9 Best Surf Fishing Reels – (Top Long Cast Spinning Picks)

Being an angler, you may be looking for the best pieces of fishing gear that can perform under extreme weather conditions. Here is the solution of surf fishing reels that can help to combat destructive water quality, friction, and extraordinary force.

I know you are in a hurry and might be looking for the best recommended pick, we have selected Dr. Fish Saltwater as the best long cast spinning reel because we tested this reel and it performs best and allow you to cast on huge fishes; that’s the reason it is the favourite pick for many professional anglers.

Surf fishing is an excellent sport that allows you to cast on fish in deep water. Mostly, people ignore the fact that there is specialized equipment for each activity you perform. These tools help you out to perform better. Long cast spinning reels are one of these tools that enhance your performance while you cast off the shore.

We have picked up the 9 best surf fishing reels that will match your reel to a rod with an accurate power rating and action. As a result, it will be easy for you to pinpoint and cast out the crashing surf at far distance.

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9 Best Surf Fishing Reels Comparison Table

IMAGE PRODUCT Features Price
Dr.Fish Saltwater 10000/12000 surf fishing reel
  • Ultra-High Capacity
  • High Density
  • Very Strong
PENN Slammer III
  • IP6 Sealed body
  • Dura-Drag
  • 6+1 stainless steel bearing
  • Propulsion Spool Lip Design
  • High Performance
  • Long Lasting
Sougayilang 10000 Series
  • 10+1 Stainless BB
  • Ultra Smooth
  • For Both Saltwater & Freshwater
Penn Spinfisher VI
  • IPX5 Sealed Body
  • Ht-100 Carbon Fiber Drag Washers
  • Metal Body
Daiwa Bg spinning reel
  • Hard Bodyz
  • Ultralight
  • Digigear System
Dr.Fish 8000/9000 Surf fishing reel
  • Graphite Body
  • 9+1 Stainless Steel BBS
  • 35lb Carbon Fiber Drag
Abu Garcia Black Max & Max X
  • Lightweight
  • Power Disk System
  • MagTrax Brake System
KastKing Brutus
  • Easy to Use
  • High Speed
  • MaxiDur Ball Bearings

9 Best Surf Fishing Reels Reviewed

1. Dr. Fish Saltwater 10000/12000 – Best Long Cast Spinning Reel

Dr. fish’s long cast spinning reel is one of the best reels for surf fishing and is commonly used by many professional anglers. It features high-quality CNC aluminum constructed spools that allow you to cast on huge fishes. The reel body is made with anti-corrosive steel, which keeps your spinning reel from rust or water entering the internal mechanism.

It comes with a sound and maximum 48LB drag system that can take enough pressure while you cast a giant fish.

Dr. fish’s saltwater surf fishing reel features 13 corrosion-resistant and one roller anti-reverse steel ball bearings that allow you to catch your favorite fish with ease.

Moreover, the bail wair is not waterproof, but the side plates and motor of the spinning reel are water-resistant, protecting your reel from water.

I found this spinning reel durable. It has a fantastic 3:9:1 gear ration that will enable you to cast on large water fishes comfortably.

In addition, it comes with an Aluminum constructed handle that allows you to comfortably hold the spinning reel for long hours without being tired.

Lastly, it has excellent line capacity ranging from 17lbs/460yds, 20lbs/360yds, to 30lbs/260yds. It features a carbon fiber multi-disc drag system imported from Japan, which helps increase torque while you cast a big fish.


  • Water-resistant tough body
  • Multi-disc carbon drag system
  • 48LB maximum drag
  • Stainless steel ball bearing
  • Anti-reverse system


  • Heavy

Looking for an efficient and robust surf fishing reel to cast monstrous fishes, then Dr. fish’s long cast spinning reel is your go-to option. It comes with a rigid steel body and anti-corrosive steel ball-bearing system that can take pressure off a big-sized fish. In terms of performance, this cast spinning reel will not disappoint you.

2. PENN Slammer III – Best Surf Spinning Reel

The Penn Slammer III is the third model in Penn’s well-known slammer series. If you intend for heavy-duty fishing, PENN Slammer III will be the ideal choice.

The third version of Slammer reels features the IP67 Sealed System that prevents water from reaching the gearbox and drag system. Not only this, the Slammer drag system uses the Dura-Drag material.

Capturing the more notable saltwater species is possible with this reel because it offers a higher range of spinning.

This surf spinning reel comes up with an entire metal body, side plate, corrosion-resistant quality, and rotor.

The Slammer III is a standalone piece that incorporates long-lasting components in terms of construction, material, and design.

Would you like to target the more prominent species? PENN Slammer III is the unique solution that deals with both hard surfcasting and larger heavy spinning rigs offshore. This reel features the strong drag mechanism and large spools that ensure to storage slot of lines.

This version of Slammer consists of 10500 sizes with enormous 60 Ibs that offer maximum drag force that can deal with open face reel.

Importantly, this fishing reel incorporates 6 stainless steel ball bearings, a machine internal solid brass gears, and a strong flex reel body.

Penn Slammer III surf spinning reel

In addition, the most amazing feature of this reel is its IPX6 sealing system which has a large capacity to keep it virtual even in high seawater levels. One of the best things that PENN Slammer III offers is; it can play the role of a high-pitched spinning reel to handle shark fishing.


  • Well-built with high-quality material
  • Smooth drag system
  • Suitable for plugging and surfcasting
  • Reasonable price
  • Strong line hold capacity


  • The cap may be less tight
  • Less ball bearings

In short, this Pen Slammer III surf fishing reel includes machine grass bearing and is well-sealed, you will find the smooth action and feels slightly geary compared to other Penn surf fishing reels. In addition, 2 extra bearings and 1 brass main gear ensure easy and smooth handling. This fishing reel will not disappoint you no matter what you want, for bottom fishing, high speed or slow pitch jigging, casting, or trolling.

3. SHIMANO Sienna Snc3000fg – Best Surf Reel

Shimano sienna’s is a well-built, durable, and efficient surf fishing reel that allows you to cast from freshwater and saltwater. Its rigid metallic body can withstand saltwater.

It comes with a propulsion spool lip that keeps your spinning reel from backlashing and wind knots.

It has a more powerful Line management system that allows a longer casting distance than a usual lip design.

It is made with a high-quality and durable reel that lasts longer after several uses. I found it a perfect and strong surf reel with perfect castability and stability.

It comes with a supportive handle that makes it easy for you to hold a spinning reel while fish casting.

You can get this reel at affordable prices, and I would highly recommend this item for beginners.

In addition, it features a super stopper II that decreases the risk of back play and enhances this spinning reel’s efficiency. Furthermore, the super stopper II ensures an instant anti-reverse system made with roller bearings and keeps the spinning reel from the wind knot.

Shimano Sienna Spinning Reel

Lastly, the Shimano Sienna spinning reel is available in many sizes, starting from ultra-light 500 to 4000. You can choose any of its sizes depending upon your choice.


  • Durable
  • Affordable
  • Available in many sizes
  • High-quality
  • Super stopper II
  • Strong roller bearings


  • Small handle

To conclude, if you do surf fishing as a hobby or as a beginner, the Shimano Sienna spinning reel is made precisely for you. It comes with a rugged reeling body with roller bearings that makes it easy for you to cast underwater species. This Shimano surf reel is easy to operate, and you can get it at an affordable price.

4. Sougayilang 1000 Series – Best Surf Fishing Reel

Sougayilang surf fishing reel has so many unique features that every angler wants. The most important feature is its propulsion line management system.

With this line management system, anglers can experience casting with propulsion spool lip design. This design has been approved after so many tests and computer simulations and is the best system for a regular spinning reel. It keeps the spinning reel from backlashing and protects it from wind knots.

Moreover, with this component, it is effortless to cast from long distances. It is made with a rigid graphite body having a steel shaft. The spool is constructed with rugged aluminum that ensures its longevity

In addition, this saltwater surf reel comes with a handle that you can change from left to right depending upon the angle you want, making it comfortable for you to hold this spinning reel for long hours.

Sougayilang long cast spinning reel has a gear ratio of 4:7:1 that can fight against monstrous species and take the pressure of casting over giant fish. It has a big-sized shaft that comes with an adjusted drag system.

Sougayilang 1000 series

You can cast on many fishes, including Tuna, sharks, yellow-tails, bass, trout, etc. In terms of durability, the rugged construction will allow you to use this spinning reel for years to come.

It comes with pinion gear and bearings on both sides, allowing you to maintain a balance between pinion and drive gear. Furthermore, it helps in reducing friction, and the gear does not change its position under big-size casting.


  • Tough construction
  • Excellent customer care service
  • 4:7:1 gear ratio
  • Propulsion spool lip design
  • Rugged aluminum spool
  • Oversized steel shaft


  • Heavy

Sougayilang 1000 series surf fishing reel is a fantastic addition to the market with its features that are difficult to beat. It has an excellent propulsion spool lip design and an interchangeable handle that can be used on both sides. Moreover, it gives you an excellent casting performance from considerable distances. Surf fishing is made easy with this spinning reel.

5. Penn Spinfisher VI Great Distance Casting

Penn surf fishing reel has earned a well-known reputation as one the best surf fishing reels. Penn Spinfisher VI comes with a strong built and IPX5 sealed body and spool design. 

The high resistant quality of the reel enables it to use saltwater well, and you do not need to wash it with fresh water. Even you can be free from the worry of the drag system having in saltwater.

The PENN Spinfisher VI features HT-100 carbon fiber drag washers covered with a whole sealed spool that is suitable for big saltwater fish. This reel is slightly different from the VI version in terms of better CNC gear technology andIPX5 sealing.

The waterproof and water-resistant characteristics make it a distinctive surf fishing reel. Also, the CNC gear has an enormous capacity to bear heavy loads. 

Whatever your need is, you can find in standard, long cast, live liner, and bail more slight models. Not only this, but it is the best budget surf fishing reel that ensures high quality and strength on a reasonable budget.

Another essential feature is; its all-metal body covered with a special IPX5 coating, which makes the reel robust and protected from filth. 

The precise machining system offers you cast over long distances too and maintains a good balance and versatility. Interestingly, this reel can preset for rear drag adjustment, allowing for on-the-fly adjustment to deal with all sizes of fish.

Penn Spinfisher VI


  • High dimensional precision
  • Baitrunner mechanism
  • Excellent Smoothness
  • Extraordinary drag power
  • Covered with all metal


  • May make a grinding noise
  • Anti-reverse bearings are not standard

In conclusion, whether you are a beginner or veteran, this reel is the ideal choice in terms of material, weight, smoothness, and corrosion-resistant even in saltwater. Also, this version can completely submerge in the surf water as a long cast reel. In addition, it offers an excellent seal against water and exceptional drag power with good handles to catch big fish.

6. Daiwa Bg – Great Value

For those looking for a high-end product, you need to check out the Daiwa BG3000 Spinning Reel. With its high-quality black aluminum body you are sure to have a product that’s going to give you that strong and protective hold.

Moreover, the covering is fully anodized which means that it remains safe from corrosion and other negative impacts.

What’s amazing about this spinning reel is that it comes with an excellent drag system. This helps make it much easier for you to catch the fish by reducing pressure on the rod itself.

Not only this but also the drag system of this reel comes in a waterproof construction making it perfect for long-lasting use. Despite this efficient drag system, it offers the infinite anti reverse system. This further strengthens your grip on the rod and your catch when fishing.

What I find most impressive about the Daiwa spinning reels is their digigear system. It displays precise designing and construction of gears which works perfectly together with other features of the rod to provide maximum speed and ease for the user.

And ofcourse, one of the most prominent features of this reel is the air rotor. This helps reduce stress and pressure on the rod line to give you the utmost balance for comfortable execution of your technique.


  • The strong design adds reliability
  • Lightweight rotor technology
  • Precise gear design
  • Air rotor system
  • Infinite anti-reverse technology
  • Anodized aluminium body


  • Some parts made of plastic

Using this spinning reel, I can say for sure that the features this reel has to offer are worth the price. Its robust build is perfect when you’re thinking about purchasing a long-lasting product. Similarly, the high-end precision-built features add power and speed so that you can use this product to your best capabilities.

7. Dr. Fish Saltwater Reel 8000/9000 – Best Surf Casting Reel

Dr. Fish Saltwater Spinning Reel is a professional and powerful reel for surf casting. One of the prominent features is; enhanced graphite designed body that makes it highly durable even in saltwater. The corrosion-resistant quality can ensure its use for an extended period. 

If you intend to get consistent outstanding performance in sea fishing, Dr.Fish surf casting reel is the ideal choice for you. It encompasses a triple carbon fiber drag disc that can drag up to35lb and easily catch the larger fish. 

Moreover, the drag system is precise and smooth, adjusting easily and quickly with a simple click. The ball bearings are stainless and ensure smooth casting, and you get retrieving feeling even in slat seawater.

Moving to the power handle based on aluminum and precise pinion gear to carry the best power transmission. Interestingly, you can enjoy a spare spool with CNC aluminum and thicker bail wire that ensures the fishing line adjusts evenly on the spool.

I recommend the Dr.Fish surf fishing reel because its smooth performance does not make it tough to handle it and durable material does not go defective just after 2 to 3 times usage. The mechanism is highly sturdy and has an adjustable bait runner. 


  • Triple carbon fiber drag disc
  • High-density graphite body
  • Strong body built
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Good performance


  • No grip ring on the inner spool
  • The handle may be a little loose

In summary, Dr.Fish saltwater surf casting reel comes with highly durable material and two ball bearings ensure consistent, smooth performance even under harsh seawater. The highly durable graphite body and enhanced bail wire make it a professional choice for a tough fish fight. 

8. Abu Garcia Black Max & Max X – Long Cast Surf Reel

Abu Garcia is known for making the best spinning reels from the past 100 years. Moreover, It has gained the customer’s satisfaction through its reliable and high-quality long-cast spinning reel.

Recently, they have upgraded the last reel and introduced the Abu Garcia Black Max & Max X Low-profile Baitcast fishing reel. This reel has all the amazing features that an angler would love. First, its body is made with graphite material that ensures the reel is light in weight.

Due to its lightweight and unique design, it was easy for me to carry it for long hours. I was so comfortable handling this spinning reel during surf fishing.

Thanks to its unique gear system that allowed me to cast from long distances with ease.

This spinning reel is easy to operate and comes in one piece only, which will keep your spinning reel from falling apart during fish casting. It features a fantastic steel bearing system with four ball bearings and one roller bearing.

With the help of its bearing system, you will cast on sea species smoothly and quickly.

The spool of the Abu Garcia Black Max spinning reel is made with solid aluminum and corrosion-resistant material. The lightweight spool is so efficient in its performance that an angler will love it.

Moreover, its weight is so light, unlike other spinning reels weighing 7.3 ounces. The magnetic bar system will allow you to take complete control of this spinning reel while casting.


  • Easy to handle
  • Lightweight
  • Affordable
  • Graphite body
  • Line capacity is enough
  • Smooth and strong


  • Bit noisy

Abu Garcia Black Max long cast spinning reel is best for everyone, from hobby to professional anglers. You can use this spinning reel with ease. It has a rigid body made with high-quality material and a unique design yet light in weight. This reliable spinning reel is durable and yet comes at an affordable price.

9. KastKing Brutus – Amazing Performance

KatKing Brutus spin cast fishing reel is the best reel in terms of performance and speed. It comes with a stainless steel body that is corrosive-resistant and keeps your reel from rust and water. Furthermore, this spincast reel is durable, and you can use it for many years to come.

It features a quick line pack-up system. The mechanism allows the user to quickly set the hook and cast one after another without the lengthy setting procedure.

I found the KastKing Brutus Spincast fishing reel very efficient with an excellent catch rate. If I talk about speed, it has a higher speed than other reels with a gear ratio of 4:0:1.

In addition to its features, it allows the angler to catch sea fishes in time and eliminate gaps between fish casting. This spincast reel is also very effective for surf fishing and features pre-spooled line capacity.

With this design, anglers can cast effectively from long distances and within deep water. The premium monofilament line capacity has 33 percent extra power than a regular spincast reel with the exact mechanism.

It comes with a reversible double padded handle made with aluminum material which ensures its longevity. Moreover, this comfortable handle is interchangeable from the left to the right side. So you can move it with ease according to your choice.

It also features five stainless double-shielded steel bearings that add to smoothness and comfort during the fish casting.

You can also read our complete review on top 10 spincast reels.


  • Efficient performance
  • Dual pickup system
  • Stainless steel reeling body
  • Double padded reversible handle
  • Pre-spooled line capacity with mono-filament


  • Poor customer care service

KastKing Brutus is a high-speed and excellent performance surf fishing reel that you can get at an affordable price. Its rugged steel body with an aluminum handle will allow you to use this spinning reel for many years to come. Many anglers love it because of its quick casting delivery.

Guide To Pick The Best Surf Fishing Reel

Surf fishing brings you an exciting experience and can be an excellent hobby to adopt. No doubt it requires specialized equipment and having the right tool can offer you the best experience.

Surf fishing is one of the favorite methods for anglers, no matter what your skill level and experience is. It is essential to remember that surf fishing needs long-distance casting and requires extra attention to the surface and underwater conditions.

We will guide you on the most important aspects to look into while purchasing the surf fishing reels. 

1. Line Capacity and Casting Distance Ability

First thing first, you need to consider that the surf fishing reel should have long-distance casting. It is essential because fish are far out, and it is not easy to find with strong tidal influences. That means you need to have the power to reach your lure at a far distance. 

A long spinning rod and the quality line will help handle the heavier weight line and wire to have an excellent surf fishing experience. As a result, your reel will successfully place the required stress on your line while pulling the fish across sharp coral and rocks. 

2. High Durability 

Durability is another thing important aspect that matters. You need to look for a surf fishing reel that possesses strong reels to handle the harsh surf condition, big fish, and destructive ability of saltwater. So, keep in mind to check closely the material and construction of the reel you intend to buy. 

3. Strong Drag Strength

If your reel does not have a robust drag system, it is of no use for you because surf fishing has constant pressure on your reel’s drag system. Remember, that strong drag system will enable you to constantly fight the big fish and handle the waves and current. As a result, water will not put extra force on your line and reel all the time.

4. Easy Cleaning and Maintenance

Another most crucial aspect is; the reel should be easy to clean and maintain. Remember to wash the gear with hot soapy water after each trip and wash thoroughly with fresh water to prevent damage from corrosion.

It is a fact that reels is based on machine parts that will damage if they are constantly in contact with saltwater. It is also essential to clean deeply from dirt, sand, and other debris to maintain its effectiveness and quality. 

5. Bearings and Recovery Speed 

While purchasing a surf fishing reel, consider the reel should have enough number of bearings because they are responsible for long line lengths. Also, the reel should be easy to retrieve. Those reels that have a sufficient number of bearings are more resilient to use.

6. Weight of the Reel

If you intend to fish in a boat, it will take less time casting than fishing from the shore. But it is not always the case. It is essential to know the measurement and weight of the reel if it meets your requirements.

Typically surf fishing rods are more than 10 feet that means it will have the extra weight. It suggests that you need to look not for the lightest option but you need to focus on the direction as per your requirement.

So, keep in mind to consider the strength of the reel, its weight, line capacity, and other all-important factors before purchasing any reel. Additionally, a reel with the proper center of gravity will offset the weight if you go for the heavier option. 

Surf Fishing Reel Brakes

As the large-sized spinning reels are an excellent choice for surf fishing, you will see the lever brakes that are manageable with the index finger by hooking up and down the bail. These brakes are less handy while doing surf fishing. So, it would be best to use baitcasting reels that work in centrifugal or magnetic brake systems. Both of these brakes are explained respectively.

1. Centrifugal Brakes

It uses the centrifugal force that will control the speed of the spool spin by providing friction. The heavier capacity of gear ratio of the reel will have the more serious centrifugal brakes to slow the spinning speed while surfcasting. Abu Garcia and Penn reels offer the best reels with these brakes for surf fishing.

2. Magnetic Brakes

These brakes consist of magnets in it which regulate the spinning speed. These brakes provide more control over the speed as compared to centrifugal ones. So most bait casters prefer reels with magnetic brakes.

Which Type of Reel to Choose for Surf Fishing?

The reel always plays a vital role while casting any fish. Now, it’s time to cast surf fish; what would you need in the reel?

The reel for surf fishing must be,

  • The one which casts better at a reasonable distance.
  • Sensitive to detect bites
  • Having stronger hooksets.
  • Able to have more control during a fight.
  • Have the strength to make fish lethargic.

To find the surf casting reel, you must go through these instructions.

  • Try to have a saltwater reel instead of freshwater.
  • The reel you buy must have a 20lb drag.
  • Picking the high gear ratio will help you out. The said gear ratio for surf fishing is 5:3:1.

Final Thoughts On Best Surf Fishing Reels

All in all, when it comes to picking the ideal surf fishing reel, there are many factors to consider. The most common quality that everyone wants is the reels should be lightweight, durable, and strong. Also, it would help if you thought about what you would be fishing and selected the size accordingly.

In this review, I have selected the five surf fishing reels to help you with efficient and effortless fish casting. Although each spinning reel is perfect in its way, for your ease, I have selected the top three spinning reels, which include:

Our Top 3 Recommended Picks:
1. Dr.Fish Saltwater Long Distance Spinning Reel for Surf Fishing for its CNC aluminum spool, Multi-disc carbon drag system, and Anti-reverse system
2. PENN Slammer III, One of the best-recommended products is; PENN Slammer III is the best combination of quality, durability, and value. This reel is well-suited to tangle with powerful fish like shark, tuna, and billfish. It, however, serves a great reel. 
3. Shimano Sienna Spinning Reel, comes with rugged reeling body and roller bearings that make it an ideal reel for surf fishing

People Also Ask About Surf Fishing Reels

1. What is a good surf fishing reel?

A good surf fishing reel can target both large species and light setups, even in the deepest water. Also, an ideal surf fishing reel should be able to work in a productive way to catch different types of fish. Besides, surf fishing reels with tall spools are an excellent benefit for further casting. It should have an independent low drag system to allow fish to swim and hook for surf fishing with ease.

2. How to choose a surf fishing reel?

The general rule to choose a surf fishing reel is; make sure the reel is large enough to grip firmly as many yards of line. That means it should be as per the requirement of the fishing conditions also the species you target.

The reel should be more significant as per the line you need because the line diameter is one of the most factors to consider. In addition, you can determine the size of fishing line that means the smaller reel will have a lighter line.

3. What is a good ratio for a surf fishing reel?

Surf fishing reels should have a higher retrieval ratio. Typically, 5:1 or 6:1 is considered a good ratio for most surf fishing reels. In case one needs a slower retrieval ratio. Going slower with a reel containing a higher ratio is possible rather than going faster with a slower ratio reel.

4. Do larger spinning reels cast farther?

The spinning reels with a giant spool tend to increase the casting distance. Moreover, if you are using a spinning reel with a larger spool, it will enhance the retrieval speed and performance. It will allow you to take more line-up turns while you cast a long distance. I would suggest using Dr.Fish’s saltwater long-distance spinning reel for effortless and efficient casting.

5. What to look for while purchasing a long cast spinning reel?

Long cast spinning reels are best for surf fishing. While buying a long cast spinning reel, you should consider important features that include a quick anti-reverse handle, adjustable drag system, increased ball bearings, and efficient gear ratio.

6. What is the best gear ratio for a long cast spinning reel?

The efficient gear ratio ranges from 4.4:1 to 5.1:1. With this gear ratio, you can cast from distances efficiently. Furthermore, it is best for the casing on heavy lures or fishes like trophy fish. With a higher gear ratio, you will get higher acceleration and excellent performance while casting.

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