How To Tie Line To A Spinning Reel? – (7 Easy Steps)

Have you got a new spinning reel? And now it’s time to tie a line around it and initiate your fishing experience? Connecting a line to the spinning reel is the more basic information and procedure every fisherman should learn.

It is the most important and the first part of the fishing which should be done with full efficacy and excellence to get the maximum positive outcomes from the spinning reel. It is the most vital and basic technique that should be learned by fishermen.

This article comprises all the necessary and sufficient details to let you learn about how to tie a line to a spinning reel.

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7 Easy Steps On How To put Line To A Spinning Reel

Here in this article, you will learn about how to tie a line to a spinning reel in 7 simple steps that you can perform at home.

Tied Line On a Fishing Reel
Tied Line On a Fishing Reel

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Selection of A-Line

Keep in mind the characteristics of your spinning reel while choosing the line because the spinning reel and line work in cooperation with each other, so it’s an important factor to ensure that the line you bought is in full correspondence to the spinning reel. Specifically, focus on the size and weight of the reel before making the final selection of the line.

After selecting the perfect matching line for your spinning reel, ensure you have the following items in your tool bag to help you with binding.

Things You’ll Need

  • Scissors
  • Screwdriver
  • Spinning Reel
  • Spool Of Reel
  • Rod for Reel
  • A piece of Cloth

Step 1: Assembling

Assemble the items you have. Initiate with assembling your rod and attaching it with the reel in the first step. Make sure to tighten the reel foot into the reel seat because if it remains untied and loose, it will cause damage.

Step 2: Initiate With Attaching The Line

Get your line in your hand after careful assembling of the things. Take the line end away from the spool while using your hand. Ensure there are no tangles in your line, they may cause disruption, to avoid this hustle, remove the line of about 15 feet out of the spool.

Step 3: Bail Opening

Keep in mind to open the bail at this point because in case you forget about opening the bail at this step, it will not pick the line, if the bail is opened after the line is tied onto the reel. Always make sure to open the bail at the right time before attaching the spool line to the reel. And make it stay open during the tying of the line.

Step 4: Attachment Of Reel Spool & Line

Attaching a reel spool with a line is quite easy, you simply go with wrapping the line around the spool of the reel twice, if in case the spinning reel is new and you are the one who is initiating this tying of a line process. Rotate the line around the reel spool two times and then tie an overhand knot to tighten it.

Otherwise, if the spinning reel is not new and you are in need to tie a line because the previous line has been worn out, you need to find the edge of the already existing line on the reel spool. Take the already existing line edge and the new line edge, and connect both of them and tie a uni knot. In this way, it will save both your time and money.

Cut the extra line that is hanging at the side of the knot.

Step 5: Initiate The Winding

Now it’s time to use a screwdriver here. Hold the spool with the screwdriver fixed in its centre in one hand and with the other hand use the thick cloth we have placed in our necessary things to hold the second side of the spool.

Ensure to pressurise the spool so the line would be tightly winding around it. Now close the opened bail and start rotating the handle. Notice the line is laying in even wraps on the reel spool.

Step 6: Check For Direction

There is a trick used for checking the correct direction of the line you are winding on the spool.

  • You have to stand up and take it in such a way that it is parallel to the ground.
  • It’s time to put the spool of line on the floor in such a way that its label faces you or faces the floor.
  • Pressurise the line with your hand and initiate the cranking process of this reel.

In this way, you would be able to determine and get the accurate direction of the line.

Step 7: Fill The Spool

After carefully obtaining the direction of the line, you are winding on the spool. Now it’s time to rotate until the spool is full. Make sure to fill the spool with continuous, pressurised cranking, in this way your line wouldn’t lose and cause line twisting or other line issues. Because these line twisting and backlash of the line will affect you during fishing.

Here you are with the perfect line winding in the perfect direction on the spool. Now you can grease the line and use it for catching the fish after trying the lures with the line.

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How To Tie Line To A Spinning Reel (Practical Guide)


Does it matter what colour my fishing line is?

No, it doesn’t matter what colour your fishing line is. Because, whatever colour you will use, it’s a must to attach a clear fluorocarbon and mono carbon leader. There is no chance a fish could see the colour of the line because of these attached fluorocarbons and mono carbon leaders.

Why are fishing lines red?

Red colour disappears automatically when in 15 to 30 feet of water. It is the first colour that becomes invisible when light crosses the water. Fishing lines are red so that they would be invisible in water, and fish would only see the lure and will consider it to be natural without any danger.

Is fluorocarbon a fishing line?

Fluorocarbon fishing line consists of more memory than mono carbon and other lines. This makes it the least manageable fishing line. Another factor is that the fluorocarbon in water sinks more speedily than mono carbon which is a negative point and because of this you can’t use the fluorocarbon for topwater fish and lures.

What knot do you use to tie fishing to a spinning reel?

We use an arbor knot to tie a line to a fishing reel. This knot is used for both fluorocarbon and monofilament lines. It can also be applied to non-filament spools or braided lines.

Final Thoughts On How To Put Fishing Line On A Spinning Reel

The steps mentioned above are the most convenient and easy to do steps. You only need to read and carefully understand all the descriptions mentioned above before performing the practical act of binding a line to a spinning reel. These steps are written most understandably and easily that after learning them carefully, you wouldn’t need to look forward to more information.

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