7 Best Trolling Rods – (Top Picks & Combos)

Are you using the right trolling rod for the right depth? If so? Then why are you not getting the leads? It might happen because you have not chosen the right downrigger for your type of fishing environment.

To know more about how you can choose the right trolling rod with an accurate downrigger to reach the required depth. Read our precise buying guide along with our 7 picks to get the best trolling rods for your next hit experience. 

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Comparison of 7 Best Saltwater Trolling Rods

IMAGE PRODUCT features Price
  • Solid Construction
  • High-Quality Roller Guides
  • Excellent Design
PENN Squall 30 Trolling Rod And Reel Combo
  • Perfect For Big Game Fish
  • Durable Construction
  • HT 100 Carbon Fiber Drag System
Okuma Classic Pro GLT 
  • Graphite Cushion Inserts
  • Fiber Blank Construction
  • Stainless Steel Hoods
Okuma CP-DR-762ML-20DXT
  • E-Glass Blank Construction
  • Stainless Steel Hooded Reel Seats
  • EVA Foam Grips
Daiwa Accudepth Trolling Rod
  • Air Foam Grips
  • Graphite Composite Blank Construction
  • Lightweight
Fiblink Portable Saltwater Trolling Rod
  • Good Quality Material
  • Comfortable
  • One Year Warranty
Daiwa Dipsy Accudepth Trolling Rod
  • Powerful
  • Cut-proof Aluminum Oxide Guides
  • Good Quality

Best Trolling Rods Reviewed

You must have seen a lot of Fiblink fishing rods that are best in their quality and performance. But what makes this rod different from other Fiblink rods is its special feature, i.e., bent butt. The bent butt will provide your added privilege while doing shore fishing.

You will be glad to know its functional features. It makes this rod exceptionally unique and flawless for conventionally boat fishing. So it has to be our first pick for best trolling rods.

This special 6 feet rod is beautiful and appealing to most anglers. It is the best addition for the anglers who like trendy fishing poles in their collection. This rod is good in looks and delivers outstanding performance because it is in-built.

Like all other Fiblink rods, this rod also has a high graphite composition, making it lightweight and durable. The sensitivity of this rod is all you need for troll fishing. 

In addition, the high-quality roller guides will ensure the tight line casting while keeping the inappropriate drag position. These premium quality guides play an important role in troll fishing as they keep the lure down in the water for a longer duration without disturbing the position of the cast. Also, the robust aluminum alloy reel seat will support the casting line with heavy lures to ease the back fighting.

This heavy-duty rod works well with heavy lure lines of 80-120lbs. You can combine it with an electric reel for a comfortable troll fishing experience. We suggest you go for Penn 6/0 reel. It is the best suitable fit with an accurate gear ratio for this rod. You can use this setup for heavy freshwater fishing and shore fishing.

Last but not least, Fiblink Bent Butt Fishing rod is best for medium to large ocean fish such as Marlin, tuna, and yellowfin.


  • Best for large fish
  • 2-piece travel-friendly setup
  • Premium quality
  • Rod tip with padded cover
  • Nonslip rubber shrink tube handle


  • Bit pricy
  • Small guides

To summarize, you will have a memorable troll fishing trip with this rod, but you must have to be careful about the fish bite. It is already bent, and the lure is deeper than the straight rod. So you have to be a little attentive, not to miss the catch. Otherwise, this rod is best for all anglers who want troll fishing for large species.

2. PENN Squall 30 – Best Trolling Rod And Reel Combo

If you are new to troll fishing, then this Penn squall 30 wind level rod and reel combo is mandatory. It is surely one of the best trolling rod and reel combos because of its stout performance and durable quality.

This setup is all you need to start your troll fishing journey. You can use this rod for fairly large species such as sharks. Let’s explore some amazing features of this rod with their good performances.

Penn Squall 30 is a robust and heavy rod that can withstand high waves and still perform its best to land you the catch. It is a 1-piece rod having a maximum drag of 15 pounds because of its solid tubular construction. This high-end construction makes it super sensitive and durable.

In addition, the spool tension knob combined with heavy-duty guides makes it very flexible for adjusting according to your requirement or particular cast. Overall it delivers a very smooth trolling experience.

Talking about the description of the reel, it is a baitcasting reel. So it delivers better lures for heavy troll fishing.

The heavy-duty drag system allows you to have firm control over the cast while keeping the smooth fish fighting. The drag system might sometimes lag, especially when set up for long-distance. But it is very easy to make it work again without affecting its functionality. The drag locks down and sets the reel with the rod in the best way possible.

You can use 50-60 lb. mono with 4 oz. weight on the reel for 500-700 yards. However, this rod reel setup works best for high-pressure waves.

Penn Squall 30 Trolling Rod and Reel Combo

This combo has successfully landed a 35 inches gag grouper up to 3 feet big shark. Some anglers also hit the stingrays with this combo. Also, the stainless steel ball bearings and high-end marine bronze alloy main gear help the heavy braided lines to get the catch perfectly.


  • Heavy-duty reel rod set up
  • Ensures smooth troll fishing
  • Best for all anglers
  • Perfect for large species
  • Good quality for the price


  • Troubling fishing pole holder
  • Drag system might lag

To conclude, Penn is one of the top-notch manufacturing companies for fishing gadgets. So you are surely going to get something worth the money. Penn Squall 30 Trolling rod and reel combo is an absolute choice for anglers as it holds the rod and reel perfectly. So it maximizes the landing with their heavy-duty in-built manufacturing.

3. Okuma Classic Pro GLT – Best Trolling Fishing Rod

Okuma Classic Pro GLT is our third pick for the best trolling fishing rod. We have also added another trolling rod from Okuma because of its best quality and high-end performance rate. This product is also extremely popular for salmon fishing.

All of the rods in this series are technique-specific, and you will find each rod best in its unique way. We have chosen the 8 feet 6-inch medium-heavy rod for this purpose.

Okuma has maintained its legacy of delivering extremely efficient rods priced. You will not find any other fishing pole as durable as the Okuma ones. Still, this series is worth trying.

The carbon construction, heavy-duty guides, and robust reel seat make this product an overall package for anglers to enjoy troll fishing in the best way possible.

Moreover, you can use this rod for other species such as trout and stripers. We have chosen Okuma Class GLT Rod for all the valid reasons. This 8-inch rod is suitable for trolling because you might find it difficult to handle a 10feet long rod.

Also, it is the best option when going for salmon fishing as it’s in-built will take up the wear and tear of the process. It gives the privilege of having the optimum length required for salmon fishing. You can also use this rod for heavy fresh water and inshore fishing. 

Okuma Magda Pro 15DXT reel works best with this rod. This reel, combined with the Okuma rod, makes the best downrigger setup. For this rod, you can use a monofilament braided line of 30-50 lbs. However, we have also seen some anglers rave about its outstanding tip performance. This rod has cleared the whip test with absolute success. You can use 300” of copper trolling line and inline planer boards.


  • Sensitive tippet
  • Maximum lead
  • Supreme performance
  • Accurate length downrigger
  • Provides good torque-bend


  • Not durable for the long run
  • Rod might get a break near the tip

In short, Okuma Classic Pro GLT is a 2-piece rod with a heavy butt that supports back fighting and casting. You will see a major difference in every rod’s end that lies in this series. But we have chosen the copper/lead core for you to ensure that this rod performs well. We have noticed that this rod demands more care and maintenance than any other trolling rod to make it stay with you for several years. 

4. Okuma CP-DR-762ML-20DXT – Best Saltwater Trolling Rod And Reel Combo

Okuma has developed another exceptional troll fishing combo that is best in action and performance. You will find this combo best if you want to do it for lakes ponds.

Unlike the Penn combo, it is more suitable for lakes and ponds. So it is better to use it for open boats, aka kayak troll fishing, to experience the best out of it. Moreover, it is also a budget-friendly pick to start your light troll fishing journey.

The rod of this Okuma combo is one of the finest carbon pieces you will ever encounter. The same durable E-blank construction will make this rod sensitive and strong for deep luring.

This rod has considerably good flexibility. So when the fish bites the bait, you will see a bend-over rod. Through this, you can immediately back-fight the fish to get land your catch. Moreover, you will also notice that the super-quality guides will ensure the smooth yet tight casting over the spool to assure accurate angling.

This medium action rod is given with M/L-20DX reel set. It consists of 2 ball bearings suitable for casting the fish over 10 lbs. You can have small to medium-sized fish, which is good for walleye.

It is also good with slightly larger fishes, but you will notice that this medium action rod might take a little longer than smaller ones. This Okuma combo works best with a line capacity of 290/14, 230/18, and 210/20.

Being a downrigger fishing setup, it will allow you to set the depth according to your requirement for your particular fish. It gives you the leverage of enjoying flexible troll fishing with your desired lure at a certain distance. At the same time, the high-end aluminum guides and comfortable EVA foam handle ensure a robust grip to handle the heavy fights.

Last but not least, this 7 feet 6 inches long rod is best for luring trout, cranks, and smallmouth bass. 


  • Budget-friendly combo
  • 2-piece rod with good torque
  • Good quality for the price
  • Aluminum oxide guides
  • Best for entry-level troll fishing


  • Weak line counters
  • Not for large species

To conclude, Okuma offers a downrigger setup for its rod and reel combo. This setup helps the angler choose the right depth according to its ease and maximize its users’ compliance. You will enjoy using this reel-rod combo because of its optimum performance at such a reasonable rate. You can always use it as a backup for light troll fishing.

5. Daiwa Accudepth Trolling Rod

If you are looking for a multi-purpose trolling rod, this Daiwa Accu-depth is the perfect choice for you. You can use this trolling rod for in-shore fishing, heavy freshwater fishing, and so on. Although it is difficult to cast it for long distances, it is worth trying different fishing styles with this rod. This rod offers you a downrigger setup when combined with the reel.

Daiwa offers this 1-piece rod with supreme carbon construction. Its blank is so sensitive yet flexible, it proves extreme torque while fighting or catching the fish.

Also, the tip is sensitive enough to alert you about the fish bite. At the same time, the tip is robust to carry heavy lures to land the big species. The hook keeper will keep the line in place. While the air foam grips provide the backbone while casting.

We suggest you combine this heavy rod with Abu Garcia 6500 -7000 size reel to make the best robust compatible setup for landing larger species. You can use a 20-40 lbs. line with this rod.

Daiwa Accu-depth rod acts as a downrigger, so you can easily adjust it for fairly deepwater luring or troll fishing. Jigging and offshore fishing are also perfectly done by this rod. You can get halibut, strippers, and large bass easily with this rod.

If you want deep-casting, this rod will let you lure as deep as 60-80 ft. you can use long worms or HD baits to attract the catches.

Daiwa Accudepth Trolling Fishing Rod

Daiwa Accudepth trolling rod can handle bulky catches as it provides ultimate flexibility. It is designed to bear the wear and tear of high tidal waves. The parabolic torques make the jigging, freshwater fishing, and last but not least, trolls fishing much easier.


  • Best for light cat-fishing
  • Good for bass, stripper, and trout
  • Suitable for new fishers
  • Cost-effective pick
  • Heavy-duty blanks


  • No heavy-duty ring guides
  • Slow action rod

Daiwa Accudepth rod is 6 feet 6 inches long, so you can go for different fishing techniques with this rod. As the company claims, this rod is best with spinning techniques and casting, but we have found it more productive as a bait caster rod. However, you can use this rod according to your expertise. All in all, it is a good choice as a trolling rod.

6. Fiblink Portable Saltwater Trolling Rod

Another hit from Fiblink is this portable saltwater offshore trolling rod. It is also a multi-purpose rod for baitcasting, jigging, and trolling. You can use it, either way, to perform best for each technique.

You can have this compact 3-piece rod at such a pocket-friendly rate which on the whole makes it the best deal for anglers. These 3-piece rod works come in high-end packaging, making it a travel-friendly pick for everyone.

If you look at the manufacturing of this rod, it is also made up of graphite which makes it very durable and angler-friendly. This matte black rod is built to perform various fishing tasks without any hindrance. The matte color makes it non-reflective, thus making it suitable for fishing in daylight more easily.

This 3-piece versatile rod is best for troll fishing as a baitcasting reel making down rigging easy.

You can use Penn Jig-master 500 reel with a bottom clamp for deepwater jigging. We also suggest you try the reel size of 60-70 for this rod. The braided or floating line selection depends on the type of fishing technique you want to do as it is 8 feet long so that you can use it for inshore and offshore fishing as well! This rod is suitable for medium to large species such as trout, salmon, striper, walleye, etc.

The premium guides made of stainless steel and ceramic will ensure accurate casting. When these 3-piece rods combine, you will see that they make a smooth alignment of guides. It will prevent the nest formation of your heavy-duty line. You can use this rod for tuna and other large species. Using attractive slim and long bait will be cheery on the top for catching these fish. 


  • Professional Cordura bag for packaging
  • Prevents maximum friction
  • Provides pretty good flex
  • Easy to set up
  • Cost-effective rod


  • Reel seat slightly lose
  • Guides may corrode

Like every other accessory, this fishing pole also needs some maintenance. Suppose you do proper cleaning, especially after saltwater fishing. There is no way this 8 feet rod will leave you any soon. So we can say that this Fiblink portable rod is a multi-purpose best trolling rod you must-have in your cart list, especially if you are on limited budget shopping.

7. Daiwa Dipsy Accudepth – Trolling Fishing Pole

We have added another Daiwa trolling rod that is Daiwa Dipsy Accudepth because of its supreme quality and robust performance.

You will notice that this rod is different from the Daiwa, as mentioned earlier rod in many ways. The main difference is in its ability to perform various fishing techniques. But indeed, both of these are the best trolling rods for anglers of all levels. You will surely like both of these rods in their way.

This 2-piece rod is best for troll fishing as it gets deeper into the water and allows faster line pick up after release. You will find this heavy-duty rod very functional for casting it for large salmon and trout in saltwater. The robust hook keeper will play a very important role in this regard.

You will see that this rod is embellished with heavy-duty hook sets. This feature makes it very appropriate as trolling rod for larger species.

The extent of successful lands will depend on your fishing expertise and the level of attention you pay at strike while troll fishing. But being a heavy-duty rod, this 6 feet 6-inch pole tracks fish better as it goes deeper into the water. While the aluminum oxide guides assure accurate casting.

You can experiment with this rod and try it for different species at different fishing places. For this rod, you will experience a tension level of 25-30 lbs. We suggest you go for a braided line for this heavy-action rod and 12 lbs. leader for better casting.

Apart from this, you can use a baitcasting reel with this rod. It will also act as a downrigger, so we suggest using a heavy lure with good volume wires. Try to maintain the wire angle at somewhat near 20 to 30 degrees, as this angle is considered a good vertical angle required for a successful catch from trolling rods. So you will find this rod helpful in this regard.


  • Robust and powerful
  • More value than the price
  • Angler’s favorite pick
  • Robust graphite composition
  • Wide-angle flexibility


  • Sensitive tippet

To summarize, getting a cost-effective rod and dealing with fighting more efficiently makes this fishing pole more likable. You will immediately see a good bend once the rod has made a successful strike. The ability to back fight and its tremendously smooth retrieval makes it the best trolling rod for heavy fishing. 

Things To Consider Before Buying Best Trolling Rod

To get the best trolling rod, consider the following factors to choose the right rod for yourself. These points will help you make the right yet accurate decision for your nest troll fishing trip. 

  • Choose the rod type according to the species and environment you want to do troll fishing.
  • Most anglers prefer bait casting rods as they are more flexible and provide good support for back fighting. Thus considered as angler’s choice of a downrigger.
  • You should go for the rod size ranging from 8-10 feet. Our preferable choice is8 feet rod. 
  • Tension level, wind level, and flexibility ability play a major role in detecting strikes or fish bites. So choose your rod wisely.
  • We suggest you go for heavy-duty reels sizes ranging from 6500-7000for the troll fishing.
  • Split-rods are easier to set up and provide more torque. So more the piece, the better the performance of the rod.
  • Skirted trolling lures and heavy-duty lines, either monofilament or braided, are preferable for these rods.

FAQs About Trolling Rods

1. What are the best trolling rods for hybrid stripers?

You must have rods that can troll for top-water hybrids. Getting a hybrid striper mostly depends on the time you choose, the environment you select, and lastly, the rod that can take up the fights easily. As hybrid stripers are easy to get compared to non-hybrids, we have found Penn Squall 30 wind level reel and rod combo best for these species.

2. What are the best trolling rods for walleye?

Daiwa dipsy Accu-depth heavy-duty trolling rod is the best for walleye troll fishing. This type of fish demands heavy-rod with extreme troll skills that can smoothly manage the back fighting and cast. The tension level it manages and optimal performance make it the best walleye trolling rod.

3. What are the best salmon trolling rods?

You will find many trolling rods that work best for salmon fishing. The heavy-duty rod, either spinning or casting, will do the job. But to be more precise, the trolling rod that works as a god downrigger, mostly 8 feet, is ideal for salmon fishing. So we suggest Okuma Classic GLT and Pro rods are best in this regard.

Final Thoughts On Best Trolling Rods

Troll fishing is a different yet exclusive way to do fishing; we think it might demand less physical work, but it demands more attention and mind work. Also, we like straight trolling rods more than the bent rod. At the same time, it is worth mentioning that your expertise and environment chose the best trolling rods for you. To cut it short, we have picked our 3 picks for you.

  • Fiblink Bent Butt Fishing Rod: The best trolling rod so far if all you want is to land the large species with a high-end setup for saltwater fishing.
  • PENN Squall 30 Trolling Rod and Reel Combo: You will never regret buying this legitimate combo, not only good for a trolling setup but also best for trying multiple fishing techniques.
  • Okuma Classic Pro GLT: The best deal for tying trolls fishing with the best rod. You will find a huge variety to choose from it, and each one carries its unique winning factor.

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