How To Clean A Fishing Reel – (The Complet Guide)

Fishing is all fun and games until you actually have to do the boring task of cleaning the reels every once in a while. Everything needs maintenance to survive for a long time just like that fishing reels also need proper maintenance.

How frequently the cleaning is required depends upon the kind of water you fish in. For instance, if you go fishing in clean and fresh water, you will not feel the need to clean the reel as much as fishing in dirty water. The reason is obvious and pretty clear.

So, it entirely depends upon the water. Other than that, if you fish in muddy water then each trip requires a clean reel. On the contrary, if you use the reel in clean water then cleaning the reel one time in the week is sufficient.

If the fishing reel is clean, it will result in maximum efficiency and will give you the desired outcome. Otherwise, a dirty reel is all about annoyance and frustration because it will cause hindrance in the process. So, maintenance is extremely essential for anything to last longer.

In this article, we will explain and help you on how to clean a fishing reel with step by step guide. Read to the end…!

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Easy Steps: How to Clean A Fishing Reel?

Given below are some of the easiest and simple steps that will help you in cleaning the fishing reel without consuming much time:

1. Examine the Reel

The first step we believe towards cleaning the fishing rod is to determine what sort of treatment the reel requires. If you have been using the reel in saltwater, as mentioned earlier in the article, you will have to clean it in depth. Each part will require maintenance but if the reel has been used in freshwater then you do not need to do all this fatigue. So, the first step is to know the kind of cleansing that is required and then proceed accordingly.

2. Soap and Water

The simple step towards cleaning the reel is that you need soap and some water. Simply use some soap and with the help of any brush just clean it. You can also make use of any scrub or anything that can help you scratch the dirt off from the reel.

Afterwards, use some tap water so the soap is removed and the dirt is also washed away. However, make sure that the reel is completely dry at the end because if you do not dry it up then it can lead to rusting or you can say it may corrode.

Cleaning a Fishing Reel With Water
Cleaning a Fishing Reel With Water

3. Oil

In the next step, you need to have the oil that is specifically meant for the reels. The oil is a very crucial part of the cleaning process. If you do not put oil or just spray it at the end then chances are that the reel may lead towards destruction and may corrode.

You may get this oil when you go to buy the reel or you may also get it from different brands. There is a vast variety when it comes to fishing reels. So, choose the one that you find most suitable.

Oil a Fishing Reel
Oil a Fishing Reel

4. Cleaning the Parts Separately

In this step, you need thorough cleansing. What we mean by thorough cleansing is that you need to clean every part of the reel separately. Some of these parts are the rod, spool, and guides. You do not need to do this step on a day-to-day basis. Rather, it is more than enough even if you do it only one time per year.

However, you will have to detach all the parts from one another and then clean them separately with the brush and soap. So, these three were the basic steps towards cleaning the fishing reel.

Cleaning the Fishing Reel Parts Separately
Cleaning the Fishing Reel Parts Separately

5. Cleaning Kits

Apart from that, there are several cleaning kits designed only for the purpose of cleaning the fishing reels. These cleaning kits are available in the market by different brands. Moreover, these kits include so many products. For instance, the kit may include oil, lubricants, brushes, and even screwdrivers.

So, you can simply get one cleaning kit for the fishing reel and make the process efficient and effective. Plus, these kits come at very reasonable prices so you can easily adjust them in your budget too.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

1. What kind of oil do you use on a fishing reel?

Use an oil that is not quite greasy because greasiness can hinder the performance of the reel. The best kind of oil for the reel is synthetic oil. Synthetic oils have a very balanced consistency that makes the performance of the reel smooth and very easy. They provide slight lubrication that is necessary for functioning.

2. Can you use olive oil on fishing reels?

Olive oil is only meant for eating purposes or for your hair or skin. You cannot use olive oil for fishing reels. Only use the oil that comes with the fishing reels or the ones that come with the cleaning kits. Various brands offer oils that are solely made for the reels. Simply use them for cleaning your fishing reel.

3. How do you remove corrosion from a fishing reel?

To remove corrosion from the fishing reel, you can do a home remedy. All you need is to create a mixture that contains a certain amount of baking soda and some vinegar. Then mix the two together and create a solution. After that, put the reel into the solution and let it stay there overnight. You will clearly see the result the next day.

Final Thoughts on How to Clean a Fishing Reel

Fishing is without any doubt an interesting activity that makes you feel all the joy and you can have fun. However, besides all the fun and games, you also need to maintain the rod too because if you do not do that then it may wear out.

We have categorized the cleaning process into two steps. One is regular cleaning that you can do on a day-to-day basis. Whereas, the other one is a thorough cleaning process that requires cleaning each and every part separately. At the end of the process, you can put back all parts.

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