7 Best Spinning Reels Under $50 – (Reviewed & Compared)

The most challenging aspect of selecting fishing as a job or a passion, in my opinion, is the lengthy research that you’ll do to make the greatest out of your trip. Therefore, it would be best to be prepared with the most fantastic equipment to maximize your performance and pleasure in the activity whenever you start angling.

To keep your reel buying list small, I’d suggest starting with spinning reels, which are easy to handle and inexpensive.

Fishing reels may be rather costly. However, reels are also among the most significant sophisticated parts of fishing equipment, which is why purchasing a high-quality reel may be expensive. Fortunately, there is a multitude of low-cost spinning reels that perform admirably. I’ve chosen the 7 best spinning reels under $50 for you. Examine it out and discover your perfect spinning reel.

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7 Best Spinning Reels Under $50 Compared

SHIMANO Sienna spinning reel
  • Propulsion Spool Lip Design
  • Well Balanced
  • Long-Lasting Performance
amazon’s choice
KastKing Summer and Centron 2000
  • Great Value
  • Lightweight
  • Smooth
premium pick
Penn Pursuit III
  • HT 100 Carbon Fiber Drag
  • Graphite Construction
  • Ideal For Large Saltwater Fish
amazon’s choice
Okuma Ceymar C-30
  • Professional
  • Most Reliable
  • Precise Operation
Pflueger President
  • Graphite Body 
  • Sealed Drag
  • Convenient
Pflueger Trion
  • Slow oscillation gearing
  • Lightweight
  • Graphite Body
Amazon’s choice
Piscifun Flame
  • Ultra Smooth
  • Powerful 
  • Very smooth

Best Spinning Reels Under $50 Reviewed

1. SHIMANO Sienna – Best Reel Under $50

If we’re analyzing a list of the most popular spinning reels under $50, the Shimano Sienna should be mentioned because it consistently ranks in the top five on every ranking. Shimano is an outstanding company with a wide selection of products.

The Shimano Sienna SN4000FE, everyone recommendation, produces a surprising performance and efficiency for such a cheap cost. This is a tough and durable spinning reel featuring a fast Stopper anti-reverse mechanism to prevent the reel from reversing and producing line problems.

You may use it in a variety of settings, including marine, nearshore, and freshwater. The small structure has been built so that the vibration mechanism is nearer to your pole, reducing the possibility of your tiredness when used for an extended period.

Additionally, you may be utilized it in freshwater to catch panfish and bass.

Despite possessing two bearings, this does not affect how effortlessly the reel throws: it is straightforward to operate and has the extra benefit of being relatively compact and possessing excellent rope retrieval each turn.

Moreover, It’s simple to run and offers extraordinary worth for cash. That is why this equipment has received such positive feedback and has been named one of the best reels under $50. There is no more fantastic alternative on the marketplace now for the budget.

Furthermore, the Shimano Sienna is an excellent novice-friendly spinning reel since it is compact and will not leave you with a weary shoulder during their initial angling excursion.

Another benefit of this reel is Shimano’s propulsive line handling, which allows you to practise on lengthy throws without worrying about line interconnections. This can aid in great distance throwing while also preventing the rope from backlashing.

Shimano Sienna Spinning Reel


  • It is appropriate for both nearshore and freshwater fishing
  • Superior Stopper anti-reverse mechanism
  • Throws quickly and accurately
  • Given the thickness of the reel, the drag is acceptable
  • Modern construction creates a more regulated and comfortable atmosphere


  • There are just two ball bearings
  • Not recommended for trophy fish

In conclusion, Shimano Sienna is the reel for you, whether you’re a novice or an experienced that prefers lengthier throws yet likes to catch tiny fish. Shimano’s propulsive line control will keep your casts long and flawless by preventing line interferences. The Shimano Sienna is an excellent entry-level spinning reel that provides value for money in this cost bracket. It is inexpensive without sacrificing performance, and you can be confident that it will operate brilliantly for many years to come. It is outfitted with cutting-edge capabilities and technology.

2. KastKing Summer and Centron 2000 – Best Spinning Reel Under $50

The Kastking Centron is a popular choice among trophy fishers. It gives you more excellent command over your throws and retrieves until you capture your fish. It is incredibly compact, but it also has a fantastic fiber strengthened graphite frame and rotor.

I strongly suggest it because of its drag. It has a drag capability of 33 pounds, allowing you to capture bigger fish than some of the rival brands on our list.

If you believe you could be able to tangle with some larger fish, this may be worth a serious look.

Apart from this, the KastKing Centron is yet another alternative with an anti-reverse and an incredibly seamless throwing mechanism with eight bearings in altogether. The bearings are composed of dual coated steel, making them very durable and long-lasting. This reel may be used in both freshwater and seawater.

It is available in a wide range of sizes starting from 500 to 5000. And, like most other spinning reels, it has a 5.2:1 gear ratio.

However, the rope length of this spinning reel is exceptional, allowing you to make lengthy, deeper casts while not affecting the heaviness of the reel. Furthermore, the reel includes a machined aluminum spool with a graphite framework, making it corrosion-resistant and suitable for you to use in seawater.

“Would it be a intelligent decision to get a Kastking if you’re a newbie?” you may wonder. Without a doubt, Yeah! A novice may obtain a trophy with the proper coaching and advice. The reel costs about under $50, which is within most fishermen’s budgets.

For this rate, the features of this reel are too amazing to pass up. This device is also one of the lightest reels on the market with such a high drag. The style has received positive feedback from anglers all around the world.

Lastly, the KastKing Centron Spinning Reel features a polished aluminum spool and a durable, corrosion-resistant graphite chassis. It offers a significant line capability while being small and portable.


  • Excellent Drag
  • The handle is simple to connect to either side of the reel
  • Solid and long-lasting, with a sturdy structure
  • Trophy fishing is possible
  • Allow for lengthy casts
  • Budget-friendly
  • Have nine ball bearings


  • Some people believe it should have a higher line capacity

To conclude, if you enjoy capturing trophies, the Kastking is a good option. Kastking Centron is one of the best rated spinning reels under $50. It is recognized for producing high-quality goods at reasonable prices, and the Centron Spinning Reel is no exception. It is composed of high-quality materials and is available in sizes ranging from lightweight 500 to 5000.

3. Penn Pursuit III – Best Saltwater Reel Under $50

Penn Pursuit is well-known for producing several of the most fabulous reels on the marketplace, and while few are more expensive, they still have more cheap choices.

if you want an inexpensive reel but also durable and effective, Penn Pursuit III is a great option for you and you will fall in love with it in a single usage. The version II and the upgraded edition III are both under $50; the only variation among these two versions is the sizing range.

The reel is composed of graphite, which is resilient to rusting. The preceding characteristic adds to the reel’s portability, robustness, and endurance, allowing you to catch in both saltwater and freshwater.

Let’s talk about the design of the reel, the Penn Pursuit III’s designers and producers put a lot of work into the construction and capabilities of this spinning reel, incorporating several characteristics typically seen in much more expensive reels.

It also includes an engraved aluminum spool, which adds to the reel’s durability.

In addition, it has a strengthened stainless steel aluminum spool and an aluminum grip, allowing it a long-lasting and robust spinning reel. Its outstanding capability is complemented with a striking black appearance with silver accents, which adds to the overall good customer impression and you will surely adore it.

Another excellent feature of this reel is, it has a superior gear mechanism, allowing you for more smooth retrieving efficiency than most of its rivals in this budget range.

Furthermore, the dragging effectiveness is strong and readily adjusted owing to the oiled-felt drag mechanism. The oiled felt drag mechanism offers you a forceful yet constant drag for tackling giant fish like pike and bluefish.

In addition, this reel comes with four protected stainless steel spherical rollers and an immediate anti-reverse bearing which provide a flawless, backplay-free turning operation.

You can also read our complete review on the best saltwater fishing spinning reels.


  • Fantastic reel for both nearshore marine and freshwater fishing
  • Traction and durability are provided by thick aluminum bail wire
  • Immediate anti-reverse bearing              
  • Robust and smooth drag mechanism
  • Lightweight but robust and long-lasting construction


  • It is not advised for beginners
  • The oiled-felt drag mechanism has the potential to dry out

To conclude, the Penn Pursuit III reel has a compact, oxidation resilient graphite construction and an aluminum spool and also side plate. It is challenging but not heavy, yet it is still delicate. This reel includes a lubricated felt drag mechanism and four protected, stainless metal roller bearings for efficient drag. It is also equipped with an anti-reverse mechanism. In addition, the intuitively constructed handle provides you a secure grip.

4. Okuma Ceymar C-30 – Best Ultralight Spinning Reel Under $50

Okuma Ceymar spinning reel is not only affordable for you, but it also has many more functions than its cost implies. In addition, this spinning reel is a joy to operate due to its distinct appearance and features.

The Okuma Ceymar is a tiny, ultralight freshwater spinning reel for around $50, ideal for precision fishing small to medium-sized fish, including bass, perch, walleye, and goldfish. Despite its tiny size, it is well-built and packed with sophisticated efficiency characteristics.

The Okuma Ceymar Spinning Reel has a beautiful streamlined appearance that is excellent for a fashionable fisherman. Its seamless functioning justifies your investment because it guarantees you a wonderful fishing excursion regardless of your degree of expertise.

In addition, it is built of aluminum, as opposed to the other spinning reels on our checklist, which renders it bulkier.

Moving forward to the characteristics of the reel, it provides a comprehensive set of high-performance characteristics, including a fluid eight-bearing drive mechanism with precise ellipsoid gearing.

In addition, its stiff, anodized aluminum spool makes it more robust than comparable monofilament/braided angling reels. As a result, it is a formidable rival for any spinning reels priced under $50.

In conjunction with the smooth multi-disc, felt dragging mechanism, the preceding innovation provides for perfect throws and retrieves with no backward bounces.

The reel features a corrosion-resistant construction; nevertheless, using an Okuma Ceymar on a marine fishing adventure would be a bad idea because you will need frequent cleaning to extend its longevity.

Furthermore, to provide optimum control when fishing, the designer wisely included a forged aluminum grip arm. This is enhanced by the unique EVA grip knobs, which give you all-day pleasure.

You may also want to read the complete review on the best ultralight spinning reels.


  • Ideal for precision fishing
  • It contains eight ball bearings as well as an anti-reverse bearing
  • Comfortable grip
  • The rigid construction ensures optimum endurance
  • Many of the capabilities seen on higher-end reels are included
  • Excellent value for money


  • Not suitable for ocean fishing
  • The drag service’s oil felts begin to dry out

If you’re looking for a medium-sized fish, the Okuma Ceymar must be at the pinnacle of your shortlist of best spinning reels under $50. It will help you employ the precision method while bass fishing since it allows you to make accurate, seamless throws. Ultimately, the Okuma Ceymar provides seamless operation and a plethora of high-end capabilities at an affordable price. Regardless of the size, you select, this fantastic reel provides an outstanding consumer experience and is appropriate for many sorts of fishing.

5. Pflueger President – Best Fishing Reel Under $50

Pflueger reels are one of the most renowned manufacturers on the marketplace for a valid reason, and the Pflueger President series is arguably the most famous amongst Pflueger reels. It offers superb qualities and capabilities that every angler and you would enjoy while also providing exceptional value at a cheap price level.

The Pfleuger President is among the most luxurious spinning reels available for less than $50. It is available in various sizes, but larger sizes will cost you greater than $50.

The Pfleuger President is praised by most fishermen and experts for its responsiveness, simplicity, and faultless movement, rendering it well worth the money.

In addition, this stylish spinning reel is quite flexible since it can be utilized for both freshwater and seawater spin fishing. You’d be likely to capture tiny panfish and perches if you used a 2000-size reel. However, if you wish to catch larger fish, you’ll have to purchase larger sizes, which will cost you more cash.

Let’s talk about the more amazing feature of this reel. Firstly, it is compact and highly resilient to corrosion due to its carbon structure and unique rotor construction.

Secondly, the graphite structure of this reel is brilliant, and despite being constructed with such lighter components, it does not seem fragile.

It also features a nice metal spool that is well-crafted. The rubberized handle is just as well-made, provides you with a non-slippery touch.

Furthermore, one of the most satisfactory characteristics of this fishing reel is its multi-disc dragging mechanism, which allows for a flawless and robust drag operation.

Finally, if you’re searching for the best fishing reel under $50, the Pflueger President is a fantastic option for both novices and experienced anglers since it offers high quality at a low cost.

However, the lightweight design has to come at a price, and that expense is that this reel doesn’t have a lot of dragging capability, which implies it’s only appropriate for little fish.


  • It is suitable for usage in seawater
  • Straightforward to use
  • Lightweight
  • The rubber handle is comfortable
  • It has an anti-reverse mechanism


  • When utilized in seawater, ball bearings have a lower lifetime
  • Just for small-sized fish

To sum up, if convenience and better management over the rod are essential to you, then the stylish Pfleuger President is the way to choose, as its rubberized handle provides a firm grip. You may require to extend your money a little if you want convenience and trophy species. It is compact and abrasion-resistant due to its graphite structure and unique rotor structure. The aluminum hook has a sure-click mechanism that aids in operation.

6. Pflueger Trion – Very Lightweight

The Pflueger Trion rotating reel is among the most dependable spinning reels under $50. To withstand seawater angling, it’s composed of a corrosion-resistant graphite body.  

While it may not have the most significant distinguishing characteristics of the items on our listing and may not outperform my choice on characteristics alone, it has reached my list because it is some of the most fabulous lightweight spinning reels on the marketplace.

This is relatively light, weighing only 5.9 oz. This renders it ideal for placing in transportable settings and allowing you to utilize it for extremely extended durations of time without getting fatigued. Furthermore, despite its compact design, it offers several decent capabilities, such as a quick anti-reverse.

The reality that it is composed of graphite adds to its lighter mass and mobility. You can use it on lengthy walks and challenging fishing excursions without feeling weighed down.

Because of the availability of 6 pure steel ball bearings, an immediate on/off anti-reverse motion, seamless multi-disc dragging, and oiled felt cleaners, the reel achieves a perfect and constant drag force.

The lighter density has to pay a consequence, and that expenditure is that this reel doesn’t come with a lot of pull capability, which suggests it’s only really appropriate for little fish. It can’t compete with bigger fish.


  • Seven ball bearings made of stainless steel
  • Slow vibration gear scheme
  • Frame made of ultralight graphite
  • The effortless oil-felt drag mechanism


  • The handle cannot be rotated backwards
  • Line capacity is limited

In summary, if you’re an active fisherman who enjoys going on treks and lengthy angling outings without bringing a lot of gear, the Pflueger Trion is for you. The lightweight and portable design allow you to go on lengthy journeys without getting a weary shoulder.

7. Piscifun Flame – Most Powerful

The Piscifun Flame 5000 Spinning Reel is another solid and fabulous choice to benefit both novices and experienced anglers. The style is somewhat unique from the others, making it stick out, but appearances aren’t everything! Several excellent capabilities support this.

The Piscifun Flame’s distinctive red and black appearance makes it an ideal grab for anglers who value looks.

This was chosen as the finest pleasant choice. It features nine ball bearings and one roller bearing and is described as “buttery silky” by the makers. In addition, a Piscifun Flame is compact and has a pleasant grip to carry you during the day.

Lastly, Piscifun is marketed as a low-cost brand, yet they assert that their devices have capabilities often reserved for considerably more costly spinning reels. The makers promote one such characteristic is the braided ready spool, which is a Piscifun extraordinary innovation. It also arrives in a variety of sizes varying from 2000 to 5000.

Piscifun Flame Spinning Reel


  • Body made of rugged aluminum
  • Handle made of comfortable carbon
  • The style is sleek
  • Excellent line capacity
  • Robust carbon fiber drags system


  • Some of the components look to be of worse quality than others
  • Inadequate anti-reverse system

To sum up, if you’re on limited money and searching for a spinning reel with a unique appearance, try the Piscifun Flame. Its characteristics will bring you colossal trout and catfish, which is highly appealing at this price. Overall, this reel provides a decent balance of pricing and performance. If you intend to fish in freshwater and are particularly concerned about flawless throwing and retrieving, you might consider this item.

How To Choose The Best Spinning Reel Under $50

You can find a good reel within a budget while keeping these essential points in mind. We have tried to pinpoint the necessary features for a good spinning reel. But the accuracy of selection depends on the type of fishing water, desirable catch, your expertise, and lastly your comfort.

Reel Size

You should choose the reel size according to the type of water you want to go for fishing. Like freshwater species may require smaller reels than saltwater ones.

Drag System

Like reel size, the heavier the drag, the better it will deal with the fight, especially with the bigger fish. But if you are ready to invest a little more you can have the heavy-duty reel with a lightweight drag system. Also, prefer a rear-drag system as it is easier to control than the front-drag system.

Spool System

The wider the spool is preferable as it will make casting easy and retrieval smoother. But choose the spool according to your selected casting line.

Ball Bearings

More ball bearings mean better control on the cast. So, choose the reel from the maximum price within your budget having at least 5 ball bearings or more.


As indicated by the name, you must look for the spool that has an anti-reverse system that will maintain the smooth casting while prohibiting the back spinning of the spool with this anti-reverse feature.


Whether you are going for saltwater fishing or freshwater, you must choose the reel that has at least anti-corrosive coats or either made up of aluminum so that it prevents corrosion. Also, don’t forget to wash and oil the reel for longer use.


Its construction material and your care will make these reels ultra-durable. Go for graphite reels that are more sturdy and more durable than any other reel.

Can You Find a Quality Spinning Reel Under $50?

Finding a quality reel under 50$ is like finding diamonds in copper rates.

Manufacturers have made the reels under this price range, but you will not see all the quality features in one reel at this price. But, of course, the beginner ones need it.

As you know, a reel must have,

  • Good body composition
  • More than 4 bearings
  • Smoother drag system
  • Wide spool and line capacity
  • Lightweight and suitable size

In this price range, you will not find all the qualities mentioned earlier; one or two will surely be missing. The reels under 50$ are,

  • Composed of plastic and synthetic
  • Fewer bearings (e.g. 2)
  • Inconsistent drag system

How does a Spinning Reel work?

As you know, spinning reels are comfortable to use, and the learning process is easy. Now, I will explain how does a spinning reel works?

The spinning reel has a bale at the top from which you flip back and forth while fishing. I will briefly explain about setting drag and anti-reverse feature purpose.

Setting Drag:  For setting drag in the spinning reel, you have to turn the knob that exists at the top. To tighten the tension, you have to rotate it clockwise, or you may say right, and to loosen the tension, turn it left, which means anti-clockwise / counterclockwise. 

Anti-reverse Feature: This features aids anglers by allowing their reel forwards and backwards when it’s off. And for reeling forward only, the anti-reverse feature must be on.

Final Thoughts On Best Spinning Reels Under $50

I feel that there’s no such stuff as the best spinning reel under $50 since your selection of reel is determined by your catching technique, which varies from fisherman to fisherman. You can’t propose a spinning reel until you know what kind of species you’re targeting and where you want to catch.

Don’t shatter the bank when purchasing a new spinning reel; instead, select one of the reels on my listing, recognized for their outstanding performance and low prices.

Here are our top two recommended picks that will help you in making your decision:

1. Our best pick is the SHIMANO Sienna SN4000FE, which has everything of the Shimano construction excellence I’ve come to expect, as well as an anti-reverse function and a flawless operation.
2. Runner up: the Kastking Summer & Centron will assist you with catching several fish with maximal drag, but it will demand frequent washing to avoid rust caused by seawater.

It all comes down to preferences. Change the spinning reel parameters to suit your needs. Only by working so will you be capable of locating the best spinning reel under $50.

Thanks For Reading… Good luck!