7 Best Ultralight Spinning Rods – (2022 Lightest Picks)

If you are struggling with extended fights with your targeted species and unable to land your favorite panfish because of not having the right ultralight pole. Also, if you want to know how you can make the perfect fishing set to cast for small species using these ultralight poles with the right lure weight and line weight along with a compatible reel set then this guide is only for you.

Scroll down to know which is the best ultra-light spinning rod for you and how you can evaluate it. Check out our list of the 7 best products along with a brief but very functional buying guide.

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Comparison of 7 Best Ultralight Fishing Rods

Cadence Essence Ultralight Spinning Rod
  • Stainless Steel Guides
  • Ideal For Both Freshwater & Saltwater
  • Extremely Sensitive
Okuma Celilo Graphite ultralight spinning rod
  • High-Quality Material
  • Aluminum Oxide Guide Inserts
  • Stainless Steel Hook Keeper
top Rated
Shakespeare Micro
  • For Beginners & Professionals
  • Reliable & Durable
  • Good Quality
Fenwick HMX
  • High Modulus Blank
  • AAA Cork Full Grip Handle 
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
Piscifun Torrent
  • 2 Tips & 2 Pcs
  • Double Hook Keeper
  • Sensitive
Sougayilang Fishing Rod
  • Ideal For Trout
  • Sensitive
  • Comfortable Handle
Berkley Lightning Rod
  • Durable
  • Favorite For for Trout Angling
  • Double-locking Reel Seat

What Is An Ultra-light Spinning Rod?  

An ultra-light spinning rod is the fishing pole that is particularly used for catching small fishes, creeks such as trout, catfish, panfish, bluegills, and bass fishes. To elaborate, we have broken down some of the features of these rods which are as follow:

  • It can lure light-weight such as live baits, tiny jigs or artificial baits
  • These rods are generally used for short casts
  • It can carry a line weight of up to 4-5lbs
  • Ultra-light spinning rods are compatible with almost all spinning reels
  • The ideal reel size for these rods is 1000-3000

7 Ultralight Spinning Rods Reviewed

1. Cadence Essence – Best Ultralight Spinning Rod For Trout

Cadence spinning rod is one of the top-notch ultralight fishing rods for trout because of its outstanding performance along with its legitimate reasonable price. This rod’s outlook, compatibility with other essentials, and compliance are all you need for freshwater fishing.

Let’s start with the strong building material of this rod; It comes with high-quality carbon which gives the support to cast for larger tunas. Also, the graphite construction assures the promising durability of this rod even in rough inshore fishing with high tides.

It is strong and sensitive so it provides the best fishing experience especially if you are looking forward to big catches such as redfish and flounder.

As spinning rods are easy to get along with; even if you are a beginner. It is because of this rod’s design that makes the angling is simple.

Moreover, You can use this for side angle technique with Carolina rigs, Texas-rig baits. Although this ultralight trout rod is almost compatible with all spinning reels but the CS-10 reel is our preferred choice for this rod.

Well, you can use this rod with a 6lbs monofilament line with 1/32-1/8 oz. lure for long casting.

Despite being an ultra-light rod, it allows you to cast for larger fishes easily. The main reason for this is its cork handle that provides a firm grip, stainless steel guides that control casting accuracy, and the silicon carbide inserts that reduce the friction and heat for smooth angling. 


  • Many eyelets
  • EVA grip absorbs moisture
  • Pocket-friendly rod
  • High-end protective packaging
  • Good customer service


  • Tip is fragile
  • Stainless steel guides can be corrosive

In short, Cadence Essence Spinning rod is the best choice either for trout or for hammerhead. The cardboard tube packaging with foam doughnuts assures the safe delivery of this rod. This ultra-lightweight and durable rod is also best for kayaking or surf fishing. It is surely the best choice for all anglers.

2. Okuma Celilo Graphite – Best Ultralight Spinning Rod

Okuma Celilo spinning rod is the favourite pole of fishers because of its versatility to cop up with the fish fighting and to pull them over the bank without even breaking. Ultra light spinning rods are more prone to breakage when it comes to bent, but this rod is not the same.

According to our experience, this rod is worth the hype. It is 6 feet 6 inches long and has graphite in-built that provides it with a good tensile strength so it curves easily while angling. Also, it can bear the stress while fighting because of high-quality carbon that gives mechanical support to it.

Okuma Celilo rod is best for small fishes such as sunfish, panfish, and trout.

The aluminum oxide guides and inserts keep the 8lbs line kinks free and assure smooth and wide casting near the bank. While the blank made up of high-grade graphite serves as the backbone of this fishing rod.

It performs three main functions; one it maintains the balance while angling, secondly, it assures to lessen the stress on the angler’s wrist while keeping the position of the cast in the right place. Lastly, it ensures to even out the stress on the whole length of the rod to avoid breakage.

In addition to that, the hooded reel seat of this rod is compatible with most of the spinning reels. So, it gives the privilege to anglers for using a variety of reels to it. You can also use a variety of lures ranging from 3/16-5/8 oz. But tiny jigs or artificial small baits work best for this rod as the tip is slightly sensitive so, it is better to keep the weight minimal.

Okuma Celilo Ultralight Rod


  • Best for small bass
  • Reasonable price
  • One year warranty
  • Solid-tube packaging
  • High flexibility


  • Sensitive tip
  • Not good for heavy lines

In short, this 2-piece rod has moderate fast action and it is the best ultra-light fishing rod we have ever come across. It is the only ultra-light rod that gives wide bends over to the first guide which is indeed exceptionally amazing. 

3. Shakespeare Micro – Best Ultra Light Fishing Rod

Anglers usually prefer to start their career with a durable and lightweight fishing rod because it is easy to handle and gives you a wide opportunity of learning. This Shakespeare micro spinning rod is the best choice in this regard.

Firstly, it is the most common choice of anglers for creek fishing and that is why it is widely available at a very affordable rate.

This ultralight fishing rod is a good starter pack for beginners to get the basic casting skills with different angling techniques with a good quality rod that is fast in action but does the job what it claims.

The simple design of this micro rod catches the attention of fishermen because of the good quality rod that is best for pan fishes, bluegills, and even trout. It mainly depends on how experimental you are to explore its capacity using different casting lines with variable lures. It allows great exposure to not only new species but also evaluate its ultimate range to perform with different techniques.

Although this 7 feet ultralight spinning rod provides average flexibility so, it is good for small pond fishes or shallow fishing near the lake using an artificial lure or plastic jigs or baits to attract the catch.

The tip of this rod is sensitive, so once you get the hint after casting try to grab the rod closer to the bank to avoid minimum back fighting.

Shakespeare Micro Series Rod

Takedown: If you have accidentally broken the tip-off, you can use the last guide present on this rod and fit it at the top. It will work the same but then you need to be a little cautious and restrict this rod for small fish only.


  • Best for beginners
  • Best for 3lb. fish
  • Simple to use
  • Conventional reel seat
  • Can lure up to 20-30cms


  • Average packaging quality
  • Rod is flimsy

To conclude, we can say that Shakespeare micro rod is the go-to rod for anglers while doing crappie fishing or so. It is because of its ability to maintain balance while casting with a firm grip because of the stainless steel guides and inserts; backbones with cork handle. 

4. Fenwick HMX – Best Ultralight Rod

If you want to invest in the high-end spinning rod that is ultra-light power with fat action then Fenwick HMG should be your considerable choice. The name indicates HMX for high modulus graphite; it is surely a high-quality spinning rod with absolute performance.

Starting with the outlook of this rod, it is a sleek, simple design that fits in the hand of the angler while the in-built supports the design in terms of performance.

You will observe different layers of high-grade carbon on each part of this rod. It makes it a super durable, premium quality rod that is best for professional anglers. 

This heavy-duty high-end spinning rod works best with a reel size of 2000 or even with 1000. You can cast it a mile away with this rod. It can bear the long casting with a good curve. It is advisable to use the lure of weight 17. It is also able to carry heavy lures but it is always better to go with moderate and suitable options.

You can use this product for warm water species such as bass, bluegill, panfish, and catfish or even for walleye. The AAA cork strengthens the rod’s grip while zirconium inserts along with stainless steel guide ensure to maintain the balance while casting with minimum friction of the line. The cork handle is sensitive enough to aware of the striking beats of the fish.

Fenwick HMX Spinning Rod


  • Best for intermediate anglers
  • Robust graphite in-built
  • 2 –piece split up design
  • Prevent kinks and tangling
  • Minimum back fights


  • Breakable from spigot connection
  • Little pricy

Hence, the Fenwick HMX ultralight rod is best for small cast with the light lure and with light to moderate line weights. You can always experiment with it for various species but it has a moderate flex that supports casting shallow-water fishes.

5. Piscifun Torrent – Best Light Spinning Rod

Another pick for the best lightest spinning rod is this Piscifun torrent spinning rod. This high-end design rod at an affordable price is all you need to start your next fishing adventure. Also, the additional benefits of this rod will leave you in awe. 

Certainly, this rod is ultra-light in weight but its sturdy framework and robust design will maintain the control while using it in freshwater fishing or streamlines.

Excitingly, Piscifun Torrent Spinning Rod has a tremendous reel seat design that lets you adjust the reel most simply yet maintain the balance while casting. The double hook keeper along with ceramic inserts reduces the line friction and allows smooth casting.

You can use the 4-8lbs fluorocarbon lines with this rod because the guides are aligned in such a way that they support the smooth line settling to avoid tangling. This way it is easier for you to fight back with fish and also it lessens the stress on the line while maintaining balance throughout the angling process.

Well, the spigot ferrule connections provide added balance along with guides. It is an exceptional feature of this rod which you get at such a reasonable price. The IM-7 X-shaped high-quality blank is responsible for the right positioning of the wrist while making a cast. The EVA foam at the bottom provides a firm and irresistible grip.


  • Sleek, simple, and robust design
  • Budget-friendly rod
  • Travel-friendly
  • Excellent packaging
  • The lightweight prevents splash


  • Not for braided lines
  • Small guides

To conclude, Irrespective of its lightweight, Piscifun Torrent heavy-duty rod serves an exponential curve while luring for bass and trout or even near the shore. This fast action and two-piece rod is the best choice for anglers that loves freshwater fishing and are always ready to take long routes for this pleasurable trip.

6. Sougayilang Fishing Rod – Lightest Fishing Pole

If you like fishing for a whole day long and do not want to hurt your forearm and wrist then this Sougayilang pole is the best ultra-light fishing rod for you. This fast action rod is best for catching yellow perch and panfish around the shallow areas of water. 

Sougayilang spinning rod is an easy to set up yet strong action rod even if you choose it for big fish. We have found an 8lb monofilament line to lure down the 6lb striper. It also makes the back fighting easy because of the wide graphite blank that serves as a backbone to anglers from casting to catching the fishes.

This 8 feet rod has a wider flex so it gives you a good margin to fight back without getting bent or broken.

Also, the stainless steel guides and inserts assure a good grip over the line that reduce the strain and prevents the knots that may form due to the loose grip over the line. The fore and rear cork grip get wider from the bottom of the rod providing balance and support to anglers while casting. This feature makes this rod suitable for beginners who want to switch from small fishing to big games. 

Although the Sougayilang fishing rod has 2 piece construction model yet it is strong enough to carry long lures for small fish. It is the ultimate piece of perfection for those anglers who wants to do fishing in ponds, creeks, and in shallow water to enjoy their daily evenings near the bank. It works best with a reel size of 10 and lightweight live lures such as ants or grasshoppers.


  • Corrosion-resistant components
  • Lightweight
  • Excellent dragging mechanism
  • The price level is low
  • Line capacity is enough
  • Smooth and strong


  • Not the most potent reel
  • Not suited for specific fishing requirements

Briefly, we can say that the Sougayilang rod provides a good opportunity for small water fishing to all anglers irrespective of their skill levels. Due to its lightweight and fast action, it gives you more strikes rather than any other lightweight fishing pole. 

7. Berkley Lightning Rod – Best Light Action Spinning Rod

Berkley spinning rod is the ultimate choice for anglers who do not want to spend on rods and reels combos but are looking for a single rod that is compatible with almost all the reels. It is not only cost-effective but also an efficient way to start the fishing journey.

This sturdy rod is quite sensitive to detect the presence of tiny spikes in the water so lets you take over more strikes with its extreme sensitivity. Along with this amazing feature, it allows you a good cast with smooth bending of the rod.

Despite being a 2-piece rod, the 24-ton multi-modulus carbon in-built ensures to provide optimum flexibility.

The reel seat can take up the light lines with small lures to cast for small but multi-species. You can use this rod for small trout, bluegill fishing, or crappie fish.

Moreover, the cork handle with rubber bottom provides extra strength and balance to the rod. Having said that, you must use a compatible reel that can carry a lightweight line to lure for small baits.

After many hits and trials, we have come up to the point that Berkley lightning rod works best with a reel size of 20. Okuma Epixor XT spinning reel, Shimano Sienna 1000 reels makes the fabulous combination with this rod in terms of functionality and compatibility with the framework of this rod. Also, callus X 2 is the great choice for this rod with live baits or jigs.


  • Best for drift fishing
  • Strong in-built
  • Compatible design
  • The double lock reel seat
  • Anti-corrosive inserts


  • Not durable as high-end rods
  • Slightly stiff than usual ultra-light rods

Consequently, we can say that this rod along with a good reel is the accurate choice for entry-level anglers or for those who are willing to experiment with small fishing but on a budget. Berkley lightning rod pays off each penny and assures smooth functionality.

Why Use Ultra-light Rods?

 Following are the reasons for using ultra-light rods:

  • Ultralight rods are easy to use, so best for all anglers irrespective of their skill level
  • Ultra-ligh are portable so these are travel-friendly
  • Their solid in-built makes it durable and reliable
  • You can use these rods for catching a variety of small fish to big sharks
  • These rods assure more strikes than any other rod
  • You can use a variable spinning or baitcasting reel with these rods
  • Ultra-light rods are more sensitive to give you alert about the presence of fish
  • These rods are affordable and easily available

Guide To Pick The Best Ultralight Spinning Rods

Without a doubt, experience gives you the best knowledge along with unforgettable lessons. From our experience and analysis as anglers; we have highlighted a few points that you should consider before buying the best ultra-light spinning rod for you.

Best Design – 2 Piece Rod

Ultra-light spinning rods are mostly slim, sleek rods with high-grade carbon in-built. These rods contain a split up design means that the rod can separate into two parts. It just does not make it travel friendly but also lightweight which facilitates the long-casting. 

Ultra-Light Power – Fast Action

These rods are low power rods that is why cannot get along with heavy fish. Some of these rods can also go with fairly large species. But it depends on the length, reel size, line weight, and lure weight. The complete setup ultimately evaluates the fishing capacity of the rod.

Small Cast – Moderate Flex

These rods are usually for shallow water fishes or fishes near the bank. So, when selecting an ultra-light spinning rod, keep in mind that these rods can only be cast up to a few inches and has medium torque to provide moderate flexibility.

Sensitive Tip – Wider Blank

Most of these spinning rods have sensitive yet fragile tips. So while selecting these light rods it is advisable to see the reviews of that particular product to get the best one. Also, go for the rods having littler wider blank that maintains smooth casting.

Cork Handle – Stainless Steel Guides

Foam handles are not as durable as cork ones. So opt for cork handle rods especially those that have rubber on the end. It locks the grips and makes the rod ready for several promising strikes with accurate precision due to its firm grip. Guides and inserts prevent the kinks in lines and hold them in place so preferable to choose titanium or silicon carbide guides.

Best Reel Size, Lure Weight And Line Weight

Due to ultra-light power, these rods are not able to cope with the stress of heavy reels. So, go for a reel size of 1000 to 2000. Kodiak and Callus X 2 are good reel options for lightweight rods. Lure weight of 17 and line weight of 1/64oz. is ideal for ultralight rods.

Last but not least price is another very important factor while buying these rods. We suggest you start with low priced rod then eventually opt for expensive ones if needed. Kindly note these suggestions to get the best angling experience for small species.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

1. What is the best ultra-light fishing rod?

Okuma Celilo Lightweight Rod is the best ultra-light fishing rod because it provides larger flex than usual spinning rods, so it eases the creek fishing tremendously. It is an exceptionally heavy-duty rod with solid in-built, classic design, and high-end performance. 

2. What is the best length for an ultra-light rod 6.5 or 7 feet?

In general, a 6 feet 5 inches ultra-light rod is more sensitive to cast with more precision and accuracy for small distance angles. But if you want to go for larger distances such as on shores or saltwater then 7 feet rod is a good option.

3. What are ultra-light rods good for?

Ultra-light rods are good for small species and are not suitable for big games. As the in-built design supports the fast action with an average casting capacity of up to 3lbs bass so, these roods are good for short casts for small trout, bluegills etc.

Final Thoughts On Ultralight Fishing Rods

Nevertheless, fishing is a continuous learning journey using different techniques with different types of rods. Likewise, you can explore uncountable ways to use your best ultralight spinning rod.

To make it simpler for you we are sharing our top 3 picks with you so that you can jump on to your next exciting adventure without any hustle.

  • Cadence Essence Spinning RodIt is best for intermediate fishers who wants to try this robust spinning rod for slightly larger species using the side-angle or pull-over technique.
  • Shakespeare Micro Spinning Rod:It is the best for fishing near the bank for small creeks and panfish using light angling techniques. So, this rod is best for new fishers.
  • Fenwick HMX Spinning Fishing Rod:This heavy-duty is best for ultra-light fishing but due to its high price it is best for anglers who want to do shore fishing using these rods.

We hope that you will find your best light fishing rod from our guide. Let us know what else you want to know about spinning rods or ultra-light rods? Also, if there are any suggestions you want to share with us, kindly comment down below. We would be looking forward to them. 

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