus on the count and quality of the ball bearings in your selected spinning reel. A higher number of ball bearings means more convenience and more efficiency.

Make sure to check the quality of the ball bearing and the component used in its manufacturing. Many reels come with corrosion-resistant ball bearings, this makes them long-lasting and durable. In order to operate your spinning reel easily and speedily without any friction, get the higher quality, and more ball bearings.

Keep your focus on the ball bearings because they are highly involved in productive fishing.

3. Weight & Size

Check for the weight and size of the spinning reel. The weight of the spinning reel increases or decreases the stress and fatigue of the arm. And the size of the reel depends on the size of the line you have.

While choosing the size of the reel keep in mind the size of the line you normally use. Check for the best size for your line.

This makes fishing highly convenient and effective. The bigger the line you have, you should get the larger size spinning reel, and vice versa. The weight and size of the spinning reel both are the key factors that should be kept in mind and looked for to get the best outcomes. Ensure to work on them.

4. Durability & Fish Specification

Keep in mind the fish you are going on fishing for. If you select some specific fish to catch, make sure to learn about the spinning reel, which one is better for that specific fish. Different fish are caught by different Spinning Reels, make sure to keep your attention on the type of fish and type of reel you are selecting.

Similarly, divert your attention towards the durability of the product. Check for the quality of the product instead of its look and affordability. Some products are highly affordable but lacking in quality, they get problematic more often than others.

So, to avoid this, make sure to select the product that has been highly positively reviewed and has used durable, long-lasting components in its manufacturing.

5. Material

Select your preferred material for your Spinning Reel. The two more basic components used in the manufacturing of spinning reels are graphite and aluminum. Graphite makes the product lighter in weight and easy to carry but comparatively it is less efficient.

Whereas, aluminum metal makes the product heavy but its efficiency is higher than the graphite spinning reels. Aluminum makes the product more durable but graphite is lacking behind in this aspect.

Make sure to focus on the one which suits you the most. Material is the key factor to look for while searching for a hood-quality spinning reel. Always remember to go for the next quality product, even if it’s an expensive one.

What to Expect From a $100 Spinning Reel?

You can expect a good quality reel under this budget. Some reels have the latest and most highly-efficient built-in mechanism to perform competitively with other high-priced reels. These features include:

Smooth Drag

You can have a good spinning reel with smoother drag, particularly medium to a larger size, i.e., 3000-3500. The better quality reels are available under $100 that perform well.

Good Ball-bearing System

5 ball-bearing is considered a good option while choosing a high-quality reel. You can find up to 6 ball-bearing reel systems under this budget.

Low To High Gear Ratio

You can choose a good gear ratio that suits your requirement. Many options are available, from slow reels with a low gear ratio of 6:1 to fast-acting reels with a high gear ratio of 7:1.

Constructing Material

The lighter the reel, the better it is for casting. You will find graphite reels that are lighter in weight but sturdy. Magnesium reels are also available under this budget.

Can You Really Find a Quality Spinning Reel Under $100?

Finding a quality spinning reel at this price is challenging somehow, as cheap price spinning reels contribute to,

  • Plastic and Synthetics instead of high-quality materials
  • Less bearing count, up to 3/4.
  • More weight than high-quality reels.
  • It is challenging to find big reel sizes.
  • Most of the reels under 100$ have no seal drags.

Manufacturers have made the spinning reel in a low price range but could not provide high-quality material in manufacturing as they cannot afford it.

So, plastic and synthetic material is not reliable. The reel with more bearing count is more demanding and perfect, but in this range-finding, a reel with 3 or 4 counts is tough.

Now, come to the seal drags, how it can be easy to use a reel with no seal drags.

Most of the manufacturers do not provide seal drags in reel processing. You may find a good reel in this range, but not the best. 

The spinning reels for 100$ that are probably the best among others are,

  1. Abu Garcia Revo X
  2. Okuma Ceymar
  3. Shimano Sedona 
  4. Daiwa Exceler LT
  5. Pflueger President XT 

Final Thoughts On Best Spinning Reels Under $100

Spinning reels are of great importance when it comes to fishing purposes. Make sure to focus on every minor detail and before selecting your final product. Because once you made a purchase you would not be able to rethink.

Select the most appropriate spinning reel for you according to your strength, the environment you are fishing in and the type of fish you are going to catch. These factors determine the perfect fishing spinning reel for you.

Check for the spinning reel’s efficiency, its ball bearings capability, the smoothness of the drag system and above all the material used in manufacturing it. Keep in mind to buy durable, long-lasting products for long-lasting usage and high productivity.

We have made research and analyzed the data and came up with the interpretation and results according to which you should go with these 3 best spinning reels under $100:

Our Top 3 Picks:
1. Okuma Ceymar Spinning Reel is an extremely perfect product at an affordable price because it consists of all the latest technologies including a Cyclonic Flow Rotor system and precision Elliptical Gearing System.
2. Penn Pursuit ||| Spinning Reel as this product has a line spool that let us knows how many lines are left and a perfectly fine, smoothly operated gear system.
3. KastKing Sharky III Fishing Reel because of its 18 kgs drag power and fiber carbon compound which makes the product light in weight and stress-free for your arms.

People Also Ask

What are spinning reels good for?

Spinning reels are a versatile and highly functional product for fishing. They are the best all-rounders for all kinds of Fishing including fishing through live/ dead bait, fishing through lures, and also fishing with rigs.

Are Lew’s spinning reels any good?

The spinning reels from the Lews Company, are the reel that is to be used in freshwater fishing. These are among the top and finest spinning reels. The overall efficiency is improved, it’s highly light in weight and easy to carry. Lews is a top renowned company that makes the best fishing products too.

Are expensive spinning reels worth it?

Yes, most of the time the expensive products are worth buying as they contain quality components and manufacturing. They also last longer. Expensive spinning reels save your time and you can catch more fish because of the higher efficiency of this product.

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