Can You Eat Muskie? [Taste, Size, & Cooking Recipe]

Are you nervous to try musky for the first time but scared about getting toxic? Well, there is so much about eating muskies that you might get confused about whether you should have it or not? But the urge to try new fish flavors, especially if you are an angler, is mandatory.

So we have made it easy for you. If you want to know that “Can you eat muskies?” Explore this brief yet to the point guide to clear all the blurred concepts. After extensive research, we have covered the basic intro of the muskies to how to make them ready for cooking. All you need is in this guide.

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Why Muskies Are So Hyped Fishing Species? – Know The Truth

Muskies have a lot of similarities to pike fish, but some features are worth getting this hype and making it unique in its way. To answer this, we have categorized the distinctive specifications that make it different from other fish species.

Aggressive Musky Fish
Aggressive Musky Fish Look Like

Rare Species

Musky has become a rare species because it has a very low production rate compared to other species. One of the common examples of this is Tiger Muskies. These do not reproduce and are sterile like many other muskies. Due to this specification, muskies are becoming one of the rare species.

Types of Musky

This species varies in diverse ways and exist in hybrids as well. These muskies have been divided into 4 types.

  1. Fish-barred Muskie
  2. Spotted Muskie
  3. Tiger Muskie
  4. Clear Muskie

Appropriate Size of Musky

As muskellunge grows slowly, you may find this fish of different sizes because of its long life span. But it can grow up to 3-4 feet in length and can be as heavy as 40-60lbs. It all depends on how older fish you get, as the older it is – the bigger is its size. 

Giant Muskie (47 inch size)
Giant Muskie (47 Inch size)

Feeding Cycle of Musky

Like other large species, muskies also feed on small fish such as suckers. They also like soft-finned fish and crabs. Usually, they prefer fish having high-protein content. As apex predators, these muskies hold the top position of the food chain and eat all the small fish surrounding them.

Although they do not eat a lot, they possess a high nutritious percentage with the least crabs. The average meal of musky per day is a maximum of 8-10 fishes that even gets less during winters. 

Pet Muskie Feeding
Pet Muskie Feeding

Living Pattern of Musky

These fishes are calm by nature, so they do not prefer moving water or moving for their prey. Instead, these are usually present at the vegetative sides of the rivers or lakes and wait for their prey to eat them up.

Moreover, muskies are usually found in shallow areas with less or no sunlight. Despite these fishes having fast swimming speed, they still prefer to stay at deep points near heavy bottoms for a longer time. 

Can You Eat Tiger Muskie?

As tiger muskie is well-known, you should consider all the risks associated with eating muskies, especially mercury contamination. Once you are sure about the nutrient levels of your catch, you will find it a pleasant eating experience.

Underwater Tiger Muskies
Underwater Tiger Muskies

What Do Tiger Muskie Eat?

Tiger muskies are food-lovers. They almost eat everything that comes in front of them. You will find tiger muskies eating from small fish to crabs and sometimes even small snakes as tiger muskies are usually surrounded by small fishes. 

So you will find them eating perches, crayfish, smallmouth bass, and so on. If they cannot find fish, they eat small mammals such as ducklings, frogs, and muskrats. At the same time, high-protein small meals are their favorite ones, such as suckers or soft ray.

Tiger Muskie Recipe | Tiger Bites


  • Musky chunks
  • Corn meal-2 cup
  • White Flour-2 cup
  • Salt- as per taste
  • Garlic salt-as per taste
  • Pepper- as per taste
  • Eggs- 3
  • Milk- 2 cups


Cut the boneless pieces of your musky into small chunks-a small bite-size. Now take a bowl to prepare the batter for marinating the fish. Pour an equal amount of cornmeal and mil in the bowl along with seasonings, including pepper, salt, and ginger salt, as per your taste. 

Please note that the batter should have a medium consistency to stick with the meat. Now, dip the chunks into the mixture and give it a good mix. Heat the oil in the pan to fry the fish chunks. Take each marinated chunk, dip it into the white flour, and then put it in the frying pan.

When the chunk is cooked properly, it will start to float. You can take out the chunks when it’s golden brown. Thus, you can enjoy the crispy and delicious tiger musky bites. 

When Eating Musky Is Dangerous For You? 

It is better to ask the recommendations from your local state advisories. Depending on your fishing muskellunge’s type, size, food intake, and habitat vary. So, you will get better assistance if your catch is healthy for you or not.

●  Poisonous Fish | Mercury Toxicity 

If you are new to fishing, you should know that some of the larger species can be toxic for you. They eat upon small fish that may intake hazardous chemicals; the most common is mercury- from their surroundings. 

The mercury will accumulate in the body of large species such as sharks and tiger muskies. So these species become poisonous for us as high mercury concentration may prove fatal for us. So, it would help if you did careful research before fishing a musky.

Is Musky Suitable For All Individuals? 

Well, muskies are a good diet from a nutritional point of view, especially to fulfill the protein needs in the body. However, some users have crucial limitations for it. After extensive research, we have come up with a few points that will help to know if this species is good for you or not.

Muskies are good For: 

According to Wisconsin’s Department of Natural Resources, 1 musky per month and 6 muskies per year are advisable to prevent toxicity or any other unhealthy coincidence.

Muskies are not good For:

  1. Pregnant women
  2. Nursing women
  3. Children under 12-15 years old
  4. The person with hyper proteinemia- high blood proteins
  5. Hypersensitive or allergic patients should try a little before eating a full meal
  6. Old-age people with a weak stomach might find it difficult to digest high protein content

What Are The Common Edible Forms Of Muskies?

You can eat muskies in a variety of ways. You can eat it however you like it to be. We have seen such incredible musky dishes that we are in awe and waiting to try their all forms. But we have taken it slow. And you know why!

Following are the common edible forms of muskies:

  • Fillets are the most preferable yet tasty edible version of muskies so far
  • Most people love to eat this specie with butter or cheeses
  • Another popular way is to grill it with your favorite seasonings. Lemons and pepper are a must in it
  • You can cook in many other ways, such as croquettes, musky curry, and so on
  • One of the unique dishes of this musky fish is its cake. Never heard of it. Right!
  • Some people also ask to eat it raw, but it is highly dangerous. Micro-organisms are attached to its skin can cause different health issues. So we suggest you eat it after cooking it at good high temperatures

Takedown: You will find different opinions regarding its taste. Some find this fish very tasty others may find it bland. But according to our observation and experience, it all depends on how you serve this fish to your consumer. Most importantly, its cooking plays a major role in this regard.

Fish And Release Or Catch And Eat Muskie – How Do You Decide? 

Getting muskies is not everyone’s cup of tea. As muskies are a rare species, anyone cannot fish it casually, so you must have government permission for musky fishing for native waters. There are also a few limitations to its fishing regarding bag limit etc. But the good news is you can practice musky fishing in non-native waters as well.

Whether you want to eat or release after catching, you must know the essentials that you need for fishing muskies, along with a few tips to handle the giant catch.

What Are The Necessary Things Required To Catch Musky?

Following are all the necessary fishing items for a big-musky fishing game:

  • A heavy-duty fishing rod such as a fast-action casting rod works better for it
  • The braided or floating lines of 40-60lbs like monofilaments or fluorocarbon filaments
  • You can use fresh or live bait such as ladyfish or big plastic lures to attract the muskies
  • A big net to carry along your kayak will be a good option
  • If you want to catch it for your next meal, having a sharp knife would be a good consideration

Takedown: Muskies have well-developed corneas, so they attract bright colors. Black and oranges color works best in this regard.

How Do You Hold A Musky To Avoid Any Accident?

Once you get the catch, there are two ways to hold the musky rightly in your hands. 

Method#1: One way is to hold the fish from the gills plate. Adjust your grip of one hand on the natural groove of the fish right beside the gill plate. 

Hold it from the beneath right after the smaller fin at the bottom. Make sure to avoid placing your fingers inside the gills because it may cut your fingers. As the edges of the gills are sharp, it may lead to bleeding.

Holding Muskie Fish

Method#2: Place your hand right beneath the head of the musky and your other hand underneath the tail. It will provide you with a firm grip over the fish now if you want to release the fish in the water. 

Ensure that the fish face the opposite side as the water flows in one direction from the gills. When the fish moves its tail to resist, set it free. 

Holding Muskie

What Is The Efficient Way To Clean Musky?

If you want to eat musky fish, cleaning it is the most important and healthy step for you. You can use a sharp knife to get the skin off the fish. But we suggest you cut in fillets to bone-free meat. It is easier to remove the skin from the meat. 

  • You can start over from the top section. Cut right the head, put the knife half an inch inside, and then roll it over to the opposite side to get your first fillet
  • To get the second piece, cut it along the length of the fish from both sides
  • Now, you can get the last two-piece from both sides of the fish from the tail side
  • Make sure not to insert a knife deep in to fish. This way, you can get bone-free fillets

How to Cook Musky Fish?

The easiest yet delicious musky is prepared from pan-frying or grilling. To get the flavor deep into the meat, we suggest adding the seasonings at least 30 minutes before frying or grilling. Then use butter or oil for frying. Make sure not to overcook the fish so that you can enjoy the most tendered meat with absolute benefits. Steam-cook muskies with olives are also preferable.

Still Wondering..! Can You Eat Muskie? 

Fishing muskie can be an exciting adventure, and having it as a meal would be a delightful treat. We suggest you at least try once in your lifetime. So you have no regrets about missing the delicious experience of life.

Although muskie has become endangered species, we suggest you practice musky fishing in non-native waters and release it. Once you have aced the musky fishing, go for the true adventure.  

Share your interesting experience with these endangered species.

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