How To Mount A Fish? – (The Complete Guide)

Did you just catch a trophy fish and want to preserve it for the rest of your life? Yes! It is possible to preserve the fish that you catch. And that is possible by the process of mounting. Many anglers get their fish mounted to show off their fishing skills and hang the fish mounts on the walls of their homes.

It is also interesting to note that there exist all sorts of fish mounts. There exist skin mounts as well as replica mounts. In this article, I will explain the interesting process of mounting a fish.

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Step By Step Guide On How to Mount a Fish

The best part about mounting a fish is the fact that it is very simple. However, you need to take care not to damage the fish before you start to mount it, and you should also take a quick photo of the fish, so you remember the color of the fish.

Mounting A Fish
Mounting A Fish

Once the fish is out of the water, it might start losing its color. Therefore, it is important to take a photo, so you know which paints to use to color the fish later on. Fish are usually mounted by using the skin, parts of the head, fins, and teeth.

Buy a Replica

The first step to mount a fish is to get your hands on a replica. You need to buy a fish replica because, without the fish replica, you will not be able to mount the fish. A replica will not cost you much, and you can buy it for a relatively cheaper amount than getting it mounted by a taxidermist.

Replica Fish

Get Proper Tools

Once you have spent money on buying a replica fish, the next logical step is getting your hands on proper tools. What do I mean when I say proper tools? Proper tools refer to the tools that can easily mount the fish. In order to mount the fish, you would need a pair of scissors, a drill, and a sharp knife. All of these tools will be required to mount your fish.

Fishing Scissor
Fishing Scissor

Check the Mounting Surface

Now that you have decided on all the hardware that you will use for mounting the fish, you have to figure out where exactly you want to place the mounted fish. It is important for you to figure out the place where you will place the mounted fish because you will need other equipment accordingly.

If you want to hang it on a wall, you will need different types of screws. Therefore, you need to figure out the place where you will place your mounted fish. You can also get creative and attach strings to the fish and hang it on the wall.

Fish Hang On Wall
Fish Hang On Wall

Safety Checkups

Once you have mounted and placed your fish in the desired place, it is important for you to keep on checking the mounted fish routinely. The reason safety checkups are important is that sometimes the fish can be heavy for the screws. The screws can even loosen with time.

You need to ensure that the screws are tight and are able to carry the weight of the fish. Sometimes, you may even have to change the screws or tighten them to make sure the fish does not fall off. It is also important to regularly clean your trophy fish.


1. What do you do with a fish you want to mount?

Once you have decided you want to get your trophy fish mounted, you will need to prepare it for the mounting process. The first step is to take a photo of the fish you want to mount, so you remember the color when you paint, the second step is to wrap the fish by using a newspaper or some other paper to avoid damage, and the last step is to freeze the fish until you finally mount it.

2. Do taxidermists use real fish?

It really depends upon the taxidermist, but usually, real fish are used. It is important to note that the entire fish is not used for the purpose of taxidermy. Only the skin of the fish, the fins, the teeth, and the head are used. The fish is supposed to be cut in half and cleaned from the inside for the whole process of mounting the fish.

3. How long does it take to mount a fish?

You cannot say exactly how long it will take to mount a fish. The reason you cannot be sure how long it will take to mount a fish is that it really depends upon the skill. If you are mounting the fish on your own for the first time, it may take roughly a week.

Final Thoughts On How To Mount A Fish

If you are an angler, you definitely know how fun catching fish can be. For anglers, the fish they catch are more than just fish; they are trophies. Taking photos of the trophy fish isn’t always enough; hence mounting the fish is the next best thing to do.

You can mount the fish on your own, or you can take it to a taxidermist to get the job done. If you want to do it on your own, you would need proper tools, buy a replica and check the mounting surface as well. You will also need to prepare the fish before you actually mount it. It is important to keep it frozen until you finally start to mount it.

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