Can You Eat Koi Fish – (Taste & Cooking Method)

Koi Fish is known for its attractive looks and bright colors. Despite its appealing features and distinct characteristics, you might be concerned about its taste and eating delicacy. Depending upon its habitat, we can say that these are non-poisonous fishes. 

But it is a famous saying that “all the glitters are not gold.” Likewise, good-looking Koi Fish might become a dreadful experience or a pleasant treat. So you never know how this experience will turn out for you. So if you want to know, can you eat Koi Fish or not? Readout this concise yet interesting guide to making a better decision.

Interesting Facts About Koi Fish

While searching about Koi Fish, we have found some interesting facts that will leave you in awe. So we could not resist sharing it with you. Have a look!

Jumbo Koi Pond Fish
  • Japanese originated breed is a top-notch cuisine in Japan and dominates most eastern countries such as Bengal.
  • Koi Fish is considered a good omen fish. Each colour represents different good luck charms. Kin Rin for growth and happiness while Ogon for wealth and so on. 
  • Pet Koi Fish is an intelligent fish that develops the sense of recognition of its owner.
  • If you call these pet fish via a particular name, they may respond to you by coming ear to your site and treat alert- Machiavellian intelligent feature.
  • These fish cost from $400 to $1000+. Thus it is labelled as the most expensive fish in Japan.
  • They can live up to 50 years if given proper surviving conditions.
  • Watermelon and shrimps are the favourite food of pet Koi Fish.
  • Despite the high reproductive rate of Koi Fish, the wild species are near extinction because of overfishing.
  • The largest Koi Fish recorded till now is 1.2 m long, weighs 90pounds and is named Big Girl.

Are Koi Fish Edible? – Common Relatable Queries

Yes, you can eat Koi Fish. Whenever you see Koi Fish, you might want to know that, are these eye-catching fish edible or not? You will also encounter some different questions related to its eating. So to simplify it for you, we have listed all the common queries for you.

Do Koi Eat Other Fish?

Koi Fish is a good eater, and it eats almost everything around it. You will see that Koi Fish can eat up from small green algae to fish as these fish can grow up to the fairly large size of a few inches because they eat a lot. 

Koi Fish will eat everything smaller than its size. Large Koi Fish will even eat up medium-sized fish such as bass and trout. In addition, pet Koi Fish will eat up fruits like bananas and some vegetables. So you can be vague about its eating checklist. Also, remember that whatever Koi Fish will eat indirectly affects your health. So feed wisely. 

Do Koi Fish Taste Good?

It isn’t easy to give the exact answer as it depends mainly on your taste buds and your personal choice. But in general, its taste is almost similar to Carp Fish. That’s why it is named Ornamental carp. 

Carps are not good in taste. Most people say that Koi Fish is an expensive carp. So we suggest you try carp to get the idea of taste. Then you can opt for a fancy fish dinner. However, proper cooking and use of species inaccurate amount will make a huge difference.

Do People Eat Koi?

Many food lovers, especially anglers, like to catch and try different species. Especially in this case, when the fish is beautiful, every food lover wants to try it for once. These are also served as an Elite dish in some countries because of their uniqueness and high-price.

Can You Eat Pet Koi Fish?

Of course, you can eat it. You’ll be surer about eating up a fish that has grown up on a healthy and toxin-free diet. But don’t you find it difficult to eat up a fish that has been grown up under your supervision and care?

Pet Koi Fish
Pet Koi Fish

Is It Illegal To Eat Koi Fish In Japan?

No, Koi Fish is widely served as a cultural dish in Japan. You will find Japanese Koi Fish massively serving in Nagano, Yamagata, and Ibaraki. Moreover, this fish is also served in various ways such as raw fish (sashimi), fried, boiled, grilled, etc. 

Potential Risk of Eating Koi Fish

Being freshwater fish, Koi Fish is readily eatable and carries no potential harm. But you might encounter bacterial infections if not checked properly. We suggest you either go to eateries known for serving healthy fish or try to have freshwater Koi Fish. It is seen that freshwater Koi Fish are a more healthy choice. 

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Fishing a Koi Fish

Koi Fish is similar to carp fish in so many ways. This is a freshwater fish, mostly found in ponds, stagnant water, lakes, etc. Depending on the type of water and size of fish, you can choose the setup. We are sharing our setup to catch the small to medium-sized Koi Fish.

  • Use a medium to heavy spinning rod because of the light setup rather than the baitcasting rod.
  • A spinning reel with two drag systems is preferable for a spinning reel size ranging from 30-50lbs.
  • Use monofilament line of 10-20 lbs. so that you will not make Koi Fish conscious.
  • Go for hook size from 6 to 10, depending on the expected Koi Fish length and weight.
  • You can use food items such as food grains or live worms to catch the carp. It might work for Koi Fish as well.
  • The drop-shot rig is our personal favourite choice for Koi Fish. 

The Easiest Method of Cooking Koi Fish

Cooking Koi Fish can make or break your experience of having such an elite fish as its muddy taste can be masked with a good amount of spice and proper cooking. We are sure you don’t want to have an unpleasant Koi platter after spending a hand full of money.

Cooking Koi Fish
Cooking Koi Fish

To save you from this unhappy coincidence, we suggest you cook grilled Koi Fish on better butter’s recipe to ensure you experience the rich taste and are easy to make.

Ingredients Required To Make Grilled Koi Fish:

  • Lim juice- 2 tsp.
  • Sugar-1 tsp.
  • Oil-2 tsp.
  • Medium-sized Koi Fish-2
  • Garlic cloves-3 to 4
  • Seasonings- as per taste

Steps to Follow:

Prepare a mixture to marinate the fish. Use pestle and mortar to grind the pre-soaked red chillies along with garlic cloves in them. Once blended, add other seasonings such as nutmeg powder and mix herbs powder and sugar in it. Mix well to make slurry.

Now add salt and lime juice to your fish and smear it all over the fish properly. We suggest you put slight cuts for better absorption. Now add the prepared slurry to it. Leave this marinated fish for about 30-45 minutes. Now grill the fish with slightly oil greasing. Serve it with tomatoes, ring onion, and some coriander garnishing.

Delicious Koi Fish Cooked
Koi Fish Cooked & Ready To Eat

Last Thoughts On Can You Eat Koi Fish

As the Koi Fish is a bottom feeder, you should expect to feed upon microorganisms and algae. All of this indirectly affects its taste as the foul smell of algae will be there no matter how much you cook. At the same time, this beautiful creature is becoming an endangered species. So what would you prefer?

Would you like to eat this expensive fish or keep it as a pet for your indoor garden?

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